Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop Review

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How much difficult it is to find a solid portable system for your dear children? If you are really searching for a best youth portable basketball hoop then you just need to calm down by putting all the tensions away and review this model of movement god youth portable basketball hoop with a close look.

Movement God Youth Portable Basketball Hoop

28’’ high impact backboard with strongly built rim make it suitable for rough playing by your kids. You are allowed to enjoy the nonstop gameplay because of all weather resistant nylon net. A simple telescoping mechanism shall allow your kids to adjust the height from 5.6’ to 7 quickly’.

Moreover, materials like PE backboard, PE base, and steel rim have got rust proof finish. Yes, of course, this is extremely easy to put together. You can see why this movement god hoop is regarded as one of the most top youth basketball hoops of this era.

Highlighted Features:
  • 17’’ diameter rim with super durable nylon net.
  • The impact backboard comes up with the size of 28 inches X 18 inches and the base dimensions are 30 inches in length X 22 inches width X 5 inches height.
  • There is a 2’’ diameter steel tube, PE backboard, steel rim and PE base.
  • Solid materials are combined to form this well built movement god youth basketball hoop.
  • To give the much needed stability to the free standing hoop, you need to fill the base with 55 lbs water or 66 lbs sand.
  • The overall weight of this youth portable hoop is about 20 pounds.

#1. Impact backboard for your little athlete

Is your kid a Tim duncan fan who is known to be the master of bank shots? As the basketball game's popularity is getting bigger and bigger day by day, watching your kid performing this signature shot again and again might not be too surprising at all. This movement god made portable youth basketball hoop create a new storyline by presenting a 28’’ impact backboard to your children.

The ball should land softly off the backboard now and nicely settle down through the nets. So, why waste time anymore? Give your sweet little ones an ideal platform to fulfill their dreams.

#2. Quick adjustable option

It’s not just you; everybody wants to get on with the game where you have to waste less energy and time to adjust the basketball goal's height. In the mean time, you surely do not want your kid’s fun time to turn into turmoil.

So, if you wish for something to play with your younger players who want to learn the game and practice with a real basketball, this is your hoop. With the well appreciated telescoping height adjustment mechanism, your kids shall be able to shoot consistently from 5.6 to 7 ‘.

#3. Solid rim materials are gonna relieve the pressure

Every basketball follower loves to play rough and tough shooting so do your junior ones. As a well wisher you must encourage them to express themselves rather than curbing their natural instincts. This movement god basketball hoop will be the perfect basketball goal for the little players in your family.

With a 17’’ folding rim constructed of 0.5’’ steel, this youth portable basketball hoop can withstand the hostile and aggressive playing by your kid. So, by ensuring this competitive play, let your children know about their own abilities compared to others and help them do better in the future.

#4. Hassle free transportation

One must need to do a little bit of homework before getting a portable basketball hoop for his lovely kids. One of the top criteria to consider which one should be the go-to hoop for your little sportsman is transportation. Nobody wants to witness his adorable, sweet kids getting injured while rolling the hoop base.

Yeah, this movement god has designed this youth hoop to stand firm against harshest elements. But this sturdy base is lightweight too. Furthermore, the attached wheels are there to keep you tension free all the time. Therefore, kids can shift their portable mini basketball hoop system anytime anywhere with ease.

What people like in it?

  • 28’’ youth impact backboard
  • High quality rim is made to last a long time against tough play
  • A simple telescoping height adjustment is always suitable for kids
  • Both rust and weather resistant so those two features make it absolutely fit to use in all conditions
  • Although we advise you not to dunk this movement, god portable basketball model is backed up well by 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

What people dislike?

  • Although we advise you not to dunk but this movement god portable basketball model is backed up well by 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Solution: as long as kids are throwing dunk shots, these product materials are going to make sure it holds it’s ground. So, no tension here at all.


Q. I am looking forward to buying for my 5 year old brother. As my brother will grow up fast, can he use it for a couple of years more?

Answer: Definitely. The age is somewhat 3-10 years old.

Q. I want to use a regular size basketball on it. What’s your take on it?

Answer: Yeah, sure. You can. Even our customers have said earlier; they even had a go with a full size ball. It worked just fine. This is why this basketball hoop for youth is somewhat different than other hoops.

Q. Can I replace the net only? Or what if I want to buy just the nylon net?

Answer: Yeah, this is available in the market. But the movement god manufacturers have improved the net quality a lot after facing some criticism. This is 100% guaranteed that you won’t have to face any dilemma regarding this.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after going through the movement god portable basketball hoop review, you won’t have any more doubt that this hoop is by far the perfect portable hoop for training with young kids. Youth impact backboard system comes up with solid materials and other incredible features; facilities make this hoop stand out among many.

So, whether the aim is to ensure your sweet kid gets a top quality hoop so that he can do great in future or to give them the opportunity to spend quality time while on vacation, you can buy this movement god youth portable basketball hoop.