Why Do Basketball Hoops Have Double Rims?

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You may see the hoop having a single rim from the beginning of the basketball sport. Over time, that is likely to change. Even though the double rim has replaced single-rim basketball hoops, the single one has been held yet at different locations.

Now, why do basketball hoops have double rims instead of single ones? The main reason for using a double rim hoop is that it is more durable than a single rim hoop. There are other reasons as well. In this article, you will know about those reasons in detail.

There are multiple reasons for existing the double rim basketball hoops. The double rim evolved to fill the gaps left by the single rim. What are those lacking's?


Durability is the main reason to exist the double rim hoops. It is much stronger than the single rim. The single rim hoops wear down easily while dunking and hanging. But the double-rimmed rounds are more solid to absorb such pressure.

The dual-rim design distributes the stress and weight over a wider area, which reduces wear and tear and helps the hoop stay in shape for longer. Additionally, since there is less metal in contact with the ground, the chance of denting or bending is decreased.


The double rim hoops for practicing basketball are better than the single rim circles. With a double rim hoop, doing a score is quite challenging, whereas you can score easily with a single one.

In that case, if you practice in complex conditions, you can score with both the single and double rim hoops. Moreover, it would be great for the mid-level players to practice with the ring having double rims that will improve their gameplay.


Although dual rim hoops are more expensive than single rim hoops, they are more cost-efficient in the long run. That's because dual rim hoops last longer and need to be replaced less often than single rim hoops. If a double rim hoop lasts for two years, that's equivalent to replacing three or four single rim hoops.

So although the initial investment is higher, dual rim hoops prove to be more economical over time.

Why Double Rim On The Basketball Hoops?

For a beginner player to start playing single rim is good. But for improving playing skills and techniques, a double rim is best. It's not so easy to score with a double rim basketball ring.

At the basketball coaching, the organizer installs this rim so that players can take their playing skills one level up.

Why Double Rim On The Basketball Hoops?

Moreover, this dual rim circle is also installed at the local basketball courts built by either the local authority or the municipality.

That's because it is more durable and sustainable. Where a single rim can break at any time, a double edge hoop is still stiff and straight.

What Is The Point Of Having Double Rimmed Basketball Hoop?

Do you see a double rim basketball hoop ever? What is the point of having it?

Outdoor courts, such as those found in playgrounds or public areas, usually have double rims. They are called "Double Rims" because they have two supporting hoops instead of a single ring found on most indoor basketball goals. Double rims are used in basketball hoops for a few reasons. 

First, they are more robust and less likely to bend or break in extreme weather conditions.

Second, the extra strength helps protect the rim from player contact and excessive play. Basketball players often hang on to the edge during dunks or other athletic moves, and the double rim provides more durability against this type of activity.

Since the double rim on a basketball hoop is much thicker than a single rim, so it causes shots at specific angles to bounce out of the basket instead of going in. As a result, It turns much harder to make shots on a double rim. 

Why Are Double Rims So Bad?

Is there anything bad in the double rim basketball hoop? Practicing with double rim hoops can discourage you as a beginner basketball player. It's because you can't make a score easily. Moreover, you may not learn different angles shooting with it. 

In addition, when you are a first-timer, investing more money for this rim is not worth it until you gain a minimum skill in this game.

Once you learn the playing rules and so many tactics, practicing with a double rim hoop is great to sharpen your skills more. Till then, you should practice with a single rim hoop.

Why Are Double Rims So Bad?

Ending Note

Now you know why basketball hoops have double rims. If you want a more durable and cost-saving hoop that will also help to improve your basketball game, go with the double rim hoops. Have some great shots!

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