Lifetime 51550 48 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop Review

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Gear yourself up, take a deep breath, and follow your passion with this Lifetime Lifetime 51550 48 Inch portable basketball hoop. With an unbreakable polyethylene framed backboard, you shall be able to push yourself to the limit, be it a friendly game or intense play.

Double compression springs with welded hooks add to the solidity of the rim, which everyone appreciates. Comfortable height adjusts with a relatively trouble free portable feature; you are eligible to play even in extreme weather.

So, get yourself going with this spectacular Lifetime 48 portable basketball system, and making your childhood dream come true will always be a special feeling.

Lifetime 48 Inch 51550 Portable Basketball Hoop
Product Specifications:
  • Backboard: 48 inch
  • Height adjustment: 8-10 feet; 6 inch increment
  • base: 31 gallon
  • Pole: 3-piece 3 inch diameter
  • Warranty: 5 year

A long lasting shatterproof fusion backboard

Let's start the Lifetime 51550 review with a backboard, a crucial factor to look at before purchasing any hoop. Gone are those days when people used to play with cheaper acrylic portable basketball goal units. Nowadays, everyone prefers polycarbonate backboard over acrylic because of its durability and strength.

This portable basketball system brings out a more professional look with the 48’’ fusion backboard. A sturdy polyethylene frame enhances the shatterproof quality of the Lifetime basketball backboard reasonably quite well.

UV protected inks are used in screen printed graphics for long lasting color & protection from bad weather. On top of all, it has the style & play of a professional glass.

Dunk like pros!

Putting the ball directly through the NBA basketball net while in the mid air- indeed an eye-pleasing sight for the crowd. NBA players perform dunk shots at various angles. Want to be part of it?

The answer lies in the speed shift height adjustment mechanism of this lifetime basketball hoop. This unorthodox speed shift unit allows adjusting the height of the lifetime basketball rim from 8 to 10 feet in 6" increments by using just one hand.

Thanks to the counterbalance springs, you can effortlessly adjust the height. While you can raise the level 6 inches at a time, it allows players of all ages & skills to be part of it. Moreover, durable compression springs are good protection for dunk lovers.

For smaller children or poolside play, you may choose: SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop.

Absolutely rust free - play outdoor

Imagine your outdoor basketball hoop has got some rust after playing a couple of days in sunny weather. You have tried everything, but the situation is getting worsen day by day. Oops!

With this Lifetime basketball hoop net featuring powder coated steels, you can be damn sure there will be no rust or corrosion at all. Make no mistake- this powder coated basketball hoop pole is infact an all weather resistant unit.

Heavy duty poles are ready to take on your slams

How often your basketball goal unit is being fallen by a strong slam shot? You are trying heart and soul, but by no means are you getting rid of these problems.

No worries anymore. One of the largest basketball game manufacturers is gonna make sure you keep your basketball hoop set just exactly where it belongs. It is a high quality, very well made basketball set up. The components are all durable.

With the three-piece round steel basketball pole being supported effectively by a stable 31-gallon portable basketball base, there is no chance of those jittery incidents happening anymore. So, time to relax. Even if you use water in the base, there is little to ponder about.

Because the material used in the base is high density polyethylene plastic, it is flexible & generally will expand if the water freezes inside. So there is no need to use any anti-freeze. Moreover, there is pad protection on the pole. So, the players will be less prone to injuries.

2-person assembly Process

This is a two-person assembly. Attaching the backboard to the post is a bit challenging, and this is where you need the most assistance. Although the tools & bolts are separately packaged for individual steps, a little more detailed instruction would have helped.

You will need a wrench set, socket set & socket extension. The wrench will hold the nut when the socket is suitable for tightening. And lastly, the socket extension will be useful in assembling the height adjustment bracket. You can finish all the procedures within 2 to 3 hours.

If you don't want to do it yourself, you can always ask for a professional assembly.


  • UV protected inks are used for the long lasting screen graphics so that the color does not fade away easily.
  • Double compression springs with welded net hooks virtually protect the rim in case of intense play.
  • No need to use any cement. The 31-gallon basketball hoop base can be filled very easily by water or sand.
  • There is a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty too.


  • In a rare few cases, customers have heard that this Lifetime basketball hoop's assembly instructions are hard to understand properly. We suggest you go through the manual instruction couple of times and do not get intimidated by this. Otherwise, someone is yet to complain about this lifetime adjustable portable basketball hoop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I roll the base? Is it portable enough?

Answer: You can fill the blow molded durable base with water or sand. And yeah, this Lifetime basketball hoop is a portable unit. To roll the base, you simply need to tilt this Lifetime 48 inch portable basketball system forward.

Q. Can someone tell me about the backboard material which is used here?

Answer: This basketball backboard is made of acrylic and therefore provides an unbreakable surface to play with.

Q. What about the diameter of the pole?

Answer: This is a 3-inch diameter round pole system.

Q. How can i prevent the rust?

Answer: You do not need to do anything about it. This is a rustproof portable adjustable basketball hoop.

Q. Does the backboard of lifetime 51550 rattle?

Answer: It does vibrate on bank shots but not as much as you would think seriously about it. It generally happens with every portable system. However, if you want to get a stable backboard, we suggest switching to the In-ground hoops. Here are some best in ground basketball hoops you can give a thought to.


Lifetime 51550 basketball hoop inspires to take on a new challenge, and if your determination is strong enough, failure will never gonna overtake you. Rim, base, pole – possibly the three first and foremost parts to look at before buying stand alone basketball hoop. With all been at their best quality, you can sit down calmly and enjoy the game for now.

Shatter resistant fusion basketball backboard with a staggering speed shift adjustment and transportable rolling base will definitely breathe a new life into you. So, brace yourself to experience the incredible features of this basketball hoop and enjoy the game flawlessly.

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