Lifetime 90020 In Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews

Have you just started playing basketball? Therefore, as a beginner, at first you need to start learning the basics of basketball. Then why not do it with a budget friendly lifetime 90020 height adjustable in ground hoop? Or are you looking for a profitable basketball goal to keep your kids busy in the afternoon? Whether it is for some shooting practice or recreational fun, that does not matter. This Lifetime 90020 is one of the cheapest yet quality in ground hoops going around the world right now

It comes with a 48” shatterproof fusion backboard with a makralon playing surface. The shatterproof backboard with a polyethylene frame makes it quite durable. Yes, it shakes a bit when you try to play hard shots. But the amount of movement will be rather insignificant. Compared to those cheaper flimsy basketball hoops, this one offers more reliability. And the overhang of 22 inches ensures you’ve enough room for under the hoop play. Plus there will be very little chance of crashing into the goal post and getting injured

You can easily rearrange the hoop between 7.5 to 10 feet thanks to action grip height adjustment. Powder coated steel material also offers longevity. Thus, it makes the hoop all weather resistant and durable with a fade resistant graphics. Your basketball court will be converted into an NBA arena

This basketball hoop offers proper value. Considering the cheap price, customers seem to be impressed with the quality it offers. Materials used in the backboard might be slightly thin. Nevertheless, this will work great for kids. At the same time, it is quite sturdy for adults play

All the parts basically come in undamaged condition, so no problems there. For protection, slam it rim comes with double compression springs and it includes pole pad as well. For the peace of your mind, all the parts are well backed up by a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty

Lifetime 90020 In Ground

Product Specification

Backboard Size dimensions


Height adjustment

7.5' to 10'


3.5 inch round

Shipping weight

75.6 pounds



LIfetime warranty


Let’s dig deeper into this Lifetime 90020 in ground system and explore it’s various features, pros and cons


Shatterproof fusion backboard

The 48” shatterproof fusion backboard comes with a makralon playing surface. Yes, no doubt it come at an affordable price. But the quality of the backboard material is the main reason behind the cheap price of lifetime 90020. It is not as responsive as some of the high end hoops. Rather, the backboard does have a bit of a “thud” noise and shake when you attempt a hard long range shot. But the truth is any height adjustable backboard with this kinda set up along with extension arms shall do the same

This is by no means a bad quality hoop. But here you won’t get the same feel of playing on an indoor professional basketball hoop that you would probably get in your local gym. Kids or starters in this game won’t really understand the difference that much. This is where it works great and can be an ideal choice for beginners to get things started in basketball

Quality Slam it rim

Dreamt of slamming hard on the rim just like the pros do? This 18” lifetime slam it pro rim is quite stable and comes with a 5/8 inch ring of solid steel. Plus, there are ½ inch steel braces & double compression rings included. Now, you can follow footsteps of your basketball hero without worrying too much about the backboard. Because this is not going to bend or shatter easily

And the simple height adjustment mechanism makes it even easier for younger players to lower the hoop and dunk like Michael Jordan

But one more thing, it will be better if there is no regular hanging on the rim or dunking by any adult

Easy adjustment with one hand

The basketball hoop height adjuster is simple to use. You can adjust the hoop from 7.5’ to 10’ in 6” increments. And this action grip adjustment mechanism offers easy adjustment with only one hand. The handle provides a nice grip for making adjustments

It literally takes no strength at all to rearrange the hoop. Super nice if you’ve small children or older children who use different heights. Kids can always move it up or down as they won’t really face any trouble with it. And the buyers love the fact that this is adjustable so the height can be raised as kids get older

Pole design suits the beginners best

This shatterproof basketball hoop comes with a slim 3.5 inch diameter steel pole. This is not the thickest of the pole. Therefore, it won’t be ideal to handle aggressive play and dunking by the serious competitive players. Attempting a successful bank shot can become really tricky if the hoop starts to shake

With all being said, this will fit beginners and kids most compared to the professional level players. We don’t recommend playing in windy conditions as well. For younger children, it is quite stable. Furthermore, it has the capability to absorb the shock provided by the shots from beginners

Simple assembly

Fearing about the fact that you may need to hire professionals to install the hoop? Then what if tell you, ease of installation is one of the best attributes of this adjustable outdoor basketball hoop. Nice and simple instructions are easy to read. They’ve given complete description of each steps. Besides, the lightweight equipment won’t really test your physical ability. You can lift it quite easily and screw in the parts in right places all by yourself. Big relief for sure?

