Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System Review (In-Ground)

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Want to turn your outdoor driveway into a family fun basketball court? In search of a perfect in-ground, adjustable family basketball goal so that you can spend some quality time with everyone? No need to go for a google search. Pro dunk hoops provide you with the best option available right now. Pro Dunk Silver is a great adjustable basketball hoop set that looks to last for a long time.

All the components used to design this Pro Dunk Silver basketball system are of the highest quality. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty to keep you tension-free, especially when it comes to the maintenance & replacement of any of its parts. In fact, it covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging.

Since the establishment of Pro Dunk, it has come up with so many quality accessories that you can do nothing but only praise. And this in-ground hoop is one of the best selling products, and you might have seen it before in your local gym or school, colleges, houses and so on.

This durable pro dunk hoop has a sturdy backboard to withstand intense play. With a 54-inch tempered glass backboard, it feels like you’re in the gym. So, competitive players can expect a superior rebound. Another great feature of this hoop is the clear backboard. So, you will get a clear view of your backyard while playing.

There is an infinite height adjustable system. You are allowed to rearrange the hoop between 5 and 10 feet by a simple turn of the handle. Did you notice the lowest setting? Yes, none will be left out of the action!

Unlike in three or two-piece poles where the assembly isn’t that easy, here you can set it up quite easily with the solid one piece pole design. The thickness of the pole and complete padding set perfectly lays the foundation for rock-solid play. We must say this can be the last adjustable in-ground basketball goal you’ll ever have to buy.

Let’s take a look at the features, pros, and cons of this Pro Dunk Silver in-ground basketball goal.

Pro Dunk Silver In-ground Outdoor Adjustable Hoop
Product Specifications:
  • Backboard Size dimensions: 54"
  • Height adjustment: 5' to 10'
  • Pole: 5x5 inch one-piece pole
  • Shipping weight: 505 pounds
  • Brand: Pro Dunk
  • Warranty: Lifetime 

Highlighted Features At A Glance:

  • High-performance gym quality, adjustable in-ground 54 inch tempered glass backboard with full ½ inch thickness)
  • Big 5" X 5" one-piece pole for rock solid play
  • The lifetime warranty covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging
  • Infinitely adjustable between 5 and 10 feet with an effortless turn of a handle
  • A complete padding set- 1-inch thick high impact outdoor safety backboard, pole, and gusset padding included!

Tempered Glass Backboard

Want to get the best hoop system? Then you need something very stable, a real glass backboard basketball hoop. Pro Dunk Silver comes with a 54 inch wide and 0.5-inch thick tempered glass backboard.

The strength of glass is further increased with this half-inch thickness. Compared to the acrylic backboard alternatives, it won’t scratch or fade over time. Instead, they deliver gym-quality rebounds with a standard-size backboard. Hardcore players are going to love it.

Plus, the hoopers shall get to know what’s happening in their backyard thanks to the clear view of the glass backboard. Who doesn’t want a pro-level playing experience?

Height Adjustability Gives You Playability

The Sport 'basketball' has huge popularity all over the globe. Is your 6 year old son a big fan of the NBA? If yes, then he would love to dunk and shoot. But due to his age and height, he must be thinking about doing it when he grows older. But why should adults have all the fun? Time has arrived for him to join the hoop party.

Pro Dunk Silver in-ground comes with simple adjustability from 5 feet to 10 feet making the game playable for everyone including small kids. From 6-year-old kids to adults, there will be non-stop basketball action for them.

Due to this super cool height adjustment scale, children can lower it down to 5 feet as well as competitive players can raise it up to 10 feet for daily practice. So now both your kids and neighbour's kids can play basketball almost every evening after coming from school. They can adjust the height by themselves as well.

Durable Pole Design

For carrying the heavyweight of a backboard as big as 54 inches, you need a sturdy pole structure. This is exactly what you get here. A 5 inch 1 piece pole goes straight into the ground. 7 gauge steel is quite dependable as well. The whole system is quite balanced.

There is a base, so it will give you a more professional look as you finish the assembly. According to the buyers' feedback, they’ve decided on this Pro Dunk basketball goal due to the thicker glass and pole design it offers compared to its competitors.

Maximum Stability & Safety

If you’re looking for serious rebounding experience alongside dunking practice and even hanging on the rim, you need a super sturdy, solid, reliable in-ground basketball system.

If installed correctly, Pro Dunk Silver goal does not move or wobble during play. This is a breakaway rim. It is designed and warrantied for dunking and hanging. The rim has got the perfect dimension. Therefore, standard size basketball shall fit in quite nicely.

Cement fixed base offers smooth, steady gameplay even in intense competition. In addition, there is a padding system that you will find around the backboard, pole, and gusset.

Therefore, the hoop shall stand firm without getting loosened in the middle of a game. A vibration-free gaming experience is what everyone expects!

Easy Assembly

This is a wonderful product. Installation is very much easy. Customers seem to like the process of installation. Installation videos and simple instructions make the whole job easy.

You can do it all by yourself except holding the backboard while bolting it up, that’s it.

What We Liked

  • A see-through 54 inch tempered glass backboard
  • Reliable and durable thick steel pole
  • Height adjustability allows everyone to participate in the game
  • Quality construction, superior rebound, and vibration-free gaming experience
  • Padding protection acts as a shield and lessens the impact of ball
  • A lifetime warranty shall take care of all basketball playing damage. You can dunk and hang on the rim without worrying about anything.


  • Installation might see screws being protruded beyond the surface

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How many pounds of concrete will be needed to assemble?

Ans: You will need approximately 15 to 20 80lbs bags of premixed concrete, and the required hole size is 20” square, 3” deep. If you bell out the bottom of the hole a little, it will create a nice solid foundation for your hoop.

The bolts and template too are provided with this system. Nice instructions greatly help for proper placement.

Q. I want to know about the quality of the rim.

Ans: This tough-built breakaway rim is designed for dunking and hanging. Especially when you hang on to it, you will feel it is excellent. But it also has the right amount of giving.

Q. Once installed, is it removable if I move into a new house?

Ans: Yes, you can move your pro dunk basketball system to your new home. You need to unbolt the pole from the concrete anchor by unscrewing 4 hex nuts.

Final Verdict

Whether it is for spending some quality time with your family members or to practice heart and soul and become a pro, this Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System might be the best choice you’ve ever made. And having a good quality hoop shall make you want to practice even more.

Top-quality components, simple installation, and the ability to lower the hoop down to 5 feet for little children are the significant reasons why it gets a huge selling boost. You may call it a smaller version of the large Pro Dunk Platinum In Ground Hoop.

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