How To Make A Paper Basketball – 13 Easy Steps

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Right now, Basketball is one of the most popular sports going around in the world. All you need are two things- a ball and a hoop to start with.

Kids love to play basketball. Because this is fun. This is exciting. There is never a dull moment in this game. Children love doing exercises, especially when it is hidden in a competitive and thrilling sport like basketball. Hence playing with the best portable basketball hoop shall create more enthusiasm.

They show tremendous hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, improved flexibility and endurance. As a young kid, whenever there is a scope to have the ball in their hand, they hardly let it go.

But what if your mom says you can’t play with the ball inside the house? Because it can get really noisy out there. In addition to this, there is a greater possibility that you may break things or shatter your windows.

That is exactly the reason why most often parents don’t allow their children to play inside the house. Besides, not all the kids may have the capability to own a basketball.

So, what should they do now? Should they give up playing the game that they adore most?

No, they don’t need to. Instead, they can try to make something out of the local materials. In this situation, paper basketball is the way to go. With paper basketball in your hand, now you can easily play inside your house. But how to make a paper basketball?

To make various shapes, Paper is a sensational medium to have at your disposal. Can you tell me what is most amazing about things made of paper? Paper is really a low-cost material. It is extremely easy to manufacture.

These paper basketballs do begin with a simple circle. In fact, this is so simple to make that you can decorate and craft it all by yourself. The overall process is easy to understand and absolutely safe for the children as well. Make it colorful according to your liking. Kids will have tons of fun with their friends.

So, why not try making a paper basketball to show the love and passion you have for the sport? Let me give you some instructions on how to make a paper basketball.

materials you’ll need to make a paper basketball

  • Newspaper or paper (amount certainly depends on the size of the ball that you want for your kids)
  • Any type of scotch tape
  • Color paper (orange)
  • Scissor
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Ruler
  • Black permanent marker

13 Step By Step Paper Basketball Making Process

Yeah, there are several ways by which you can make paper basketball. But we always try to help our readers with the best information possible.

This is why we have enlisted the easiest way for you to make a paper basketball. With that now, you can easily make a paper basketball by purely following these instructions.

Step 1: Collect some old magazine or newspaper. Any type of discarded paper will also do.

Step 2: Now you take a sheet of paper on your hands and fold it to form a round shape as the basketball.

Step 3: Then crumple the paper into a circle and you need to create a basic paper ball shape.

Step 4: You should wrap the other paper onto your crumpled paper.

Step 5: Repeat the same process to another piece of paper. It will now get bigger and bigger.

Step 6: Continue crumpling until you think this size will be OK for you.

Step 7: Hold the grip tightly with your hands.

Step 8: Now, you need to work with your drawing compass. When you’re adjusting your compass keep in mind that the span between the tip and pencil is kept half as wide as you prefer your basketball to be.

After that you need to place the point of the compass at the center of your color paper. Keep holding it in place with the small shaft at the top of compass. Spin the compass carefully and use pencil to draw the perfect circle onto the paper.

Step 9: Utilize a scissor to cut the circle out from the paper.

Step 10: How do you draw a basketball? Now it is time to bring a real basketball image on the circle paper. Draw two lines on the circle paper. One vertical and other is horizontal. The vertical line should be going across the center of the orange circle, and the horizontal line must be across the center of the vertical line.

Make it look like a black plus sign by using a ruler and black permanent marker. You should also draw two semi circles at either side of the horizontal line.

Step 11: Nicely place the orange paper onto the crumbling ball now.

Step 12: Bring the tape and wrap it around your paper shaped ball.

Step 13: This is not any instruction really. Yeah, finally you’re ready to play!

Now you see, how simple it is to make a ball out of paper? Challenge your friends and see who can score more points. Surely your mom won’t be screaming at you now. Cheers!

Pro Tips

Tips 1. When you design the ball, it will be much easier to paint for you if you have a basketball or an image of basketball on your hand. Besides, you can also choose any other design over the ball.

Tips 2. If you want, you’re free to fill the whole paper shaped ball with the tape.

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