How To Wear A Basketball Jersey The Right way

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Scratching your head thinking about how to wear a basketball jersey? Yeah, there may be as many as 7 numbers of jerseys are hanging on your wall. Suppose today is match day, and you are waiting eagerly to cheer for your team.

So, without further due, you pull out any jersey, jeans thinking that you are looking absolutely rocking and cool, but unfortunately, you are not.

Yeah, you may be wearing heart on your sleeve, want to show the love and passion for your favorite player, team, or sport. So, choosing the right outfit that suits you best is more than important.

Who doesn't want to play with hoops? In fact, basketball remains one of the most popular sports in the world. Fans across the globe come to watch and support their beloved team at the NBA court.

Live games are telecast; we get to see the expression of both players and fans. So, probably you do not want your friends or neighbor coming to you and say that you were looking like a fool on that day.

Once you know how to pick the right jersey for yourself and then wear it while going out, you can certainly avoid these embarrassing situations. Trust me dressing stylishly in a basketball jersey is really simple.

So, how to wear a basketball jersey cute? Now, let me give you some tips which will make you look pretty cool while watching your team play.

1. Say no to personalized jersey

Many of us make the mistake of spending the money to have a jersey actually lettered and numbered for them. I must say, not the wisest of the decision they have ever taken. Everybody wants something with staying power. Of course, when nobody else is around, you can wear it then.

But surely, you do not want yourself to get bored while watching a game just because of having a personalized jersey. So, our suggestion will be to pick a star, famous, or an iconic player’s jersey. We don’t think then you will have to regret spending the money.

2. Put t-shirt underneath your jersey

You may have noticed this before. Guys who wear nothing under their sleeved jersey, people tend to raise few eyebrows at them. Because at times, it looks stupid to reveal too much of yourself. If you talk about fashion and style, jerseys with t-shirts do make sense regardless of sport you play. Things to consider here:

  • In hot and sunny weather, you can wear jerseys as tank tops. A regular cotton t-shirt shall work just fine in that scenario. Also make sure you have your undergarment worn too.
  • You can get the formal look too by wearing an undershirt with your jersey.
  • Try to coordinate the color of both your jersey and t-shirt.

3. Make your jersey more stylish with colorful top

Yeah, you must have a sporty look but also do not be outdated. Wear something that makes you look fashionable. You can use a variety of tops to be attractive. For that to happen, you must have a good color sense.

  • For example, wear a sky blue colored turtleneck if your jersey is dark blue.
  • You can wear a coat or jacket over your jersey too.

4. Complete outfit

Not just the upper portion, you must dress properly in athletic bottoms to complement your jersey. Wear shorts or pants.

  • Your jersey color should not be the same as your shorts. They must be different. Unless you are a player on the team, try to avoid this kind of sin. Wear shorts that will enhance your jersey color rather than spoiling it. For e.g you can wear blue shorts if your jersey color is orange.
  • Choose shorts that are from the same team as your jersey.

5. Know when to wear to jersey

You can’t go to school wearing a jersey. can’t do the same in the gym. There is obviously some time and place to wear a jersey. Here is the list:

  • Sports bar
  • Game time
  • Sporting events
  • Halloween
  • Beach
  • Jersey theme day
  • Own house
  • Festive occasions

And when To Avoid:

  • Formal events
  • Polite environment

6. Make sure your team is on the court

Let me ask you one thing will you attend a game where you have no interest in the teams that are playing? The answer may be yes because you are a basketball lover. But if you sit in the front row wearing your favorite team’s jersey, won’t it be a touch foolish?

We advice you to go in a neutral color to avoid any kinds of scrutiny. Also, you can wear an all star game jersey, which shall permit you to wear at any game; whichever team you support does not really matter.

7. Never tuck the jersey, let it hang

That just pisses me off whenever I see someone tucking his/her jersey. Are you one of the players on the field who need to tuck their jerseys according to the rules of the NBA? If you are not, then please don’t do this.

