Spalding 68454 NBA 54 Inch Glass Portable Basketball Hoop Review

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Are you a rookie? A beginner who wants to develop his game by spending relentless hours in the court but does not know which one you should start with. Then spalding, renowned brand of basketball manufacturer comes with a 54 inch portable basketball hoop system which is flexible, easy to adjust and absolutely ideal for practice.

This 54 inch spalding 68454 NBA portable basketball system shall make you stand up and applaud all the feature and unique design it possesses.

Spalding NBA 54 Inch Glass Basketball System

Sturdy three piece pole is tailor made for dunk rehearsal with the heavy steel breakaway rim. True glass backboard shall give you the genuine feel of professional play. Simple height adjustment from 7 and half feet to the regulatory 10 feet is also well received among the fans around the world.

With a larger 40 gallon base, you need to worry less and work harder to improve your game. Water or sand can be used to fill the base and then roll it to your desired location without any pain.

We shall look to give you more details about this groundbreaking product of spalding throughout the review.

Be the workhorse pro backboard

polycarbonate and acrylic made portable basketball hoops are designed with such a supreme graphics on backboard to give the look and feel of a pro looking glass.

So, having a portable glass basketball hoop is like playing in an nba ground. Tempered glass basketball goal is of genuine type of glass, not the plastic. As far as quality and performance is concerned, other two forms of basketball hoop backboard can not even come close to it.

If you are looking for the best playing experience with true rebound effect while playing, this 54 inches wide tempered glass basketball hoop of spalding is ready to fulfill your wish.

So, watch your favourite superstar play and try to replicate their short in your play court and reach new heights in your basketball career through this widely appreciated product of brand spalding.

Start counting in seconds

what is the height of a basketball hoop? Height and skill level of players can’t be the same. Because of different height of players and different qualities they have, we need one adjustable basketball system to keep the contest open for all the people.

As a beginner or young kids might be having some hard time during practice sessions due to the fact that the height of the nba rim in gym or college court is adjusted to the regulation height.

The renowned brand spalding has kept the trend of offering comprehensive solution to their customers problems by introducing an easy height height adjust mechanism of screw jack lift system.

Here, screw jack elevator method, spalding’s latest invention shall allow you to adjust the basket to the exact height you desire. Even you can turn it in certain direction too to adjust the height from 7.5 feet to all the way regulatory 10 feet high.

Take giant strides going forward

dunk on the nba basketball rims and pick up crucial points for your team. If you are determined to reach at the top level of your game, then work on your weaknesses and make it a strength of your game even if it means some real competitive play.

When dunking is your favourite shot, what you must have a breakaway rim. The two major advantages you will get are improved safety and durability. The possibility of injuring yourself in the wrist is reduced incredibly and when you are dunking, there will be less chance of shattering the backboard too.

Spalding NBA basketball hoop with 54’’ glass backboard includes a heavy duty steel breakaway rim which should go back into the horizontal position when the pressure is released. So, you can expect a better rim performance compared to the standard rims and shall have the breakaway experience of a real NBA basketball hoop.

Heavy steady base what you are praying for

Sturdily built portable basketball hoop system is actually you should look at before buying a portable one for your family. Definitely you do not want your NBA hoop getting tipped over by a windy condition or tough play.

This classic spalding nba 54 glass portable basketball hoop has come with a 40 gallon strong base to support the backboard. Maximum stability shall be achieved by water or sand. With the wheels attached to the base, no need to worry about the portability of this large base. Simply you need to roll the wheels and by doing so you can enjoy the sport anytime anywhere.

Good Sides

  • stronger base but easy to transport.
  • tempered glass backboards are used in pro court basketball game and the ball bounced off the backboard quite nicely. So, getting a professional hoop in your home court at a reasonable price is pretty cool.
  • three piece, four inch square pole is enough to give you solidity but there are four strut mounts too for added support.
  • screw jack lift system is known to be an easier method to apply and people from all age can play together to have fun.


  • it seems from the spalding 68454 review section of the customers that the installation procedure takes a bit of time. However, we recommend you to read the details in this spalding basketball hoop instructions manual to get a proper idea. Organize all the tools and take your time. Be patient and once you’re done with the assembly then you are set to have some useful practice sessions at the court.

People Also Asked

Q1. Can somebody provide the information about the thickness of the backboard?

Answer: This is a 54 inch tempered glass spalding portable basketball hoop backboard . that is approximately 0.25 inches thick.

Q2. What is the capacity of the base?

Answer: This is a 40 gallon base spalding 54 glass hoop.

Q3. Which should I prefer? Water or sand?

Answer: Unless you move the base frequently, You should fill this spalding 54 glass portable basketball hoop with sand. In case of any leakage, this will also help you from getting tipped over and shatter.

Wrapping Up

Spalding NBA portable basketball system with 54’’ glass backboard shall transform your normal practice hours into a sweet little adventure. Arena slam breakaway rim, tempered glass backboard, thick and strong pole support- what every professional player dreams of, you shall get them everything under one model.

This is probably the sturdiest professional looking hoop system, spalding has ever come up with. Whether for some recreational fun or serious players who wants to be serious of creating a career out of it, this glass nba spalding 68454 portable system is a must.