Does The Net Serve A Purpose In Basketball?

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What is the reason behind having a net on the basketball hoop? Let us ask you again. Does the net serve a purpose in basketball?

You must have noticed there are dashes on the line of a basketball court. There is also a square on the backboard surface. What are the objectives of having a net? Did you ever question it to yourself?

Dashes show players where they exactly need to stand at the time of free throwing, and the square aids in terms of a bank shot to get a more definite view of the target.

So, whatever you find on a basketball court, each and everything has it’s own purpose. When it comes down to the net of the hoop, there is no exception to that too.

The purpose of having a basketball net is to make sure whether a goal is scored or not. In that process, the ball should drop underneath the basket instead of bouncing around somewhere. So, you do not have to chase the ball every time.

So, these two factors are primarily responsible for having a net on your hoop. We are going to give you a brief outline here.

Did The Shot Go Through?

Tell us If you have ever played on a basketball court that does not have a net on hoops. So, you should be familiar with those controversies, whether goals have been scored or not? This is absolutely vital to understand, and it can contribute hugely to the game's final outcome.

You do not want to argue with your friend for points. This can be even more confusing if you are playing with only a handful of players. Because when you do not have access to using referee, it is not just difficult, almost impossible to tell from certain angles. Even this can be wrong too.

When you get a referee, it becomes a lot easier to see the shot's actual result. Though the possibility of making the wrong decision, in this case, is low, you can’t overlook the facts this net brings to the table.

If anyone say ‘’did the shot go through?” during an ongoing match, it does not feel great about the game at all. Let us frankly speak to you about one thing, without a net these basketball hoops look ugly.

The net does everything to make it really clear if the ball goes through the basket. The length here plays a very important role. You can tell by looking into the nets whether the ball is inside or outside because the length gives you that extra bit of seconds to realize.

The net also reacts differently to every shot. More than anything, a swish sound is created by nets, so you hear it whenever a ball crosses the basket. Ask every NBA player; they will tell you how pleasing it is to witness!

Also, the air balls that go over the hoop won’t touch the net. So, there is clear daylight between a goal scored or not scored, which at times is really difficult to say in the case of hoops without a net!

Consistent Finish

Every time there is a point scored, the opposition team needs to chase it down if there is no net. That’s a really annoying thing because not only it kills time but also forces you to give unnecessary effort.

In contrast, the net helps to control the direction of the ball, eventually slow it down and drop rather than flying through elsewhere. So, it does make sense why people find retrieving the ball rather simple with nets.

What does happen when there is a net available is the ball does not go too far from under the hoop. So, worry less, start shooting right now!

Types Of Basketball Hoops Net

Mostly nylon nets are found in all kinds of hoops. The color is white. So, you will get that extra seconds of visual confirmation whether the shot went in or not. There is also softness, so in competitive play, you shall hardly get any kinds of injuries.

Sometimes they are chains too. This generates a cooler sound to hear.

Some unique designs also have been seen in certain hoops. My cousin had an American flag colored net hoop and a pretty nice look too.

Having Net Obvious Or Not?

Half court cuts the length of a full size basketball court in half. So, if you play half court games, you do not really need a hoop. But why you still need this.

Half court cuts the length of a full size basketball court in half. So, if you play half court games, you do not really need a hoop. But why you still need this.

  • Easy to monitor the game
  • The opponents or your team won't be needed to chase down the ball
  • Teams that have got tremendous attacking ability soon after they gather the ball can actually catch the opposition off guard if they are slow to get back on position. So, this can be a crucial factor to their game if there are no nets available.

Transformation Of Present Day’s Hoop

At first, people used a peach basketball to play the game. These baskets were nailed to a wall or like anything these. So, nobody had any confusion regarding the fact that if the goal was scored. Because every time the shot went through, people would climb up the ladder and retrieve the ball. As a result, the momentum of the game had been greatly affected.

After this, they made a hole out of the bottom of the basket to better the audience to see the game better. They also put nets on it. So, what is the result of this evolution? An inevitable ball return!

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