Because basketball jerseys are meant to be worn as casual attire. Players tuck their jerseys because it impacts a lot in their performance and also prevents them from several injuries. Don’t think you have to show off other than your chugging prowess. And tucking your jersey into something is shameful in some way.

8. Do not forget to put on shoes

Comfortable matching casual shoes shall make sure your fashion sense does not fall into a disaster by wearing just basketball jerseys. You can also use sneakers to make a perfect combination.

A. If it’s hot and humid, pick up sandals, loafers, or boat shoes.

B. Avoid sneakers with scuff marks. Nobody wants to pair his jersey with shoes that look like old ones.

Look here are some of the best basketball shoes going around the globe right now, and we feel you may want to try out one or two.

9. Sunglasses and chains go well with basketball jerseys

If it’s hot sunny weather and you’re in the middle of a beach, try to pair your basketball jerseys with sunglasses that surely bode well in the weather. Also, many prefer gold chains, and it has grown into a very popular accessory for basketball players

If you talk about casual aesthetic, these accessories like sunglass and chain will be enough to make your outfit even more appealing to everyone. Just be mindful of one thing if you are intended to wear informal dresses, then you wear everything casual. For e.g sneakers will be preferable than formal shoes in this instance.

10. No clash between jersey and hat

You want yourself to look more fashionable. So, we recommend you not to wear your basketball jersey and hat at the same time. Yeah, it’s not compulsory to follow this line, but many find this combination of jersey and hat a bit strange.

11. Choose jersey by your favorite team or player

Suppose you are a big fan of Michael Jordan. Want to make a statement about how closely you follow him? No better way than expressing it by wearing his jersey.

12. Don’t have any favourite team/player? No worries

  • If you don’t have any favorite team or player, that does not mean you can’t wear jerseys. Choose a jersey of any popular basketball player such as Kobe or LeBron James.
  • You can choose your favorite color or a lucky number and pick up the jersey then. Who does not want to put on a basketball jersey? This is always exciting and fun.

13. Blank jerseys? Just fine

Actually, jerseys with a player name and number on them always look better than a blank one. Normally, baseball and hockey jerseys are worn blank. But no too many people are going to mind if you choose to go with blank jerseys.

14. Opt for a bigger size

One of the mandatory things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a jersey is you always have to go one size bigger than your normal size. Nobody wears a sports jersey as a tight fitting. Everybody loves to have a jersey, which can be worn rather relaxedly or at ease.

By doing so, you can also wear clothes underneath your jersey in the winter season. You must know what size you generally wear. When you choose too big or too small, it can’t get worse than that. Big man, the big jersey is the ultimate rule.

15. You can’t forget your age

As you get older, you must find the jerseys that are linked to days when you first fell in love with basketball. How gratifying it will be to let people know that you have been loving your team for the entire life. Nobody will say that you just came across the team which has just entered into the league for the first time.

16. Choose away jersey

Pick up a team’s away jersey rather than a home jersey. Because most often, home jerseys are white in color.

17. Get ideas from sports apparel store

if your local apparel store can’t make you satisfied with their options, you can search online where you will have even more alternatives to choose from.

18. Online options are available too

if your local apparel store can’t make you satisfy with their options, you can search online where you will have even more alternatives to choose from.

19. Store in a proper way

Many fold a jersey and pack it in a drawer. What happens next is you get wrinkles in the number or name of your jersey. Try to hang them in your wardrobe to avoid this unwanted situation.

Final Thoughts

Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Games of Thrones, and Star Wars fans dress up like their most favorite characters. As a basketball freak, we love this game, we wear jerseys to show the passion and love for our team/player. There is absolutely not so much difference between these two.

Some may say jerseys should not be the most fashionable of choices when you go outside. We have therefore tried our best to give you some necessary tips to follow while wearing a jersey. So, you can stop yourself from getting embarrassed in a particular situation.

So, that is all about how to wear a basketball jersey. If you can maintain at least half of the points we have tried to focus on here, you can look as cool as anyone has ever been with a basketball jersey.

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