How to Make a Basketball Jersey Cake?

Suppose, you have got friends who are just so much passionate about basketball or professional basketball players. Their birthday is getting nearer or you have got a kid who is always busy to replicate the famous fadeaway of Kobe. If you want to throw a birthday party then this basketball jersey-shaped cake will be the best surprise for them. But how to make a basketball jersey cake?

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For a basketball fan, jersey cakes are always special and perfect gift item. This is indeed a creative arrangement for a birthday party or March madness celebration. Everyone will appreciate you. And this is not really too much difficult to make a jersey shaped cake. 

But never forget to add a personal touch on the cake. Personalize the jersey cake with the name and age of the celebrant. This will be so much heart touching. It will add an element of personal feeling 

Basketball Jersey Cake Pan:

Looking for basketball jersey cake ideas? Below, we will be showing you how to make this type of cake. For your better understanding, we have decided to divide the whole process into four segments:

1. Template making
2. Combination and preparation
3. Cake carving & freezing
4. Cake designing

So, let’s take a look at these simple steps about how to make a jersey cake.


Template making

At first, you have to make the template. The best part of this template making is you’ll need to do this only once. Because from thereon, you can use this same template each time you decide to make a jersey cake.

Use a 9 X 13 inch rectangular cake pan (1/4 sheet). Place the cake pan on the cake card and draw out it’s outline using a marker. You should try to draw a box on the cake card. The sleeves must be extending beyond the width of the pan by at least 1.5-2 inches. So, draw a line an inch away from both sides of the rectangle.

Now you are ready to start the process of making the jersey template. Draw the lines to create a shape of jersey. After finishing the sketching, use scissor to cut out the template


Combination & Preparation

Combine the basketball cake mix, egg, oil and water. Now pour the cake butter into the baking pan and bake. Keep baking until you see a knife inserted in the middle comes out as clean.


Cake Carving & Freezing

Now after baking your cake in a 9X13 rectangular pan, let it cool for overnight. You can even wrap it with a cling film. Cold cakes are much easier to carve.

Wake up at the morning and take the cake out of the freeze. Then divide the cake into two in the middle. Straightaway flip the cake upside down and place the prepared cake card on top of the cake.

Now start to carve the cake by using the card. You should re3move the cake card and spread a bit of frosting on it. You need to place the top half of the cake into the cake card and put cut offs from the sides of the cake. You should keep carving the sleeves until you have filled all the jackets with cake.

Carefully remove the top half of the cake and use frosting on it. Frosting is crucial, it helps in sticking the bottom sleeve pieces with the cake. Frost the top of the cake and place the other layer on top of it. Now again frost the whole cake to make the crumb coat.

Let your cake to chill for a while. After that you should spread another coat of frosting on the cake. Have the cake chilled again before you start the design


Cake designing

Now that your cake has been chilled. So time to start the designing. First prepare your cake board by covering it with fondant. Make a logo of the jersey. Cut out the letters you might be using. Then place the cake on an elevated platform and begin draping it with fondant. Now cut off the excess fondant. Use a fondant smoother to smooth your fondant.

Use an embosser to mark out the sleeves. This will help you to make the creases on the cake. This is how you can bring the jersey to it’s life. Place the cake on the cake board.

Your next job is to cut out a strip of fondant according to the cake height. After that wrap the cake sides with fondant strip. start adding food color, use pastry bag and other embellishments as well on the cake. Finally cover the hands of the cake board with a ribbon

Yeah, now your cake is ready to serve on plates. Follow these steps and make a lovely basketball jersey cake for your dearest ones

Things you’ll need to make a basketball jersey cake:

1. Cake mix (approximately one box)
2. Egg
3. Oil
4. Water
5. 9 X 13 inch baking pan
6. Oven
7. Cooling rack
8. Serving plate
9. Knife
10. White icing
11. Food color
12. Pastry bag with writing tip

Pro tips:

1. You should store your basketball jersey cake template for future use. After all, this cake card will be required to carve the cake. It will ultimately end up laying underneath your cake

2. It will be better if you have a real jersey in your collection while you’re designing the cake. Otherwise, you can look at a picture of a jersey online. Both will do OK for you.

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