Is Foosball A Professional And Olympic Sport?

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With so many professional sports around the world to play, you might ask, is foosball also a sport? And if yes, is it a professional or perhaps an Olympic sport?

The simple answer is yes. Foosball, also known as table soccer, is a professional sport.

Although it may not be as famous as basketball, hockey, and even soccer, this does not make it less of a sport. But what really makes foosball a professional sport and very popular?

Below is everything you might need to know about foosball. You will also discover whether or not is foosball an Olympic sport.

Foosball is a game or sport designed to mimic actual football or soccer. However, it is played on a table-sized field. And depending on where you come from, the sport is known by a handful of names. Some call it table football or table soccer, and others kicker. Worth mentioning is that foosball boasts a range of features, including:

foosball  definition and features

Table field

You can find the table in varying sizes, skill levels, and configurations. But overall, you will come across three common types of tables, including stand-alone, tabletop, and multi-game.

As the name suggests, a stand-alone table is built to stand on its own and offers the most authentic play. Meanwhile, a tabletop table allows you to place it on any sturdy surface. It is a cheaper option compared to the stand-alone table.

Lastly, we’ve got a multi-game table designed to let you play other different games. You can convert it to a tabletop for playing table tennis, chess, air hockey, or checkers.


Additionally, the table is built with a total of 8 rods. So, your team will take control of four rods and your opponents the other four. When it comes to the four rods, you use two for offensive playing and the other two for defensive actions.

Foosball balls

In most cases, the table comprises 9 balls. These balls come in different types. For instance, there are the traditional balls that look like actual soccer balls and are black and white. You will also come across smooth balls, which are plain white in color but are not the best picks.

Another type is the cork balls that feature a European style. These balls are easy to control and stop. Also, there are textured balls designed to provide you with a better experience than both cork and smooth balls. As such, you might realize they are highly popular in the USA.

Counter-weighted men

A foosball table features counterweighted men that look similar to soccer players. The men can be 26 in total or 22 if your foosball table boasts a single goalie design. So, each team has 13 or 11 players. These include a single goalie, 2 or 3 defensive players, 4 or 5 midfielders, and 4 offensive players.


Lastly, we’ve got the players of foosball, also known as ‘Foosers’ in America. You can choose to play the game as singles comprising only two individuals. Or, you could play as doubles consisting of four people on either side of the table.

Is Foosball A Professional Sport?

Is Foosball A Professional Sport

So, is foosball a professional sport? Yes, similar to other large-scale competitive sports such as baseball, soccer, and basketball. After all, you will find the game at various high-level competitions across the globe. Not to mention, there are professional foosball players who make a decent living out of this sport.

Besides, in the U.S. and other countries, you will find various foosball tournaments organized by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). Each of these professional tournaments has different requirements, and there are always plenty of prizes you can win.

Is Foosball An Olympic Sport?

Not at the moment. Because, you see, for any sport to be recognized in the Olympics, it must have certain observer status. In other words, foosball needs to gain more participants, supporters, and even players to become an Olympic sport. Once this happens, you will most likely see table soccer in the Olympics.

Why is Foosball Popular?

Now that you know what is foosball, let's find out why the sport is so popular.

Why is Foosball So Popular

1. Affordable

Depending on your budget, you can get a good quality foosball table. There are both affordable and expensive models.

2. Ease to set up

A foosball table is pretty easy and quick to set up. Besides, most brands include the required tools for assembling the foosball table and installation instructions. So, anyone can put together the table in a little time.

3. Anybody can play the game

Learning to play table soccer is easy because the rules are nothing complicated. Therefore, regardless of your age, you can enjoy this sport.

4. Helps you bond more with your loved ones

With a foosball table at home, you can spend more time together with your loved ones. For instance, you could teach your children how to play. This helps build stronger relationships.

5. Extremely competitive

If you love competition, you will love playing foosball with your friends. And after sharpening your skills, you could start participating in tournaments.

6. Keeps you physically fit

Similar to other large-scale competitive sports, playing foosball usually engages your feet, knees, wrists, and shoulders. This helps ensure you stay physically fit and healthy.

Final Words

Foosball is perhaps one of the easiest sports to learn. Even kids of different ages can play this game because the rules are simple. The important thing is investing in a high-quality foosball table, and you will enjoy the sport.

And since table soccer is a professional sport, it means you can compete in various tournaments. As a result, you get to earn a living playing the game. Now, while it is yet to be included in the Olympics, this could happen soon because of its rise in popularity.

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