Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable 44” System Reviews

Looking for a classical hoop to play with both indoor and outdoor? Then surely you’re gonna appreciate the idea of Lifetime basketball hoop 90040 system which has come up with a flawless nylon net rim, virtually for all weather. If you make a list of portable basketball hoops for your driveway, Lifetime 90040 height adjustable 44’’ system has to be right up there as the best portable basketball hoop. The USA made Lifetime 44 portable basketball system also offers flexibility to adjust the pro looking hoop at your preferable height. Highly resistant backboard keeps you tension free all the time. Lifetime basketball system manufacturers have always kept a close eye on their customers all over the world and tried to serve them with their best effort and enthusiasm. So, without any hesitation i can assume that you’ll love to buy this unique basketball goal for it’s popular features.

Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable 44'' System

Why you’ll find it interesting?

An exclusive 44’’ viable backboard
Want a long lasting basketball backboard for the game? I can assure, you won’t find anything better than this portable hoop. That UV protected Lifetime impact 44’’ portable basketball hoop is best known for it’s caliber to withstand both pressure and damage. Moreover, there is absolutely no question of cracking as high density polyethylene provides remarkable stability.

Find yourself in the comfort zone
Imagine you’re on vacation and enjoying basketball with your friends. Your 10 year old kid also wants to get on with it. However, your basketball hoop base doesn’t feature any height adjustable methods. Now, thinking of buying a new one for your kid? Hang on!! This versatile basketball hoop presents all age group the opportunity to play the game. More importantly, you can readjust this portable basketball net simply by just going through the telescoping mechanism. The portable basketball system can be reshuffled from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6 inch increments. You have to fall in love with this lifetime basketball hoop height adjustment aspects.

Rainy season coming? No worries
That is of no wonder why lifetime height adjustable 44’’ system has gained so much popularity in the recent years. Whether, it’s a hot and humid or cool rainy day, it doesn’t matter. Lifetime basketball rim is specially designed with a nylon based net and therefore, this portable basketball rim meets all the credentials to use in all weather.

Offers a strong base for your hoop
Looking for a substantial core?. Oh yeah you’re exactly in right place. Just fill the base with water or sand and steer it in your desired location. This enterprising lifetime adjustable basketball hoop has 3 pc round pole attached to the 27 gallon base.

What people like in it?

  • Have wheels to drift around without any kinds of trouble
  • Years will be gone by but graphics’ll still remain the very same
  • Great way to improve your game. Whatever a dunk shot or swish, you can definitely raise your game to the next level
  • 18’’ black solid steel rim with ½ inch steel braces actually resembles the unbreakable NBA basketball rims
  • 5 year limited warranty

What people dislike?

  • You have to be very watchful while you’re filling the base with water or sand. Make one thing clear first that there is no leakage.
  • You might need assistance from others to fix the basketball hoop and stand. Lifetime 44 portable basketball system assembly instructions advise to be meticulous during the installation process. Of course, the procedural session may a bit lengthy. otherwise, nobody comes up with Lifetime basketball hoop assembly problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the board strong enough?
A. The backboard is well built by high density polyethylene. So, it gives backboard a handy support as well.

Q. Water or Sand? Which will be the better option?
A. Obviously sand. That’s a pretty much safe option you know.

Q. Heard about some precautions when installation process is going on? What is that?
A. Nothing too much. Just follow our instructions even lifetime portable hoop assembly video can be a lot more useful .

Q. How much bounce this basketball goal will extract from the standard basketball size backboard?
A. Decent bounce and you’re gonna enjoy every bit of it

Final Verdict

Friendly game, exercise or for skill development? You can experience everything which one wouldn’t have imagined before. Lifetime basketball hoop 90040 system is by far the best available hoop for your basketball goal store. Not only that but also if you want to replace some of it’s part, it is available too in the shop. In fine, it is worth to buy this portable basketball goal at such a low cost price.

  • Updated November 27, 2019
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