Lifetime 1558 Basketball Hoop Review

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If you are planning to become a professional NBA player, you will surely adore this Lifetime 1558 basketball hoop system. Remember one thing- A goal without a plan is just a wish. Enjoy the game and enjoy every minute of it with this mind boggling 52’’ fusion backboard graphics.

Moreover, you can change the rim's height in 6" increments with this phenomenal effortless powerlifting system.

A solid, stable heavy 35 gallon base with an all weather net shall drive you much closer to your dreams and do the unthinkable. So, let’s start the journey with this sublime Lifetime 52 inch portable basketball hoop system and see where your strength, passion, and courage lead you.

Lifetime 1558 52 Inch Portable Basketball System
Product Specifications:
  • Backboard: 52" Square Shaped
  • Height Adjustment: 7.5 to 10 feet in infinite increments
  • Pole: 3-piece 3.5 inch round
  • Base: 35-gallon

Supreme backboard graphics allows to hit the target zone

Who doesn’t prefer elegant, high class graphics on basketball hoop backboard? How often did you miss the target just because of mediocre visualization? Even then, the home advantage might not be enough to save your defeat. After that, you might be feeling absolutely distraught for sure.

This basketball hoop comes up with a solution to what you are desperately looking for. A stellar fade resistant 52" shatterproof backboard every time gives you the edge over opponents. The Makrolon polycarbonate material is way stronger than acrylic. Additionally, this polycarbonate backboard is truly well supported by a steel frame.

Not to mention, there are Y-extension arms. Overall, it gives you a good amount of stability & nice rebounding effects just like a pro-style glass.

If you need a larger size backboard, you can look at this 60 inch basketball goal and for a smaller size, we would recommend this particular basketball hoop set to grow with your kiddos.

Raise the bar with action grip height adjustment

There are some typical queries people often do while buying a portable basketball hoop. Those are something like that- how difficult will it be to adjust the height around 9 feet? Can this model be adjustable for a 9 years old kid?

With the Lifetime 1558, there is little to worry about the Lifetime basketball hoop height adjustment mechanism. A piece of cake- the best possible way you can describe it if you want. You can adjust the 3.5 diameters telescoping steel pole through the action grip height adjustment using just one hand.

A sturdy rim set to face the music

A big fan of dunk shots? Wanna slam the basketball through the net? But you rarely get the opportunity to try those shots? Or a question comes to your mind- will the rim breakdown? How long is this going to hold up the basketball goal?

Well, this 52 inch basketball hoop is surely going to erase all the indecision and insecurities you ever had while dunking. It enhances protection for dunk lovers as the slam-it rim comes with double compression springs.

This incredibly well built steel rim is highly recommended for rough use. Moreover, The double compression springs with a bounce back ability act as a reinforcer for the portable basketball rim.

A free standing basketball goal always handy

Toiled a lot during the installation of in-ground hoops? Now get rid of those troubling issues associated with in-ground ones. One of the notable features of Lifetime model 1558 is the stand-alone units that are easy to move around and transport. With a heavy steady 35 gallon base, no cement is required here. Fill the base with water or sand whatever you wish for.

Sand is our recommendation because it does not evaporate like water and rarely causes any crack into the base.

Hoop Assembly Tips

  • Have some help when it comes to attaching the backboard to the pole.
  • Pay close attention to the instructions and get to know all the tools that you'll need because it is important to have the right tools.
  • It can take up to 3 and 1/2 hours to completely assemble it. So be patient. Because the end result is a sturdy hoop.

What makes it stand out?

  • A strong 52 inch Makrolon backboard is made to last for a long time
  • 18 inch slam rim with 5/8 inch solid steel braces lets you play the game with a bit more freedom
  • Adjust your portable basketball hoop instantaneously with a pneumatic power lift system
  • Powder coated rustproof telescoping steel pole always keeps you tension free as it hardly loses shiny colour
  • 5 year limited warranty

Drawbacks With Solution

  • Take hours to put together- people keep buzzing about this.

Solution: ‘’Patience pays off’’ a very famous quote in English. Once you are done with the installation procedural, you shall be able to enjoy those exciting features of this Lifetime 52 portable basketball system portable basketball hoop. So do not let the frustration get the better of you.

  • In some cases, customers have mentioned that the assembly instructions are not as helpful as they would have liked.

Solution: If you read and follow the instructions properly, I hope you will not have any problem. also, see the Lifetime basketball hoop assembly video to resolve your issue.

  • There are a few complaints, the pneumatic lift system fails because the spring lock mechanism gets loosened quite consistently. And the hoop therefore comes down to 7.5 feet.

Solution: To prevent this, you can drill 3 to 4 holes into the unit at certain heights. Then take a wrist pin and according to your desired height, you can lift and pin it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t prefer to play in winter therefore i want to store it in my garage. Is it possible?

Definitely, why not? This adjustable basketball goal does have wheels to move around. So, absolutely no need to take any stress. The only thing you need to concern about is the height of your ceiling. If it permits, you are ready to go.

How difficult will it be for me to transport while the base is filled with sand?

First, empty the base, and then you can roll the driveway basketball hoop with ease.

I do live in a tropical country. So, will it rust?

Nope. The telescoping pole is both rust resistant and powder coated. So, no question of any rusting.

Is this Lifetime basketball backboard made of acrylic?

No, Makrolon based backboard provides much more stability than the acrylic does.

Can I take the pole & backboard apart for storage purpose?

Fully disassembling the system is difficult. And the pole sections are tightly secured so that it does not come off. As you know, installing this hoop is a touch difficult. Therefore, taking it apart is not advisable. Doing this can add more to your misery.

Ending Note

Lifetime 1558 basketball hoop system energizes to rise to a new height by breaking all the boundaries. Quality, strength, and durability with all three primary objectives being available in this shatterproof basketball hoop, you are destined to achieve your goal finally.

A classic rim, scintillating fusion backboard with a heavy steady base- yeah, you are hearing me right, this is no longer a delusion. This Lifetime 52 inch portable basketball hoop will never disappoint you, be it for a friendly game or practice matches leading up to key games.

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