Garlando G500 Weatherproof Outdoor Foosball Table Review

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If you’re searching for a heavy-duty table that comes with some attractive additional features, Garlando G500 foosball table is the one you should pick up as the first choice.

Consider all-weather foosball tables on the market; very few brands can match quality and strength with Garlando. The table is highly resistant to most outdoor conditions. Thus G-500 has made a name for itself by producing quality indoor/outdoor foosball tables.

The table is constructed of top-notch quality, water-resistant materials for maximum durability in outside conditions. For someone who has a problem with humidity, this will be a perfect fit for him/her.

It does not sacrifice its outstanding-looking design either. The quality of play never gets hampered by it. Overall, the performance of the table is quite praiseworthy.

Let’s take a look at the specifications and you will find out why G500 is rated so highly by the buyers.

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Foosball Table
Key Specifications:
  • Size dimensions: 56" X 30" X 36"
  • Weight: 177 pounds
  • Construction materials: Marine plywood cabinet, waterproof materials
  • Rods and handles: Telescopic hollow steel rods with rutted plastic handles
  • 3 man or 1 man goalie: 1 man
  • Counterbalanced men: Not all men are counterbalanced
  • Foosball Men: Plastic, old style players
  • Ball return: End ball return
  • Leg levelers: Yes
  • Features: Nylon encased ball bearing bushings, weatherproof table cover

In Depth Review of Garlando G500 Foosball Table

The best thing about this table is the build quality. Garlando G-500 is constructed from marine high-quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate. And plastic laminate is attached using special waterproof glues. They are water-resistant and waterproof glue creates a tight water seal situation.

Garlando G500 Foosball table uses special ink to mark the field. White lines are silk screen printed, and they reproduce a football ground. Therefore, the lines won’t fade under the sun or get damaged by dampness. When none is playing, you can use the all weather-resistant vinyl cover that comes with the table for protection.

The gameplay is fast as well as safe thanks to the telescopic rods. Since they are telescopic rods, they won’t extend beyond the surface. Therefore both children and adults should be able to enjoy the game without getting shoved.

Hollow rods have nylon-encased ball-bearing bushings. Both rods and bearings are pretty excellent, move quickly, and lightweight. So, even if the game gets more challenging, you are not going to get tired of using them.

Despite having a churlish weatherproof design, the quality of gameplay is as good as any other top quality professional level tables.

The playing surface has ample space, is leveled and doesn’t have any scratches or bumps. There are no noticeable dead spots, and the entire table is supported by 9 cm. 4 X 4 inches heavy-duty legs for optimum durability. The legs are coated with washable powder varnish.

As the players are permanently molded to rods, hardcore players are allowed to play their natural game. Breaking these players of G-500 or even loosening them will be a tough ask.

When it comes to the feet design, the foosball men have a square toe box that is fairly small. It is ideal for learning how to control such things more precisely and efficiently with this table.

With this Italian brand foosball table, you’ll be getting a single goalie system. Plus it comes with 4” heavy duty, black, nylon leg levelers for stability. Besides, each hardware of this table has a tropical anti-rust treatment. The game table will be available either with a fully rotating (360 degree) or non-rotating (180 degree) goalkeeper.

The Garlando is a pretty much fantastic table except for one shortcoming. I just wish it had counterbalanced men. It’s a bit strange that only goalie and defensive players are counterbalanced, midfielders and forwards are not. Nevertheless, this is much better than having no counterbalanced men at all.

The G500 outdoor table is pretty easy to assemble, and instructions are clear. You can search for installation videos on YouTube as well. Nothing to worry about at all.

Anyone who wants to invest in an all-weather table, Garlando G-500 weatherproof model, goes to the table.

Specialty of Garlando G500: 

  • Water tight seal
  • Faster gameplay
  • Solid sturdy design
  • No dead spot
  • Easy assembly
  • 3 years long warranty period

Drawbacks of Garlando G500: 

  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • Higher Price Tag

Who Should Rely On Garlando G-500?

Garlando G-500 is suitable for anyone who wishes to take the action-packed foosball game in outside conditions or anywhere. From children to adults, anyone can enjoy the game on this table.

The EndNote

The G500, an incredibly well-built European-style foosball table is definitely amongst the best all-round foosball tables you would want to own. Put this table into your backyard and enjoy hours and hours of foosball games. Now, we conclude the Garlando G500 Foosball Table review and hope all this information will prove beneficial to you.

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