Pro Dunk Platinum In Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews

Has your young child developed a bit of madness towards Shaquille O’Neal? Does he consistently discuss with you about his dunking technique? I dare to say, he is not just roaming around the park and then get vanished. He is damn serious about his game and wants to work on a daily basis. So, why not invest in a hoop that can deliver years of superlative performance and be able to take some beating as your kid grows taller and muscular? Then undoubtedly Pro Dunk Platinum in ground basketball hoop will be the best bet

If you’re thinking that your young baller is a bit too small for this massive hoop then let me say this, you’re so wrong. The rim is adjustable between 5’5 and 10 feet. Lowest setting of 5.5 feet paves the way for grown up kids to enjoy the game. And such is the easeness of height adjustability even a 6 year old child can do it effortlessly. A strong dual canister will be there to neutralize the weight of the backboard

A high performance gym quality experience is awaiting for you with this 72 inch tempered glass backboard. Half inch thickness keeps the hoop in place and this is exactly the type of backboard what you would see at Universities and competitive arenas. 8 X 6 inch one-piece pole provides the right amount of support needed for rock solid play

This Pro dunk basketball hoop is pretty sturdy, stable, corrosion resistant and you’ll have all the required safety features. Most importantly, this pro basketball goal doesn’t shake or rattle so that everyone can enjoy the game without any fear of getting injured. Plus, this basketball goal is constructed of some really high quality materials and who hates to have a lifetime warranty provided by manufacturer?

Pro Dunk Platinum In Ground

Product Specification

Backboard Size dimensions


Height adjustment

5.5' to 10'


8x6 inch one-piece pole

Shipping weight

800 pounds


Pro Dunk Hoops

LIfetime warranty


Without further ado, let’s take a look at the features, pros & cons of this Pro Dunk Platinum in ground basketball hoop


Regulation sized gym quality backboard

It is truly remarkable when you get Pro Dunk Platinum in ground basketball system as your outdoor hoop. As it’s name suggests, Platinum has been used here and when it comes to the toughest metals by nature, Platinum is right up there. The backboard is constructed of tempered glass. Tempered glass’s responsiveness is literally unmatched. It is way better than those acrylic or polycarbonate backboards

Want to get a taste of playing in an NBA size backboard? Then congratulations! You’ve made the right decision. With the 72 inch regulation sized backboard, your basketball court will be converted into a gymnasium. Thickness of about 0.5 inch really helps to stabilize the hoop. Therefore, it is strong enough to absorb some heavy beating from your lads. The glass backboard is solid with a good feel when you try to bounce the ball off it. Who gives you a real NBA like gaming experience right outside your home? 

Simple adjustability opens up the game for everyone

We absolutely agree with you this is massive infact it is quite heavy but that hardly means that you have to face a lot of trouble while adjusting the height. And why such a renowned brand like Pro dunk hoops will manufacture a product that can’t be adjusted easily?

These gymnasium basketball goal systems come with an easy height adjust mechanism. A powerful dual canister along with quad spring assist system neutralizes the heavy weight of the backboard. There is a rim height indicator which shall enable you to get the accurate rim height measurements. You can see and fix the system at precise height thanks to the padlock mechanism

Besides, it’s a super quick adjustment. Turning the handle clockwise will make the hoop to go up and anticlockwise will take you to the lower settings. No pins, no rod, no sweat will be required to spend. Even a kid of 6 year old can adjust the height. This is totally safe

Another great thing about this pro basketball hoop is range of height adjustment. While most basketball hoops come between 7.5 to 10 feet height adjustability, you get the lowest setting of 5.5 feet with this one. Therefore, everyone including kids can join at the fun

Pro Quality Breakaway Rim

The rim quality of pro dunk platinum basketball system is truly incredible. It comes with a professional quality breakaway rim. With a big 4ft overhang, it gives you the confidence that is needed to hang on the rim. This heavy duty rim shall survive no matter what is happening in the game

Designed with safety in mind

This is a large and hefty basketball hoop, 72 inch. For a giant hoop like this, the manufacturer didn’t compromise with the safety at all. The glass backboard stay stable no waving or wobbling. Rim has got the right amount of firmness. Besides, the size of the post makes a big difference here

