Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set Reviews

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You may find multiple kid’s basketball hoop on the market. But all of them might not be suitable for your kids. Finding a quality basketball goal for kids isn’t an easy task. At times, it can be a bit confusing.

Hence after considering some important facts such as durability, safety and cost, we came into a conclusion that Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set will be the perfect choice for your little athletes. Plenty of positive reviews around the web speak for themselves.

Step2 Shootin’ Junior Basketball Set

Kids can use this Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set inside a play room or outside in the backyard. Besides, they can exercise by running, catching and shooting the basketball into the hoop.

Their gross motor skills will be developed. They can become more social by learning how to play basketball together. This Junior basketball set comes with a basketball that is ideal size for little hands.

Besides when the game is finished, your children can keep their basketball aside and have their favorite drinks because there are two built in cup holders.

Now, your little athletes will be able to learn to shoot, dribble and dunk right from a young age. Matching the growing stature of kiddos will become easier. This Junior set features a larger backboard & sturdy rim alongside a real woven net.

Main Features:

  • Four adjustable sizes
  • Two built in cup or basketball holders
  • Center pole adjusts the rim height from 30” to 48” in 6 inch increments
  • Large backboard with sturdy rim and real woven net

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the main features, it’s specifications and obviously pros and cons of this hoop:

Large Backboard:

Backboard for a Little kids basketball goal is generally tends to be smaller in size. But with this Step2 Shootin’ hoops Junior, you’re going to get a larger backboard. Infact with this oversized backboard, it becomes easier for kids to shoot the basketball into the hoop.

Simple Height Adjustment:

Comfort of height adjustment is one such criterion you that you should check before purchasing any basketball goal. If you’re considering for growing kids, then it becomes even more crucial. Although Step2 Shootin’ is a cheap adjustable basketball hoop for kids, it is easy to adjust and perfect for growing kids. They can use the easy adjustable collar and find the right size to play.

You can adjust the height to four different sizes. The rim adjusts from 30 inches to 48 inches height in 6 inch increments. Rim adjustment starts at 2.5” up to 4”.

Begin at the lowest setting. And as your child grows, Step2 Shootin’ Hoops shall grow with him/her as well. Give your kid an opportunity to develop his game by challenging with an adjustable rim height.

Sturdy and durable:

Step2 outdoor basketball hoop is a sturdy and durable item. Rim is quite strong for dunking activities. Large sized backboard is made of quality plastic materials. Even if the game grows intense, combination of large backboard and sturdy rim will be able to handle it. And the real woven net shall provide you perfect “swoosh” for successful 3-pointers.

Given the overall design and quality materials that are used, this sturdy kid’s basketball set shall last for years.

Stable Base:

To ensure safety for your kids, the base of a hoop needs to remain firm and stable. Step 2 Shootin Hoops Jr basketball set includes a large stable base. It can be weighted down with sand or water.

Base can be weighted down with 5 liters of water and up to 7 kg of sand. This will keep your hoop upright during heated competition. So, there is no such possibility of tipping over and injuring someone.

User Friendly:

Want to purchase a goal system for your kids that can be used and maintained rather conveniently? This Junior basketball set will offer an enjoyable experience for them. Height adjustment is quite simple and the assembly is not a difficult task either. Infact, installation won’t take you more than 30 minutes. You can also use it as a poolside basketball hoop.

Want to keep your kiddos hydrated in case there is a close competition going on? The basketball stand features rear storage holders for water bottles or to store your basketball when not in use. This adjustable shootin’ hoops Jr basketball set includes one 6” basketball that is perfect for kids play.

Good Sides

  • Perfect basketball goal for toddler
  • Made in USA and US imported parts
  • Quality build & sturdy
  • Lower priced basketball hoop
  • Takes less space
  • Requires minimal adult assembly


  • Metal clips that are holding the hook may not stay in place all the time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. For whom this basketball hoop will be suitable?

Ans: This Junior basketball set is suitable for kids of one and a half years and up.

Q. Does this Step2 Shootin’ Hoops come with a basketball?

Ans: Yes, it does. You’ll get a 6 inch basketball

Q. What are the balls made of?

Ans: This is a soft rubber basketball.

Q. Do the balls bounce? Can the kids dribble with it?

Ans: Yes, they bounce and dribble. It might be smaller than a normal basketball but perfect for little hands.

Q. Does this basketball stand easily topple over?

Ans: It won’t and you are supposed to fill the base with sand or water for maximum stability.

Final Verdict.

For people who are tight on cash but want to offer their kids a quality hoop that ensures safety as well, this Junior basketball set is the way to go. It is a cheap, easy adjustable basketball hoop that includes a 6 inch basketball. For future stars, this is more than enough. A broader base ensures maximum stability and safety. Fill the base properly with water or sand so that the hoop remains upright and now, there is much lesser chance of tipping over

Step 2 shootin hoops Jr basketball set instructions are quite decent as well. You can easily install it anywhere according to your preference. This Step2 shootin’ hoops junior basketball set is also quite suitable for poolside basketball gaming. Purchase this mini basketball hoop set for your children and pave the way for future NBA stars

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