Lifetime 51544 Front Court 50 Inch Portable Basketball System Review

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If you aim to become a professional NBA player and want to have a durable, supreme quality backboard for serious competitive play then the Lifetime 51544 basketball system is surely the way to go. The 50’’ shatterproof backboard along with rock hard double compression spring attached rim shall keep you tension free all the time even if you want to slam hard on the rim.

The lifetime front court hoop shall allow you to change the rim's height from 8 to 10 feet in 6 inch increments, and you won’t find an easier adjustable mechanism than this. 34-gallon basketball hoop base will give pretty good stability by which you can move the basketball goal at any place without wasting too much energy.

You are really lucky enough because you only need to assemble it just once and will have fun for the years to come.

Lifetime 51544 Front Court Basketball Hoop
Product Specifications:
  • Backboard: 50 Inch shatterproof
  • Height: 8-10 feet; 6 inch increments
  • Pole: 3 piece 3" round pole
  • Rim: 18 Inch
  • Base: 34 gallon
  • Warranty: 5 year

1. A shatter resistant 50’’ backboard

Who does not prefer high intensity drills to prepare oneself in the best possible way before a key game? Therefore, you must have a portable adjustable basketball hoop unit that will give incredible tolerance against rough and challenging play.

With this front court hoop featuring a 50’’ shatterproof basketball hoop backboard, which will hardly rattle or clatter you therefore stay calm and enjoy. Infact, in case of a bank shot, the ball bounces off the backboard very nicely indeed. By this way, you are definitely gotta know, how does it feel playing with a professional NBA basketball hoop.

2. Accommodation to all age or multi skilled players

Lifetime, one of the renowned manufacturers of the basketball game, is doing everything to bring people together so that everyone can get the thrills and adventures of this most widely watched sports in the world. So, why a guy who is a bit short will be deprived of this? Even someone who wants to work on his bank shot skills at various heights will be able to do so. 

With the lifetime portable basketball system having a speed shift height adjust mechanism, you can easily adjust the basketball goal pole from 8-10 feet in 6 inch increments. You do not need to use any tools to fix the height.

3. Keen on dunk session?

Got a lot of advice to be careful while dunking through the basketball hoop net? Well, no more precautions are needed this time because Lifetime has come up with a sturdy, heavy-duty, solid, classy basketball rim and backboard by which you can always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Double compression springs do have aspects of spring back action; this will surely suit your style of play.

4. Rust proof finish

Who does not want to have a permanent portable basketball hoop in his driveway? But a little bit of homework is needed to ensure you are buying a quality portable hoop for your driveway, which will last a long time.

If you do not choose a free standing basketball hoop that will definitely be rust and corrosion free, I am afraid you may have to buy another one quickly. So, tell me now who wants to be a repeated customer in this modern era? With a powder coated rust-resistant finish in 3 inch diameter round steel basketball system pole, you are approved of playing in all weather.

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Assembly Tips

A. Have someone to help you when putting together the backboard & pole.

B. Even when the backboard is connected to the pole, don't completely tighten it. After you've completed all the other steps, you can do that.

C. Read all the steps carefully, try to understand what's written/shown in the picture, and go slowly. Don't rush because, at the end of it, a strong & super sturdy basketball goal is your reward.

Good Sides of The Hoop

  • Fade resistant graphics gives you the look and feel of the pro game.
  • Simple one hand height adjustment.
  • All weather nylon net with an 18’’ slams it rims.
  • 34-gallon high density polyethylene basketball base is easy to transport at any time anywhere.
  • 3 piece 3’’ powder coated pole does have a pad too.

Bad Sides with Solution

  • In few cases, customers have complained that this portable basketball goal is a bit difficult to put together. Also, some of the pictures on the manual should have been zoomed in to get a more clear view.

Solution- one or two lifetime basketball hoop assembly video may be beneficial to you. Moreover, you should have access to quality tools and have a handy person helping you to assemble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. We do live in the mid west region. Does this portable hoop has the capability to survive against heavy winds?

Answer. Yeah, it will. People have had no problem with the basketball system standing firm.

Q2. I am a 6’4’’ guy. How good it will be for me to practice with this?

Answer. You can adjust this basketball hoop stand around 8 to 10 feet. So, you should be gladdened.

Q3. Do you think this is a solid product?

Answer. Going through the assembly process is challenging, but customers often conclude by saying this driveway basketball hoop has been great so far for them.

Q4. Have wheels to move?

Answer. Yeah. Wheels by which you can smoothly move the hoop.

Q5. Can I use basegel instead of water or sand?

Answer. Some users have chosen to fill their portable base with basegel. A basegel is a super-absorbent polymer. It is a great substitute for sand/water. This will provide your goal base maximum sturdiness.

Q6. Is it easy to move the goal?

Answer. You can move it easily. Yes, it is heavy when the base is filled with water or sand, but it does have wheels to roll on. On the other hand, it's easier to move when the base is empty.

Our Verdict

Lifetime 51544 basketball system is indisputably another big stride towards more professional basketball hoops. The 50’’ steel framed lifetime basketball backboard and one hand height adjustment are probably a game changer.

If you have kids of different ages and want to fix the height of basketball goal within minutes, this should be your first choice.

All weather durability, easy transportation base, slam it portable basketball rim make this basketball system special, and whoever is obsessed with this basketball sport should not be arguing.