You’ll get a healthy amount of padding. For safety concerns especially when players go up for dunk shots or lay-ups, there is alignment of padding at the bottom of the backboard. Support pole and base are also backed up quite well by additional padding system. So, when a player accidentally runs into the support pole, chances of getting injured are greatly minimized

Extended Corrosion Warranty

Pro dunk basketball hoops is one of the renowned manufacturers of world’s largest heavy-duty and sturdy basketball hoops. They always try to deliver the best product to their customers. And what better way to keep their trust alive than to give warranty on this professional basketball goal? With an extended corrosion warranty, now you can leave your hoop outside

Customer Satisfaction

On the web there are plenty of positive reviews. Currently, the buyers rating reads 4.2 out of 5. There is so much appreciation for the strong 1 piece pole design. It is benefited from four springs and those offer robustness. Highly sturdy hoop once assembled. Great basketball goal. They play quite regularly with it. No issues and they love it

If you properly read this pro dunk hoop review, it will give you a little glimpse of what would be life after buying this adjustable in ground basketball hoop

Main Features
  • High performance gym-quality adjustable in ground 72 inch tempered glass backboard with ½ inch thickness
  • Massive 8 X 6 inch one piece pole for rock solid play
  • Limited lifetime warranty covers all basketball play including dunking and hanging
  • Height adjustability between 5.5 and 10 feet with effortless turn of the handle
  • Complete padding set- 1 inch thick high impact outdoor safety backboard, pole and gusset padding included


  • 72 inch backboard is an NBA regulation size hoop
  • 0.5 inch glass thickness enhances durability
  • 1 piece dual canister stainless steel pole provides great support for rough use
  • Height can be adjusted from 5.5 feet to 10 feet within 60 seconds
  • With a safe and enclosed adjustment mechanism, even kids can adjust the basketball system. There is no harm or risk
  • Padding protection protects your basketball goal from early wear and tear
  • Extended corrosion warranty
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Three person will be required when it comes to the assembly of the backboard. Because it is heavy, you need two people to hold it up and the remaining one should fix it in place by installing the bolts
  • At least 3 car driveways are required for this pro dunk hoops platinum

Frequently Asked Question

1. How much space do I need to install in the ground?

-According to the manufacturer, you’ll need a total footprint of 24 inches wide and 32 inches deep. It will allow both concrete footer ( 24” X 24”) and the space that is required behind the system for the adjustment mechanism. When the adjustment handle is at the 6.00 position, it will be 24” from the ground. The depth of the concrete footer will be 48” belled out at the bottom. If your frost line turns out to be deeper than this then you should go below your frost line to ensure the footer doesn’t shift as the ground freezes and unfreezes. If you go deeper than 48”, you will also need to provide longer rebar than what’s included with this pro dunk hoops basketball system

2. What gauge is the steel pole?

- The Pro dunk platinum is a 5 gauge steel. And this is probably the thickest you’ll find in the industry

3. How much does it weigh?

- The shipping weight of this 72 inch in ground basketball system is approximately 800 lbs and backboard is the heaviest & largest part. Our suggestion is to install the whole thing first and then get your neighbors or friends over for a few minutes. It won’t take long

4. Where are Pro Dunk basketball systems manufactured?

- Pro Dunk in ground adjustable basketball goals are designed at the Tomball, TX headquarters and then manufactured to specification in China. Each system comes with a lifetime warranty by Pro Dunk hoops

5. Can I dunk on it?

- This is one of those basketball hoops that you can dunk on without any hesitation. This is a heavy duty basketball goal system. Therefore, players of any age can dunk on it. Pro quality breakaway rim and tempered glass backboard won’t let you down

Final Verdict

Now that we are at the closing stage of this Pro Dunk Platinum in ground adjustable 72 inch basketball hoop reviews, we must say if you want to play in a regulation size glass backboard and have a big enough space to accommodate it then this is the ideal one. Even if you’re buying for your kids then it can’t be outgrown. So, why not invest for the future hoop stars? Anybody looking for a hefty height adjustable in ground hoop with a lifetime guarantee then purchase this pro dunk platinum. Your today’s investment will pay dividends for a long long time

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