How To Decorate Basketball Hoops For A Party

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You can certainly organize different types of party at a gym. Nowadays many schools, colleges, churches prefer to use their gym for a party. Thus, it saves money for you. This is what probably makes the gym an ideal venue for a budget conscious wedding reception, birthday celebration or a get-together party, and many more.

Even if you want, you can also arrange a prom there in the gym. Because the floors are generally made of hardwood, they are ideal for dancing.

Possibly the one blemish point here in this plan can be the portable basketball hoops. The basketball stand will constantly be reminding the guests that your function is taking place in a gym. So, what can you do now?

How will you solve this problem? How to decorate basketball hoops for a party?

You can get rid of this problem by decorating the basketball hoops. All you need is some creative thinking along with decorative items. Let me tell you how you can easily decorate a basketball hoop by these simple steps.

1. Twinkle Lights
2. Balloons
3. Tulle

5 Easy Steps To Decorate Basketball Hoops For A Party

Step 1:

One way to let your guest know that they aren’t here to play hoops at this formal party is by folding the basketball hoop back. Many basketball hoops are hung from the ceiling. You can push them closer to the ceiling so guests can hardly notice them. Another option is to remove the hoop or just take the net off.

Step 2:

Using drapes won’t be a bad idea especially when many wedding designers prefer to tent the room. They hang sheer curtains all over the walls and on the ceiling. Basketball hoops are on either side of the room. So, they place twinkle lights behind the curtain.

You can even ask a lighting specialist to help you to cast lights on the curtains. This will make them appear like they are glowing or even a different color. And the sheers will completely hide the basketball hoops. By this way, you can mask the gym feeling of space for your party.

Step 3:

If tenting process turns out to be a bit costly for you, try to make it whimsical instead of hiding your basketball hoop. Then place several balloons in the net.

For dancing or birthday party, blow balloons according to your theme color. Yeah, people will still be able to say after all it’s a basketball hoop but they will definitely like the idea & appreciate your effort.

Step 4:

Hiding a basketball hoop is not easy. You may not be able to hide them properly. There might be a feeling like the hoops are sticking out like a sore thumb. You can design your party around the basketball hoops. Why not work with the infrastructure of the gym?

You can certainly go with a sports theme for your party. Ultimately, this will keep the kids in attendance busy. Besides, you will get a built-in entertainment as well.

Step 5:

Use your basketball hoop as a canopy. Yeah, it depends on the placement. You can thread dozens of yards of tulle through the hoop. Pull down the canopy to the floor. This can even branch out to drape around the guest book table.

Furthermore, you can place a few couches in front of the basketball hoop so that they create a lounge vibe. That is a very popular choice at expensive receptions.

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