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How To Become A Dominant Basketball Big Man

players are known to have great advantage while they are playing basketball. The reason behind this thought- the taller a guy is, the closer they are to the basket. So, he will have less distance to travel to the basket. Thus it makes him easier to score. Furthermore, their ability to reach high into the air provides a better chance of blocking the opponent’s shots. For that to happen, to become a dominant basketball big man, you must have genetics first.

However, the game has changed a lot in the last 10 to 15 years. Previously tall, lanky, big men were very reliable on offense. But time flies and with that flow, they have also turned into a defensive anchor, rim protector, and possession finishers.

So the coaches, fans, every basketball freak shall value you. They know how much important you are to win games for them. You are smarter, better, faster and wiser. If you can follow our directions, we promise these instructions shall eventually lead you to become the most fearsome and strongest big man on the court.

1. Get yourself in shape

You must be in a very good shape to play basketball to your full potential. It certainly depends on how well in shape you already are. So, how can you get better?

Start with push ups. Approximately 50-100 push-ups each day. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do all these at a stretch. But see how many you can do in a row. Then everytime, try to beat the previous record.

The better shape you’re in, the greater your stamina, the more flexible and agile you will be. No doubt this game is continuously physically challenging you, so it’s best to be in as good a condition as possible. See how big man workouts basketball is crucial.

2. Take a look at your weight

Weight plays a key part in your performance on the basketball court. Do some basic exercises such as bench presses, leg lifts, focus on your triceps etc.

3. Get Hops

Doing some calf and thigh exercises shall definitely lead into a quicker response time in terms of blocking a shot from your opponent or rebounding. Every morning after waking up, try to do 20 calf raises with each foot.

Performing wall sits are not a bad option either. Set a timer and see how long you can persist against a wall. Compete with yourself everytime.

4. More advanced hoops

One of the key fundamentals of dunking basketball is to jump as high as you can. Let me give you a simple tip.

Go to your basketball hoop and stand under the rim. Without taking any steps, try to jump and hang onto the rim 10-12 times in a row. Then take one step and slap your backboard. Next two steps and after that take three steps and slap.

This will improve your overall timing and jumping a lot. Doing squats 3 to 4 times a week shall help you box out your opponent and balance your jump.

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5. Fit your body

With all the big man basketball drills, exercises mentioned earlier try to add some more warm ups for your shoulder, back, biceps and forearms.

6. Be quick

By doing machine guns, you can bring your knees as high as you can. This will enable you to become quick off your feet and instantly gain rebound after a wrong pass.

7. Play intense and give your best

Run fast, go after the ball, block your opponents, be aggressive while you’re attacking. Even if you know it may be hard to stop the ball from going through the basket still don’t give up; make an attempt. This will make you earn respect from your teammates, coach even from the opposition. Be committed to your team but stay humble.

8. Have patience

After receiving the ball throw a fake pass out to a teammate to make your opponent confuse, see how your opponent team’s defense reacts to this. Also, this will give you some split seconds you may need to attack.

Having a good court vision is essential to spot an open teammate. So that will come handy too.

9. Shoot “off the backboard”

To reduce the effectiveness of a great shot blocker, big guys in the NBA use the backboard to their advantage. This is also one of the highest percentage shots in basketball. Make full use of your tall structure.

10. Learn to flash and crash

The free throw line and short corner are two great places to get the ball. As a big man, if you can flash to get the ball in these two areas, this will create more opportunity.

Throwdown effective passes from these spots. You can use your 15 ft jumper here. To reverse the ball to the opposite ring or to feed a teammate who is close to the basket simply use the free throw line.

Most professional big men in NBA possess a great scoring threat via flashing. Flashing players can help their team’s winning cause by beating zonal defenders.

When a shot goes up, you expect your men to crash the boards. When the ball bounces off the backboard, you want your big men to play the act of rebounding the ball. However, great big men always look to rebound on both ends of the floor. That is a great asset to have in your team if you have a player who can “flash and crash”.

11. Be agile

If you have tremendous scoring threat capability, you will force their defenders to defend almost everything. This can make them toil really hard and they eventually may run out of steam. So, you need to bank on those opportunities.

12. Leader

Whether this is a practice session or conditioning camp, you must be a leader. Show your younger, inexperienced teammates the proper training method and the intensity with which you play the game. Your hunger for success may play a major part in defining your career.

13. Count free throws

Big guys in NBA are most likely to be fouled more than anyone on the court. So when these free throws are awarded to your team, make sure you grab those with both hands.

14. Never miss an opportunity to score

Recognize every scoring opportunity. However, sometimes a pass out is also necessary to get into a better position. For e.g Shaquille O Neal does it better than anyone else. He would pass out to get into a deeper position for an easy post score after receiving the ball.

