Lifetime 71524 height adjustable 54” shatterproof basketball system reviews

Keep your head high and don’t stop until you get what you’re craving for. Lifetime 71524 height adjustable portable hoop does just the identical thing with fool proof polycarbonate made 54’’ backboard. This 54 inch portable basketball hoop has already created a lots of excitement around the globe

In addition to all weather nylon net, braces with firmly attached rings provide rim a perfect safeguard against dunk shot. It might not be a professional NBA hoop but with a black square in the backboard center, it provides a charming look to the audience

Oh overthinking about how to lift this pro hoop? Well, we advise you not to take any kinds of stress at all. Forget everything and if you do have a 8 years old kid even he can do the job at ease. Therefore, i strongly recommend you to just go through the unique features this adjustable basketball goal possesses before you make up your mind

What People Admire About It?

Prepare Yourself At The Best Possible Way You Can

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” a very famous quote in English. Had a tough outing against the opponents? Now it’s time for you to become physically more tougher and perform high intensity drills. Basically Lifetime 71524 is a tailor made Basketball hoop to improve your game drastically. This incredibly well built portable basketball hoop shall always push yourself to the limit

High Impact Resistant Backboard With Amazing Visualization

Want to have a more professional look in your portable basketball system? Right now, this elegant looking 54’’ height adjustable portable basketball goal has gained a worldwide appreciation. Not just the exposure, polycarbonate offers this adjustable basketball hoop a much reliable foundation to work with. Obviously, this lifetime basketball backboard handles the pressure or damage really well

Previously Had Difficulties While Lifting Your Basketball Hoop? Use One hand Only

Remember those days when you alone can’t uplift the basketball hoop system alone? You and your friends might be having some cramps by doing that. With the lifetime 54 inch basketball hoop, you better forget all those clumsy moments. Here you can easily go through power lifting mechanism thus managing the basket between 7.5 to 10 feet by using one hand only. Height adjustment is very secure as well. Isn’t that so simple?

In Love With A Dunk Shot? Rim Won’t Panic

Every NBA player you ask, will undoubtedly reply to you that dunk shot is his favorite most shot. In fact, you are probably one of those guys whenever they take footsteps in the court first try this shot to boost up confidence

Talking about the Lifetime Basketball rim, it is made of 5/8 inch solid steel ring therefore is highly recommended for your dunk shot. Yes, it does shake a little upon shooting but this is quite normal with portable basketball systems. No real issue to get concerned about. This rim is quite solidly built

Don’t forget this 54 inch basketball hoop does have an all weather nylon net too. The net can also withstand some rough abuse

Assembly Is Easy

you will require some helping hands to put it together. The whole set up can take about 2 and 1/2 hours. Don't worry the manufacturer sends the product with everything you will need to build. Everything fits well. Pay close attention to the instructions to properly assemble it

Some tips:

The last step of the assembly is quite challenging to handle for a single person. As this is a bulky structure, it won't be easy to lift the complete set up onto the bottom pole. Other than this, if you're handy enough at tools, you can manage by yourself

Why You Should Go For It?

  • A very much solid, rough and tough Lifetime basketball backboard which hardly rattles or shakes. Also not too much to worry about the Lifetime backboard replacements as they are readily available
  • Instructions are pretty much easy and won’t have too much problems while assembling
  • Especially designed pole with a 35 gallon heavy base provides both stability and portability
  • A five year limited warranty

What People Criticize?

  • The only understatement this portable adjustable basketball hoop ever had is why does it take so long to marshal the system. Yeah we understand that is too much painful. But stealing a quality Lifetime portable adjustable basketball hoop at such a low price is definitely worth the time it takes to set up

Product Specifications

  • Backboard: 54 X 33 X 1 inch square
  • Height Adjustment: 7.5-10 feet
  • Base: 35 gallon
  • Pole: 3 piece 0.5 inch round
  • Offset: 22 inch
  • Warranty: 5 year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you answer me how effective nylon net will be? Will it seriously last in all weather condition?
A. Mark my words, it survives in severe weather as well

Q. Can i finish assembling within 1 hour?
A. Lifetime basketball goals can take up to 2-3 hours depending on your efficacy when it comes to assembling.

Q. What is the size of backboard?
A. 54’’ backboard

Q. What do you know about the height adjustment feature?
A. Just follow the instructions and Lifetime basketball hoop height adjustment feature is never gonna disappoint you- remember that

Q. What about Lifetime 71522 vs 71524? I want to know the basic difference between them

A. While both of them have the similarities in 54-inch backboard, portable base & 3.5-inch round pole, there are quite a few differences. The 71522 (with its acrylic backboard and 1.5 inch frame thickness) will give you the best rebound compared to 71524 (polycarbonate backboard and 1 inch frame). On the opposite side of the coin, polycarbonate is used because it is 30 times stronger than acrylic, so that your hoop can last longer. With that being said, price is very much similar to one another

Q. Can i get realistic play for bank shots on this backboard?

A. No, it does not offer realistic play for bank shots. It is quite flimsy but responds better compared to other hoops in this price range

Final Verdict

In short, if you are looking for a high quality cheap portable basketball hoop, you must go with 71524 height adjustable pro look system. I guess you’re somebody who doesn’t prefer chopping and changing too much

Trustworthy, solidly built backboard, effortless power lifting method, eligible to play high intensity game- everything you get with this 54 inch portable basketball hoop is superb. Overall, great price & long lastingness of the hoop are what we think attract the buyers most. Let me know what’s your take on this lifetime basketball hoop

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