Spalding H frame In Ground Basketball System Review

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Are you looking for a heavy-duty outdoor basketball hoop that will provide you a pro-level experience right in your backyard? Have you done quite a bit of research for it? Come on, tell me. There is no shame. After all, nobody wants his bucks to get wasted.

Then you will be very glad to hear that you’re done with the research session, and the Spalding H frame in-ground basketball system will be the ideal pick for you. The official NBA logo shall drive the kids crazy!

In case you don’t know, Spalding is an American sporting goods company that is renowned especially for producing quality balls for many sports. But it is best known and appreciated for basketballs. Their products are approved by NBA, WNBA & NCAA. And if you don’t know what are the things to consider when buying an in ground hoop, there is a buying guide we’ve added for you.

This one comes with a massive 72-inch backboard. You have the option to go for a 60” backboard as well. The backboard gets increased strength and durability thanks to the 3/8” thick tempered glass. The ball will get a true bounce off the backboard.

The goal does not move when you shoot. However, the backboard's size and 3 foot offset from the pole give you enough room to work with. Plus, you can practice hitting the backboard using different angles.

With a heavy-duty “H” frame and pro-style extruded aluminum trim, your hoop shall last long. Positive lock breakaway rim can be stretched, and it has the advantage to snap back into the original position. Z arm bolts increase the sturdiness and make sure everything is leveled.

You can adjust the height from 7” to 10” using U-turn pro lift mechanism. One-piece square pole is quite good, and once assembled, it shall give nice feedback as well. There comes a ground tube anchor kit with a hinging base to make sure the installation procedure is simple.

Another great thing is that all the hardware is covered with plastic bushings, thereby preventing the hoop from rusting by reducing metal contact.
In short, with the simple assembly and solid goal post, there is plenty of reason to have a shyness at it.

Spalding H frame In Ground Basketball System
Product Specifications:
  • Backboard Size dimensions: 60", 72"
  • Height adjustment: 7' to 10'
  • Pole: 6 Inch Square 1 piece
  • Shipping weight: 585 pounds
  • 60”/72” tempered glass backboard, 3” offset
  • Steel board frame with aluminum trim
  • Positive lock breakaway rim
  • 7’ to 10’ height adjustment; U turn pro lift, detachable handle
  • 6” square steel pole with heavy duty padding
  • Designed for outdoor residential play

Tempered Glass for Superior Rebound

The Spalding Arena View H-series features a tempered glass backboard with a thickness of 3/8”. It contributes to the heavyweight of the backboard. The robustness of the backboard is further increased with a solid steel H-frame.

Therefore, chances are high to get a vibration-free game. And steel-framed glass backboard is a real deal when it comes to authentic rebound.

The backboard comes in two gigantic sizes; 60 inches and 72 inches. 3-foot offset from the pole means you’ll have quite a good run under the basket.

And Spalding is a well-known manufacturer of basketball backboards, and they always deliver the best. There is no such exception here as well.

U-turn Pro Lift Height Adjust

Spalding H-frame in-ground is an adjustable basketball system that benefits you from rearranging the hoop between 7-10 feet. It uses a simple mechanism called a U-turn pro lift system.

Players of all ages and skill levels can participate in the game. Additionally, it has an interior safety feature; you can’t lower the backboard below 6.6”.

Strong Steel Pole Design

For such a huge backboard, you need a solid pole. Because the ultimate stability of your basketball system depends on the pole design to a great extent, this is an awesome basketball goal for serious players, and credit must be given to this 6” square one-piece steel pole. It includes heavy-duty padding as well.

The high-quality components are used, and the buyers are pretty much satisfied with this kind of setup. They had it installed, and since then, they have had the party going.

Positive Lock Breakaway Rim

This rim has a unique feature. When you dunk on it, it will flip down at an angle, and then after releasing the pressure, it goes back to its normal position. This rim is a quality build, and it’ll have long-lastingness for several years. Therefore, Dunk lovers can play their favorite shot without worrying about anything.

Remember what we’ve said at the beginning of this Spalding H-frame in-ground basketball system review? The inclusion of a positive lock breakaway rim ensures you get a professional-level experience.

Anchor Kit Makes the Assembly Easier

Many think installing an in-ground basketball system is difficult, but not with this H-frame basketball hoop. Unlike other in-ground hoops, the assembly of this H-frame in-ground hoop will be a lot easier.

Since the base plate is bolted into the anchor kit, the assembly of the rim and backboard is simple. Leveling is easy once upright. When it comes to attaching the backboard with a pole, this is where you may find it a little tough, but this is very much manageable.

Lifetime Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

H frame basketball system gives you a great lifetime warranty. This is a reflection of the kind of build quality that the manufacturer brings into play.

On the other hand, some buyers have stated that the installation is not that easy infact tiresome. But that is very few and far between.

Some people are never satisfied with anything. They’re busy finding the negative sides even if they don’t exist. You can’t satisfy everyone with a product, can you?
But the fact is, it has generated a fair share of positive responses from the customers. They appreciate the hard work that the manufacturer had put in.

Solid pole, huge backboard, institutional level performance at home, nice look & some exclusive features. So, what do you need more?

What We Liked

  • This in ground basketball system is very stylish and ultra durable with tempered glass backboard
  • Available in both 60 and 72 inch backboard sizes
  • Simple U-turn height adjustment lets everyone to have some fun with this hoop
  • Tough built square steel pole shall keep you tension free if the competition grows intense
  • Pro quality breakaway rim is ideal for dunking activities
  • Ground tube anchor kit with hinging base offers simple installation
  • 3 foot offset from the pole and pole padding always give an added advantage in terms of free flow game

What We Didn't Like

  • The installation shall require two adults and one teenager to get it done. Because the backboard is quite heavy, you can’t do it alone.
  • To fix the pole into the ground, you need to dig a massive hole. So, it might prove to be a tiring job.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is this Spalding inground basketball system too large for use on a 3-car driveway? Would it look out of place or is it acceptable for a larger driveway?

Ans: This is not much bigger than any other B-ball set up infact a lot beefier. Generally, it’d look good if you have a 3 car driveway. Trust me your neighbors would just think you have a damn fine basketball goal.

Q. How does this hoop hold up in bad weather?

Ans: We believe, this is by far one of the best quality outdoor hoops on the market. Therefore, it will hold up fine with wind, rain, snow, ice whatever you say and plastic bushings really help in this cause.

Q. What is the recommended hole size to install?

Ans: Because the system is heavy, you need to dig a bigger hole to provide maximum stability. As for the hole, it will be approximately 3’ X 2’. And the front of the pole should be a minimum of 6” from the surface.

Final Verdict

If you’re an aggressive player by nature, you need a strong, gigantic hoop like Spalding H frame that can only meet the demand of your playing style. No doubt, this is quite expensive.

But you get what you pay for. After using it even, you’ll acknowledge the fact that this is worth every penny. It is big, sturdy exactly what you demanded.
This Spalding h frame in ground basketball system looks great, feels solid, and well made. The installation is pretty good. Plus, the hinge system they have going on is perfect.

According to the buyers, they would love to buy it again if they were given an opportunity. Now, it’s your call, and you make the decision.

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