Lifetime 71281 In-Ground Basketball System Review

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Are you looking for the best in ground basketball goal system while saving a few bucks for family maintenance? Someone who doesn’t want to go for the high end in ground hoops, Lifetime 71281 will be a great pick. It comes with so many impressive features that you can hardly ignore it.

It comes at a price that is most affordable to general people. Inclusion of new technologies make it a quality in ground basketball hoop that is absolutely suitable for residential recreation.

People all over the globe acknowledge that Lifetime basketball hoops are quality home driveway hoops. They all are manufactured in USA. So, you can’t really question the kinda quality it offers.

Lifetime 71281 in ground basketball system comes with a 52 inch shatterproof backboard. The backboard is made of high density polyethylene for maximum firmness. It may not give you the same quality of play like tempered glass.

But polycarbonate offers sufficient amount of strength that it needs to last for years to come. Size of the backboard might feel a touch small for few adults but large enough for most users to enjoy basketball game at home. Plus steel made backboard frame offers more rigidity and nice rebound.

Slam it rim indirectly tells you to slam the ball in. It’ll absorb all the pressure in the world. Now, you can dunk without the fear of claiming it’s parts. The whole set up is covered with UV protection. Besides, you get a powder coated 3 piece 3.5” round steel pole.

Weather resistant nylon net further increases it’s durability. So, you’ll be getting a goal system that is highly resistant to discoloration and rusting. Do you know it comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty?

If the competition gets tough, there is an intriguing friction weld joint to provide much needed stability. There will be literally no shaking at all.

Additionally, this is a height adjustable in ground hoop. You can rearrange the hoop to any height between 7.5 and 10 feet through a simple power lift mechanism.

Product Specifications:
  • Backboard Size dimensions: 52"
  • Height adjustment: 7.5' to 10'
  • Pole: 3 Piece 3.5" round pole
  • Shipping weight: 84.8 pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • 52” steel framed shatterproof backboard is made of polycarbonate surface for strength and durability
  • Power lift height adjustment lets you rearrange the hoop from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • 3 piece 3.5” round pole features friction-weld joint to protect from unwanted movement
  • Powder coated steel pole for all weather protection
  • 5 year limited manufacturer warranty

Backboard is shatterproof

This in-ground basketball system from Lifetime features a 52” shatterproof backboard. Yes, this is by no means a regulation sized backboard. However, this medium sized backboard is more than enough to satisfy most families looking for a recreational in ground basketball hoop.

Backboard is made of polycarbonate material. This material is best regarded for it’s toughness. It is quite durable and has very minimal chance of braking or shattering. It will last longer than other hoops. That means growing up kids shall get plenty of time to practice and master various skills.

Furthermore, if you want then you can put this goal outside of an above ground pool and set the pool party on fire. In this scenario, the size of the backboard comes really handy.

Simple Power Lift Height Adjustment

The mechanism to raise and lower the hoop is fairly easy to use. Simple height adjustment with power lift system gives this hoop an upper hand in terms of usability.

The height of the hoop can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet range. Simply grip the power lift handle and lift up to lower the hoop or pull down to adjust at the higher settings. You don’t need to be a strong, muscular guy to do the job.

This is so easy that even your kids shall be able to fix it by themselves. So, no more time and energy loss in trying to get the right height.

In some other in-ground basketball systems, the hoop can shake a bit due to the infinite increments. But certainly not in this case. According to the buyers, it is sturdy, does not wobble much and they are pretty happy about it.

Pro Slam it Rim

With a pro slam it rim, now you’ll be more comfortable to dunk on than ever before. High quality rim ensures the game is enjoyable for everyone. Your kiddos will love it and I dare say they are going to spend many hours outside.

Pole Plays it’s Role

The overall balance & safety of your hoop depends on the pole design. If the pole is not fixed securely in it’s place then it can be a major safety concern. Thankfully Lifetime model 71281 hoop has come up with a friction-weld joint. This will act as a safety guard against unwanted movements.

This is a 3 piece pole and the lock feature has been utilized in each section. 3.5 inches round shape possibly demonstrating the professionalism with which the brand Lifetime has manufactured this hoop.

Let me tell you this, Lifetime has given a surprise to their customers by adding a pad in the pole. It definitely increases the safety and buyers are overjoyed with this.

Backboard has a Steel Frame

The structure of the frame on a backboard dictates sturdiness. If the frame is tough built then your chances of getting an extended play with this hoop goes up. With the backboard being constructed of steel, this is perhaps the best possible security that you can get.

Additional Protections Give Delight

There are cheaper in ground hoops available than this one. But they are such problematic after few days of regular use, you will feel like purchasing a garbage. They don’t get minimum protective features.

But unlike those cheaper models, Lifetime manufacturer shall give you plenty of protection without any extra charge. UV protected inks are used to defend the outlook of your hoop in the heat of sun. Fade resistant graphics and powder coated steel pole shall make sure your hoop will look great year after year.

There will be absolutely no rusting with all weather nylon net in the mix, you can enjoy the game no matter how bad the weather condition gets!

Manufacturer Warranty

This Lifetime 52 in ground basketball system is sturdy, solid and constructed of best quality materials. You can adjust the height just through a squeeze of the handle. It has incredible resistance to discoloration and rusting.

And the manufacturer shall give you the backup with 5 year limited warranty. They’re always thinking what is the best for their customers and there is the prove. Feeling happy now?

Good Sides

  • Backboard is quite large at 52 inches and the steel frame adds to it’s sturdiness
  • High density polyethylene backboard gives the assurance for longevity
  • Sturdy pole design with a friction weld joint keeps you worry less while playing aggressively
  • UV protected and rust resistant finish make it useful for areas where weather forecast changes quite frequently
  • USA made hoop and 5 year warranty is always welcomed
  • Under a cheap $300 price, it offers great value considering all the exclusive features
  • Instructions for assembly are quite good

Bad Sides

  • Polycarbonate backboard does not respond well compared to acrylic or tempered glass backboards
  • While more high-end hoops use one piece support pole, this three-piece support pole gives a little bit of vibration during shots