How To Wash A Basketball Padded Arm Sleeve?

Why does Kobe wear a sleeve? Because he wants to keep his shooting arm warm. These arm sleeves help players to practice their shots on their own. Infact in these last couple of years, basketball arm sleeves have been really growing in usage. These basketball padded arm sleeves are used to give support during the course of play

What does the arm sleeve do for basketball players? The sleeves are made of strong durable stretch fabric. It also offers flexibility during the game play. NBA players often sustain elbow injuries. So, when players wear sleeves over their elbow, it keeps their joint warmer.

As a result, it reduces the level of fatigue and keep their muscles warm to help them work better. This basketball gear also protects from several injuries caused by sliding and falling on the court

When basketball arm sleeve is worn for longer periods of time, it tends to stretch out in and around your elbow. You’re definitely going to sweat into your arm sleeve and rub up against other sweaty guys on the court. You may fall or slide on the court. So these things can degrade your arm sleeve fibers over the time. They can get smelly and dirty. It can contribute to the reduced lifespan

Best Basketball Arm Sleeves:

One way to lengthen the tenure of your arm sleeve is to wash it daily or between each use if not worn on a daily basis. So, for that to happen, you need to know the correct cleaning process. Otherwise, it may cause several damages to your sleeve. So, how to wash a basketball padded arm sleeve?

You can use any of the following two techniques to keep your sleeve clean. That will remove sweat, any kinds of odor and bacteria that accumulate during game play.

These arm sleeves can be machine or hand washed. Manufacturers have shown their own specific ways of washing. And you should follow those instructions. In both the methods, you should use a mild/delicate detergent such as Ivory soft

Washing processes of a basketball padded Arm sleeve:

01 Machine Wash Procedure

If your sleeve is labeled with machine washable, only then you can wash padded sleeves in a machine. Use a mild detergent. Mix 2 cups of water with 1 cup white vinegar and 10 drops of soap in a spray bottle. Now spray the mixture over padded arm sleeves and wipe it off with a damp cleaning rag. Then set the sleeve aside and allow it to dry

Ultimately, the vinegar will deodorize and disinfect while the dish soap removes residue. Store the spray properly to use again. Now place your basketball sleeve in the washing machine. Then wash with warm water in a gentle cycle.

Maintain the water temperature between 87 and 104 degrees F. Place the sleeve in a mesh bag for more protection. Now allow it to air dry

02 Hand Wash Procedure

Washing a padded sleeve by your hand is pretty much easy. At the beginning, fill a vessel with water. Dampen the sleeve in water. Then add a small amount of detergent. Let the sleeve soak for sometime.

Now without any kinds of stretching, rub the fibers of the sleeve gently. Empty the vessel and refill with water. After that rinse the sleeve. Then gently rub the fibers to rinse out any salts and oils. Empty the vessel again and rinse one more time.


You can dry arm sleeves with a dryer or air dry. If you use a dryer, do not use any heat. You need to turn the sleeve inside out and tumble dry on cool

Incase of air dry, place the sleeve on a towel. For quick dry, try rolling the sleeve and gentle squeeze the towel. Then unroll and allow it to dry. Don’t wring excess water out of sleeve. This will only stretch the fiber

You can even place the towel on a drying rack and then dry. Don’t hang any sleeve to dry. Because the water can add extra weight to the sleeve. As a result, it may become stretched

Things you’ll need:

1. Spray bottle
2. Water
3. White vinegar
4. Dish soap
5. Cleaning rags
6. Washing machine
7. Laundry detergent

Pro Tips:

1. Your used detergents should be free from bleach, chlorine and fabric softeners. They can reduce the lifespan of your sleeve

2. Don’t dry in the direct sunlight. This UV light may damage the fibers of the arm sleeve

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