Rust Resistant

Powder coated steel pole provides the best support to combat rust and corrosion. All weather nylon net further gives you the assurance to play the hoop in every season of a year. Therefore, no need to worry about getting it rusted

Manufacturer Warranty

Given the fact that, it comes at a fairly cheap price, the 5 year limited manufacturer warranty seems like an extra bonus. Now playing the game would be more fun

Proper value for your bucks

Lifetime 90020 in ground basketball goal won’t cost you a great deal of money and that is probably the reason why it is hugely popular among the customers. Polycarbonate backboard and thin pole structure might just annoy you a bit but except these two things, it is still a great playing hoop for beginners or children. Think about shatter fusion backboard, fade resistant graphics, sturdy rim and all weather nylon net

Aren’t these factors quite enough to declare it as a wonderful hoop? Add one hand action grip adjustment and pad protection on the pole. Now happy?

Main Features
  • 48” shatterproof fusion backboard with a Makralon playing surface
  • Fade resistant graphics offer durable pro-glass look
  • Height can be adjusted from 7.5’ to 10’ in 6” increments with action grip adjustment
  • 3.5” diameter round, powder coated steel system
  • Slam it pro rim with steel braces and double compression springs
  • 22” offset from playing surface to the pole
  • 5 year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Standard 48” polycarbonate backboard is suitable for dunking by the kids
  • Height adjustability paves the way for everyone to play the game
  • Pole pad and 22” offset reduce chances of accidental injuries when someone runs into the post
  • Powder coated steel pole is highly resistant against rust and corrosion
  • Instruction and assembly both are quite simple
  • Less expensive yet it’s a quality build and good looking hoop


  • We don’t recommend dunking activities or hanging on the rim by adults

Frequently Asked Question

1.Does a warranty come with this product?

-Yes, it does. This adjustable basketball hoop in ground comes with a 5 year limited warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing type defects of the products. It makes sure you can play with this hoop for quite a long time

2.Can I use this hoop system for pool?

-No, Lifetime products manufacturer haven’t quite designed this system for pool use. However, they do have systems specifically for pools and you may like this Lifetime 90742 pool side height adjustable hoop

3.How much cement should I plan on using?

-It certainly depends on the size of hole that you would dig. Approximately, three 60 pound bags shall do the job for you

4.What size hole needs to be dug in the ground?

-You shall need to dig a hole that is 21” deep and 18” in diameter. The edge of the hole should be flush with the edges of the playing surface

Final Verdict

If you talk about the overall strength of the hoop and robustness of the backboard, you may find it a pretty average. But you know what, as one of the most affordable basketball system, it literally has covered every bases.

The backboard is super sleek and fairly sturdy for recreational play. The height adjustability works exactly as it should. It is pretty easy to put together. Buyers seem to be very happy with their purchase. It offers great value. Kids who would love to shoot a few shots in the basket will be the happiest of the all. If you want to surprise your kid in his birthday with his first ever basketball hoop, this lifetime 90020 will be a smart pick

Want to offer a much more sturdy and reliable basketball hoop that can give your kiddos a pro level feeling? Then it’s worthwhile to have a look at Silverback 60” in ground basketball hoop

Lifetime 90020 vs 71281

Key comparison between Lifetime 71281 and Lifetime 90020 is in the size of the backboard. Lifetime 71281 has a 52 inch backboard whereas Lifetime 90020 model features a slightly smaller size backboard of 48 inches

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