How To Make A Basketball Rack Out Of PVC- 5 Easy Steps

Almost every basketball court has a handful number of balls on hand. These balls are used for both casual and serious play. Surely, basketballs are invented to take turn and twist, aren’t they? So keeping track of all of them can prove to be a difficult task. Also, unorganized balls will put your place in disarray. There can be a feeling of displeasure too. To get rid of this situation, a basketball rack is the best solution. Because a basketball storage rack is the primary equipment you just need to maintain the durability of your balls

Basketball Racks

Yeah obviously you can buy racks. But most of them are limited in a storage area and expensive too. Why not make a rack by yourself? Infact, this is pretty much straightforward and simple to make. It can also save your money. You can build your own customizable basketball rack by using some PVC pipe and few tools. Now you will be able to lock the rolling of your ball by putting it on the rack but how to make a basketball rack out of PVC?

The things you’ll need:

  1. 1 inch internal diameter 40 PVC pipe

 2. 1 inch 4 way PVC T-Connectors

 3. 1 inch 3 way elbow PVC connectors (four)

 4. 1 inch PVC T-connector (four)

 5. 1 inch PVC Caps (four)

 6. PVC Cutters or hacksaw

 7. PVC pipe glue


At the start, cut several pieces of PVC pipe in the following dimensions and quantities

  a. 3 feet (four pieces)

  b. 12 inches (four pieces)

  c. 7 inches (six pieces)

  d. 6 inches (four pieces)

  e. 4 inches (four pieces)

  f. 3 feet additional tier (2 pieces)

  g. 12 inches (four sections)

  h. 7 inches (2 sections)

 STEP 2:

Connect both a 6 inch and a 7 inch piece of the PVC to the joint of a T-connector. Now attach a second T connector and a 6 inch PVC piece with the first one. Connect 4 inch sections to the remaining openings. After that attach caps to open ends of the 6 inch pieces. This 6-7-6 pipe size sequence should form a straight line then


Do connect the inline joint of a 4 way connector to both the 4 inch pieces. Now, you need to connect the two 4 way connectors with another 7 inch section of pipe. Then attach a 12 inch section to both sides to be in line with 4 inch connection. Now the panel is looking like a low track hurdle. Isn’t it? Wide base, the 4 inch legs with a crossbar at the top and 12 inch bars are sticking out


Here in this step, you should attach a 3 way connector to the top of both 12 inch sections. Place a 7 inch piece of pipe between them. Open parts of the connectors must be facing the same direction. Need to glue all the joints and allow it to settle down. Use this process to assemble a second panel for the opposite side. You may add a few additional tiers too


In the final step, you should connect a  foot pipe between each pair of the open connections. Therefore, the entire assemble will form a tiered rack. You have to glue the joints now and allow it to spread. Now you’re ready to use the ball rack

Pro Tips:

   1. You should use 4 way connectors to add an extra tier. Rack can have up to four tiers before the height may pose any threat

  2. Standard NBA basketball is within 9.4-9.5 inches in diameter. So the depth of the rack must be of 8 inches, including the connectors. Each tier can hold up three to four balls

  3. Keep the basketballs orderly in your rack. So, this will make it easy for you to find the right ball in time

  4. Be careful when you’re using glue. This can have severe impact on your skin or cause irritation in eyes

Caring your basketball with rack:

Everybody wants their basketball to maintain the look and keep the performance for years. Without any doubt, taking care of the ball is not only a duty but also a necessary job to do too. Basketball rack makes this task very much black and white for you

 a. Maintain proper air pressure:

If you continuously roll your ball everybody without taking any care of it, the ball may lost it’s durability gradually. Lack of compressed air in the ball may cause depressed bounce. Keep it on your rack and allow some rest to recover.

 b .Keep the shine:

If you expose your basketballs in the unfavourable temperature, it may harm the decor of the balls. Organize the balls in the cart and place rack to a normal temperature. Maintain the shiny nature of your basketballs

 c. Carry superlative look:

After you have cleaned up all the dirts with cleanser from your basketballs, put them on the rack. Make sure your rack is occupied in a place which is free from dirts too. So sustain the prim looks and enjoy the sheen for a long long time

Advantage of basketball rack:

   1. No more crisis of space so no more worries

  2. Don’t have to waste your precious time to organize basketballs anymore.

  3. Basketballs have got their guardian finally

 4. Easy to pick up and keep the balls in store. Therefore while you’re playing basketball you do not require anyone to come and hold onto other balls
 5. You know where your balls are. So collection at it’s best

I think you've the answer of how to make a basketball rack out of PVC. People consider basketball rack as one of the basic basketball equipments to play the game. Now time to make a rack on your own and hold all of your basketballs on it

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