Spalding NBA 72354 Portable Basketball System With 48″ Backboard

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Turn your driveway into a serious basketball court and own this exciting game with 48’’ Spalding NBA portable basketball system. Spalding never fails to attract the attention of fans around the world with its eye catching manufacturability. Exceptional pro glide lift adjustment with a large polycarbonate made backboard and breakaway basketball rim- make this Spalding 72354 portable basketball system a complete portable hoop for you.

This Spalding NBA arena portable system stands out among others because you can enjoy years of recreational basketball fun in your backyard. The heavy 37 gallon base is there to support the Spalding 72354 hoop against harsh elements. If you want a bit more details about this high quality Spalding NBA basketball hoop, let us take you through the full review of this one.

Spalding NBA 72354 48 Inch polycarbonate Portable Hoop
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1. Say hello to the ultimate pro glide lift system

Can you tell me what are the types of height adjustment you are familiar with? One, or two at best three. A screw jack, telescoping, quick release pin, or anything else? If you are searching for a basketball hoop to pass quality time off your usual working day or study, effortless height adjustment should be the basis of the parameter you must give your thought to.

And by doing so, everyone around you can take part in this joyous game regardless of their age and height difference. So, without wasting little time, let us introduce to you the epic height adjustment that the Spalding residential portable basketball system has come up with. This pro glide lift system is for easy height adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6 inch increments. So, go for a ride!

2. Perfect your dunk in your own driveway

Let us assume your teenage son may aspire to become a future high flyer. Therefore, he is continuously dunking on a low standard rim. As a result, a cheap quality rim might catch him off guard one day causing several injuries.

Nobody wants to face this kind of scenario where everyone is looking for some thrilling excitements outside the busy schedule of the everyday. And if you are a true passionate basketball fan you know that Spalding, the renowned brand of this basketball sport, has never compromised with the quality of the product they offer to increase the game's growth.

They add true value to enhance their reputation by presenting a solid steel Slam breakaway rim. Whether it is for your jump shot or numerous times of shooting and dunking, this Spalding NBA portable basketball hoop shall allow you to perform them all very much perfectly indeed. This supremely built breakaway basketball rims shall absorb all the pressure you throw on it.

3. Utmost stability and portability

Stationary basketball systems are fixed in the ground. On the contrary, there is absolutely no fussing with concrete in the portable basketball goal systems. Spalding NBA 48’’ portable basketball system does just the same thing by featuring a 37 gallon base that needs to be filled with water or sand for stability.

Though this portable system shall take up more space than the in-ground basketball hoop system, this allows you to place the Spalding NBA basketball hoop wherever you find it most beneficial to you. Not just that, but also, this portable base rolls on wheels that should also enable you to store in your garage. So, fill the base and start playing then.

What people like in it

  • 48 inch polycarbonate backboard comes with a board pad making itself a strong contender for your recreational use.
  • The 5/8 inch solid breakaway rim with an all white colored net shall enable you to play in all conditions
  • Simple NBA basketball goal height adjustment for everyone
  • A well balanced but sturdy base shall keep you tension free about the transportation all the time
  • You will be getting a five year limited manufacturer warranty
  • 3 piece, 3.5 inch diameter silver pole

What people dislike

  • The instructions are not something like customers say ‘’i can do it on my own’’ and you may require 3-4 hours to complete the installation. We recommend you to connect the pole to the base first and then all parts of the backboard with two adults

Also Asked

Q. Can a 9 years old kid begin with this backboard?

Answer: Yeah for sure. Infact, this is a 10 ft regulation sized basketball hoop. Any 8-9 year old kid can start reaching the backboards and any adults. So along with a healthy diet chart, your kids can even keep themselves physically fit by joining in the basketball fun.

Q. I want to know about shatterproof ability of this 44 inch basketball hoop.

Answer: First, we would like to make sure this is not a shatterproof hoop but is made of very strong backboard material; you won’t have any hiccups regarding this Spalding basketball backboard.

Q. If I fill the base with sand, will it be too concerning?

Answer: As long as you are not thinking about moving the basketball system too much, this is OK. But if you are planning to shift anytime, you need to go by water for simple transportation.


Spalding, one of the ruling manufacturer of this popular game, is just knocking at your door with the latest invention of this brand, NBA Spalding portable basketball system. 48 inch backboard is made of polycarbonate gets a solid portable base.

The innovative pro glide lift system is another example of the benchmark what Spalding has set. Whatever the purpose is for you to choose this extraordinary Spalding 72354 portable basketball system, this Spalding NBA slam jam breakaway rim will let you play fun and aggressive ways.