15. Strong Determination

Professional greats miss opportunities to score. They do feel bad. Yes they do. But hardly they quit the game. They work so hard and efficiently that they know they will make the next opportunity count for sure. Because they are so obsessed with basketball, they are keen to work on their weaknesses until they get it right.

16. Be an excellent passer

Great players can pass the ball off the dribble quickly. You should always dribble with your head up because, in this way, you can see what’s happening around you, where your teammates are and if anyone is unguarded or not.

Dribble as fast as you can but make sure you have control of the ball. Practice dribbling with the weak hand too. Try to handle the ball efficiently with both hands.

17. Two man basketball game?

To get someone an open look, pick and roll, pick and pop, pick and slip are all great options to choose from. A big guy like you who has played in the school/college level should know his strength and weakness. Depending on which of these components you’re best at and most comfortable with, prepare yourself accordingly.

18. Keep on ticking

Because of your body shape and physical exercises you have already gone through, you should be able to maintain possession through the crowd. Take on foul and complete the play.

19. Up and running

Running the floor does not just mean getting up and down on the floor as your wish. It means getting up to the court quickly in offense and beating your opponents down to the other end. This is how a big man can set his teammates up for easy scoring opportunities.

You may tire down other team’s big men and in turn can force a lineup change for them. The impact will be greater if that big man is a shot blocker. Even on defense, getting back everytime will put your opponent under huge pressure. Thus this makes it harder for them to score.

20. Screen defenders

As a big massive guy why not stay beside or behind a player to free your teammate to shoot, pass or drive into the basket?

21. The ultimate opportunist

Always look for a loose ball from the opponent. Great big men are relentless and hugely active on the offensive backboards.

22. Master the jump hook

Jump when you shoot the hook shot. Bring the ball higher and closer to your body and then flick it without using the arm.

23. A defender’s nightmare

You must know how to use your backside to position and seal off defenders from creating a good defensive position. Raise your basketball IQ and be skillful to beat the best defenders. By doing so, you will gain a better offensive position and may get a chance of scoring from a more effective angle or position near the hoop.

24. Hide behind defender’s eyes

Why should you look to hide behind the defender’s eyes? Because it will force defenders to turn their heads and make them “flat footed”. So you create quick flash post chances in a very high percentage scoring area.

25. Defend well

Defend the ball and keep yourself between the basket and the ball at all times. You should be well aware of the fact that greater defensive act contributes to better rebound possibilities.

26. Chin the ball

Keep the ball tucked under your chin. Try to keep the ball in your most comfortable position, which is your strength.

27. Ball handling skills

As a big guy, you should have both soft and strong arms. Develop good hand-eye coordination, handling the ball, take a look at your finger strength. You must have excellent techniques in keeping the elbows pointed out to press the ball inward.

28. Practice and shoot

There is absolutely no alternative to practice. Work on your skills such as passing, dribbling and shooting. Shoot from a variety of positions. Knowing your shooting range in basketball is crucial.

One thing you must not forget while shooting to the basket is- holding the follow through to maintain the technique. Keep your head still and watch the rim of the hoop very closely.

29. Get a coach

Now you have got a real taste of the game. These skills do require practicing a lot and it might be worth to get a coach who can drive you in the right direction, help to improve your game and teach you finer lines.

30. Study professionals

Watch players, especially professionals to learn more advanced skills of the game. Observe what they are doing and what they are not. See their feet movement and what their defensive and attacking tactics are.

Pro Tips:

1. Show your opponent that you’re the boss, you control the game here. No mercy at all. Every coach wants his big man to be a barbarian who won’t care even if they get a bruise while going up for the basket.

2. Yeah you should always look to dominate your opposition but never grow a bad intention of “hurting someone deliberately” on your mind.

3. Maintain your ball possession.

4. Save your teammates. You’re the big tall guy out there, you should be the savior. When someone pushes one of your guards technically push them back and play mind games.

5. Play hard but fair. This will earn you respect.

6. Yeah this is a game of both mental and physical. So, maintaining the tempo of your game on the court by both mentally and physically is so important. But staying humble and keeping your emotions in check is equally crucial too.

7. Stay alert and be purposeful with your activity. This is meaningless Absolutely no point of just running consistently with high energy for no definite goal.

8. Learn big man moves and skill development- is something you should focus on.


1. Have a good form with your weights. Otherwise, you may hurt your joints during practice sessions.

2. Remember to start small and stretch first while getting in the weight room.

Things necessary:

1. Weights

 2. Basketball

 3. Basketball hoop

Wrapping Up

The great big guys in NBA are nasty to play against every single day as expected none wants to have a confrontation with these players. I hope everybody knows who would come off worst.

We therefore provide you all the necessary tips which shall make you invincible. Because if you train and implement these basketball skills, your effectiveness shall go to another level.

To become a dominant basketball big man, you should never forget these steps. Then it will be an almost futile attempt to stop the power, intensity and determination yours. Big man, I can’t wait to see you dominate this basketball game!

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