American Legend Charger Foosball Table Reviews

For someone who has a low budget but still eager to play some table soccer, this is too good a table he/she is going to get at a cheap price. The American Legend foosball table shall offer you some basic features at a low cost. Don’t just go by the price tag. It’s a decent enough construction to enjoy some foosballing

Solid design, smooth gameplay, family entertainment and great price all these things are combined to make it really popular to everyone. Whether I’m saying right or wrong, you can get to know from the Amazon customer review section. And yes, the price has a big role to play here. But with that being said, most people I’ve met look like they are mad about this. They somehow seem to love this thing

Just take a look at it’s dimensions, materials that are being used and features in the specification table given below. You’ll find out why I’ve enlisted this one here

American Legend foosball table

American Legend Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

53.5" L X 26" W X 34" H


83 pounds

Construction materials

3/16" MDF playfield, 5/8" wall

Rods and handles

1/2" Hollow rods with chrome finish

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man

Counter balanced men


Leg levelers


Ball return

End ball return


Abacus style scoring, square legs, cross bar support

We start off the detailed review of American Legend Charger with the most important element that you should consider before purchasing a foosball table. Yes, that is materials which bear a great significance. And you should be glad to know that MDF materials are predominantly used to construct the table. This MDF made playfield resists warping. The table measures 53.5”L X 26”W X 34”H

The American Legend Charger foosball table has got a solid foundation with beautifully designed light oak finish. It comes with two strong pair of 3.75” square legs that give the table stability. Besides, there are crossbar support for added strength. Wooden boards make a sound which is identical to a well built foosball table structure

The table also features chrome plated hollow steel rods which is a damn good thing. These non-slip grips are quite excellent to make powerful shots with realistic players

Additionally, there is an abacus style manual scoring system and internal ball return feature. Both these features allow you to play a fast paced game without any kind of unwanted interruption. This is a one man goalie table

On the other side of the coin, you will miss out on some features from the mid or high-end tables. For example there won’t be any counterweighted men. It’s lightweight and made of thin materials

But American legend charger foosball is fairly sturdy. Good for kids and overall decent finish. These are the features that make it really cool. Along with these advantages, this table is well under $500 and shall give you true value for your bucks 


  • Really cheap price
  • Abacus style scoring
  • Automatic ball return system
  • ½” chrome hollow rods with cross bar support
  • 3.75” solid square legs
  • 3/16” MDF playfield


  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • Materials are not too thick

Who should buy:

The Legend foosball table is suitable for families that have kids. May be you want your kids to learn the game or just want to play for some enjoyment, this is a superb table by considering everything. Kids can have plenty of fun by playing on this table. For beginners this is an ideal pick as well

American Legend Charger 52” Foosball Table


For families with kids who want to have some indoor fun, this American Charger is a great option. Bottom line is that The American Legend Charger model isn’t a bad pick in any terms. Just think about the decent features that you’re getting at such a low price

This is the cheapest playable table. ATTENTION! We’ve used the term “playable”. Because you’ll find cheaper ones than this but they are so much sub-standard that you’ll hardly be able to enjoy the game. Therefore, in case your budget is super tight and you just want a decent table, American legend foosball table should be the right choice to go with.

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