How To Make A Basketball Court From Shoe Box

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Probably fifty years ago from now on, nobody thought the basketball game would be gaining so much popularity and enthusiasm all over the world.

Nowadays, young children grow up watching their icon dunking and swishing the hoops. So, it should come as no surprise that youths have more interest in this game than ever before. Even in schools & colleges, whenever there is a bit of leisure time, passionate basketball kids play with the hoop.

Why not try to make a basketball court using a shoebox? This will be absolutely an amazing idea to show the love you carry for the sport. This can also be used as a decoration piece.

You can make a miniature basketball court model out of a shoebox and a few craft materials. This is really easy to make.

But How To Make A Basketball Court From Shoe Box?

1. Shoe box
2. Utility knife
3. Ruler
4. Pencil
5. Paint brushes
6. Paint
7. Protractor
8. Compass
9. Eraser
10. Wire
11. Wire cutters
12. Card board
13. Hot glue

12 Steps To Make A Basketball Court From Shoe Box

Step 1:

A shoebox is one that naturally mimics the rectangular shape of a basketball court. So, at first, get a shoebox.

Step 2:

Now cut the top of the shoe box. Then cut straight down the edges of the sides and flatten the sides of the shoe box. Make sure your shoebox is flat to measure and paint the court.

Step 3:

Resurrect the edges back together by gluing.

Step 4:

Now you should paint the bottom of the shoe box. Use the color “black” to represent asphalt. Also, black is the easiest to draw on with a pencil. Remember, with this color; you have to mark the court lines too. Let the color paint dry completely.

Step 5:

Use a ruler and accurately measure the halfway down the court. Now draw a straight line across this point to represent half court. Then draw a dot at the exact center of your half-court line. Use a protractor and draw a perfect circle around the dot.

Step 6:

Here measure 3 inches from the center circle to one side of the court. Mark a point there. With a protractor, draw a half-circle to represent the tip of the three-point line.

After that, connect the three-point line to a semicircle drawn from one side of the court to another side of the court. Repeat this on the opposite side of the court.

Step 7:

In this step, you need to draw the high post, elbows, free throw line and paint all of them. Those lines inside of the three-point line semicircle will look like a rectangle with a rounded edge.

Now center these lines in the middle of the three-point semicircle. Again, repeat this on the other side of the court.

Step 8:

Paint your penciled lines by using white or yellow color. This will provide a significant contrast to the black court. Each one will be different from one another.

Step 9:

So, constructing the basketball court is done. It is therefore time to construct the basketball hoops.

Cut the backboards out of cardboard. You can also use white poster paper. Then draw a square shape in the middle of the backboards to represent the shooter's square. You need to twist about 3 inches of wire into a circle. Use hot glue and then glue to the backboards. Then attach the hoops to the court with hot glue. Let your glue dry completely.

Step 10:

Create a crowd by painting the flat side of the shoe box. Then cut out ovals from beige and brown construction paper to represent the heads of the audience. Now paste the heads on black paints.

Step 11:

You have to glue the sides of the shoebox together. Once the sides meet, then you need to spread a thin line of glue. After that, hold the sides together for about 60-120 seconds to let the glue settle. Repeat this technique for each corner.

Step 12:

Now that you have attached each side of the court. Allow the box to dry properly. So now your basketball court is ready.

Wrapping Up

What a unique way and mind-boggling idea to show the affection and passion you have in your heart for basketball!! Thumbs up. Job has been done.

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