Lifetime 71286 52 Inch Portable Basketball System Review

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Lifetime 71286 model hoop is another big contribution to the game from the prominent basketball system manufacturer, Lifetime. It does not matter whether you are a starter or a skillful player. This lifetime portable basketball system with a 52-inch shatterproof backboard shall make you take your hats off with some unbelievable features and easy guiding options.

Makrolon made polycarbonate material is combined with high quality graphic designs. UV-protected inks are used so that the backboard's attractive pro looking sight does not fade away with time. The 35 gallon base with built in wheels shall take care of the hoop being said that you have to fill with water or sand.

Lifetime 71286 52 inch Portable Hoop

The slam it rim includes double compression springs and welded hooks built to release the pressure from this Lifetime shatterproof backboard and ultimately protect you from injuries. Speedshift technology, an imaginative, unorthodox way to adjust the rim's height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6 inch increments, deserves every bit of credit. The manufacturer warranty of 5 years also adds a significant value to itself.

#1. Bring your A game

For someone who is just looking to buy a basketball hoop for some recreational use that will have the same visualization and feeling like a professional glass backboard, this 52 inch shatterproof portable system is perfectly made for him.

On a joyous occasion, it might be a friendly game among your cousins, but still, if you want to show your charisma in this ever growing popular game then you do not need to look further than this.

Irrespective of the force you play with, this makrolon made polycarbonate backboard has immense impact resistance compared to glass. In case of any accidental damage or hailstorms, glass backboard basketball hoop can be tipped and shattered.

But with this backboard material of polycarbonate, you won’t have those nightmares anymore. This characteristic is maintained in this lifetime 52 inch portable basketball hoop system over a long period in all weather.

#2. Action grip speed shift technique

Every basketball player demands a simple straight forward height adjustment mechanism to employ. Who does not hate those height adjusters who are agonizingly difficult to maneuver? Keeping all these requisitions of the customers in mind, 71286 has come up with one of the most innovative height adjusting features of this era, action grip speed shift technology.

The name implies that you will have a gripped handle at the back of the hoop, which needs to be pushed or pulled just once. This power lift height adjustment method allows adjusting from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. By doing so, players of any age or skill can be a part of this most widely watched sport.

What are you waiting for it then? Go, get it and adjust the hoop within milliseconds.

#3. Be the spearhead of your squad

Dunk lover? waiting eagerly to have the breakaway experience of slamming into an NBA basketball rim? Lifetime 71286 shatterproof portable hoop has got a newish slam-it rim with double compression springs attached to it. So, while delivering those monstrous dunks, you might be wondering about the rigidity of this rim whether this will cause any damage or not.

Big no is the answer.

Whatever the force or load you apply on this, these compression springs shall aid the rim to return to its original position as soon as the pressure is released. The noteworthy advantage you shall get with welded net hooks is that you do not have to face the danger of dangling net loops there at all. So, forget everything, slam it hard, and establish yourself as a supreme athlete of this game.

#4. Stable and transportable

You want your base to be kept stable and steady. To give maximum stability to this NBA backboard size surface of 52 inch portable hoop, what you really need to do is to fill the 35 gallon base with water or sand.

If you can’t move the base from your court to the garage or anywhere you prefer, there is absolutely no meaning in buying a portable one. Lifetime always tries to give the best product to their customers.

Keeping all these in mind, this heavy duty base has got wheels attached. So, you can shift this portable Lifetime shatterproof basketball hoop anytime, anywhere. So, just fill the base and roll it.

The Advantages

1. Shatterproof 52’’ backboard means you have a larger target to aim at. The materials which are put together to withstand the harshest elements are incomparable.

2. Easy setup option for height adjustment.

3. Solid steel slam-it rim with double compression springs and welded net hooks shall urge to play with a lot more aggression and gesture.

4. 35-gallon sturdy base with all weather resistant finish.

5. A 5 year limited manufacturer warranty will back it.


1. Few complaints have been received about the assembly process, which is difficult to handle, especially those who are not well equipped with the installation tools. Therefore, we recommend going through the lifetime basketball hoop manual in detail and doing it accordingly step by step. Otherwise, there is no other issue at all with this lifetime shatterproof basketball goal.

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Q. I want to fill the base with sand. How large is the hole there?

Answer: There is no concerning issue at all. Obviously, the hole is large enough to put the sand in. It is very easy to set up and sturdy.

Q. I do have a kid of 11 years. Can he dunk and hang onto this rim? Or will it break?

Answer: Though the base is really solid and strongly built, we recommend filling with gel, water and bags of rock on it for safety measure.

Q. Is this shatterproof?

Answer: No mistake, yes, a Shatterproof and polycarbonate made backboard shall give you the feel of a real professional one.

Q. Suggest me if lifetime has got any warranty for it?

Answer: It does and a 5 year limited warranty is all you will get.

Our Verdict

A well constructed basketball system with smooth moveability- what more can you ask for when you have the opportunity to set up a recreational basketball system with fairly easy assemblage.

This 52’’ shatterproof lifetime portable basketball system with some notable pioneering design and features has created a milestone in the various basketball game aspects. Power lift height adjustment, solid steel rim with rust-resistant finish are set to have a Lifetime 71286 as one of the sturdiest basketball hoops at your disposal.