What to Wear When Playing Basketball?

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The great thing about going pro in basketball is that you do not have to invest too much in gear. You require a minimal amount of clothing, and the outfits are not that expensive. And the primary goal of the basketball gear is to offer you higher comfort and enhance your performance at the table.

So, if you do not know what to wear when playing basketball, your opponents will have the upper hand. You will face difficulties maneuvering the ball and carrying out different moves. But the good news is that we are here to fill you all about the clothing you will need to wear during the game. Just continue reading to know it all!

Before we go in-depth with the clothing, you need to know the basic dress code for a basketball game. And the criteria that you should fulfill with your outfit are as follows:

  • You should dress in layers. It will enable you to adjust your outfit accordingly.
  • Ensure that the clothes are comfortable and do not restrict your movement
  • Whether short or long sleeves, you should make sure that the shirt is well-fitting
  • Do not wear baggy clothes because they can make it hard for you to carry out different moves
  • It would be best if you do not wear your regular glasses during the game
  • Do not wear jeans or full pants while playing a competitive game

Outfits To Wear To A Basketball Game

With the dress code out of the way, let us get to one of the main segments of the guide. So, these are the components of a proper basketball outfit:


The shorts are basically the central part of a basketball dress. They provide the right amount of stability, protection, and support during the games. Good basketball shorts will even give enough padding on the thighs. And that can make it easier to take charge or shoot a jump.

Among all, the most popular type is compression-style shorts. They are well-known for offering extra comfort. However, the traditional ones will give you better coverage, which can play a crucial role when playing defense.


The best type of jersey for a basketball game would be a compression shirt. They are usually tight-fitting. That trait will make them capable of maintaining proper body temperature. And, if you want protection from the sun, wear long sleeves.


Another crucial component of the basketball clothing is the undergarments. You should pick proper briefs or sports bras when playing the game. Make sure that the undergarments do not restrict your movement. Also, do not wear something that is too loose.


You should not really get into the court without wearing a sweatband. The crucial role of this gear is to keep the sweat from dripping into your eyes. And if sweat does drop into your eyes, you will lose all of your focus, which can be a major problem during the game's crucial moments.


The wristbands can save you from injuries and enhance your overall performance in the game. It will keep your hands warm and dry, which will reduce cramping. Also, with the wristbands, you can protect your hands from blisters and cuts.


Last but not least, choose the right type of socks for playing basketball. Usually, players prefer compression socks as they are comfortable to wear. You can even opt for ankle braces if you want to prevent swelling. Nonetheless, the main takeaway is that you should wear the most comfortable socks when playing on the court.

What Shoes to Wear When Playing Basketball?

Wondering what shoes do you wear to play basketball? We intentionally left out the shoe department on the above segment. Why? Well, it is the most crucial part of the basketball dress. It can determine whether you will be capable of moving fast in the court on not.

The thing about basketball courts is that they are of different materials and could have different types of surfaces. So, the general rule of thumb would be to get sports sneakers.

While choosing the sneakers, ensure that they offer you a proper amount of grip. Otherwise, you will find your legs slipping a lot on the court.

what shoes to wear when playing basketball

Another crucial factor that you should consider is the fit. The shoes should fit snugly. However, they should not be too tight that you feel uncomfortable when wearing them. Also, they must offer a good amount of room for your toes and feet to move around. That is crucial to move freely on the court.

Finally, check the level of support the shoes provide. And when it comes to cushioning, it will depend on your preference. Some prefer sneakers with high cushioning to get more comfortable. But if you want to move quickly on the court, we recommend the ones with minimal cushioning. Those will provide more speed. 

What to Wear When Playing Basketball Female?

The dress for the female basketball players is pretty standard. In other words, the clothing that we have mentioned above applies to the female players as well. However, you will need to keep a couple of factors in your mind when choosing the dress.

Firstly, choose something that does not inhibit movements on your court. The stretchy T-shirts would be a good pick in this regard.

Secondly, emphasize the neckline. It should be high enough to not let too much of your skin show and low enough to not restrict your movements.

What to wear when playing basketball female?

Finally, when it comes to undergarments, you should choose sports bras. Those are stretchy and fit well on your body at the same time. And no matter how comfortable it might seem, do not wear baggy clothes. Those will not let you carry out quick moves during the game.

What to Wear When Playing Basketball in the Cold?

When it comes to playing in cold temperatures, you will need to adjust your dress a little. Dressing in layers would be wise if you have to play in chilly temperatures. You can wear a combination of long sleeves along with warm-ups, thermals, or sweat wear.

That type of upper wear will allow you to stay warm and have enough flexibility for carrying out sleek moves.

Also, when you dress in layers, you will have the option to adjust when necessary.

You can just take a five minutes break and take out the sweat wear if the climate changes.

What to Wear When Playing Basketball in the Cold?

On that note, when you are wearing multiple layers on the top, you should pick a large-sized outer t-shirt. Getting a fitting T-shirt can restrict your movements and offer less comfort.

Further, you would want to wear cotton athletic socks during the cold weather. They keep your feet warm and offer you an extraordinary level of comfort.

Final Words

If you know what to wear when playing basketball, you will be basically one step ahead of your opponents. You will be capable of playing for a prolonged time without facing any comfort issues. And most importantly, your movements will not be restricted, which can change the tide of the game from your end.

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