American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Reviews

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Manufactured by American Heritage Billiards, the Carlyle foosball table exhibits a sheer combination of classic beauty with modern entertainment. The American Heritage Carlyle foosball table comes with an eye-catching design but durable construction.

Considering it is high priced, that’s a luxurious foosball table. But who doesn’t wish to have a classy foosball table with absolute stunning décor?

Besides, the type of tournament quality craftsmanship and performance they offer are nothing short of glorious. This is guaranteed that in this price range you won’t find a more classy looking table than Carlyle. 

American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table

The classic parquet playing surface and thick, full cabinet with a stable structure really tells the story, we think. Why not have a look at the table specifications below. You’ll get a clearer image about what we are saying.

Key Specification:
  • Size dimensions: 34.5" H x 62" W x 30.5" D
  • Weight: 177 pounds
  • Rods and handles: Solid chrome plated steel rods with solid wood handles
  • 3 man or 1 man goalie: 3 man
  • Counter balanced men: Yes
  • Foosball Men: Plastic, old style players
  • Ball return: Side ball return
  • Features: Integrated cup holder, four foosballs, classic parquet playing surface, striped rugby competitors, dual scorekeeper

Extensive Review of American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table

The overall dimensions of Carlyle foosball table measures 34.5”H X 62”W X 30.5”D. The weight is little bit higher than most other regular tables. It weighs 276 pounds meaning that’s a pretty much solid structure.

For players who are aggressive by nature and love to play hard hitting foosball games, these American heritage billiards tables have got the capability to handle them as well.

There shouldn’t be any doubt over the stability and durability that American Heritage Carlyle brings into the equation. The table was built using good quality wood with beautifully trimmed Espresso finish.

From cabinet to legs, it’s thick wood with a kinda beautiful maple wood espresso finish enable to last the supreme functionality and aesthetic look for a long long time.

The classic parquet playing surface possibly speaks for the tough, rigorous materials used in the build up of this table.

So, everyone has got their wish- a very much smooth, durable pitch. And the manufacturer deserves all the applauds for this type of sensational feature.

Try as hard as you can, if necessary zoom in but mark my words you won’t find a single dead spot which can halt the gameplay. Because, it’s flat and chances of unwanted interruption during the game come down to zero percent.

Features of American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table

The foosball men have glass covered top and round feet. But players are counter-weighted which is ideal. Counter-weighted feature means when you make your passes or shots, they won’t get in your way and block it.

The lightweight steel telescoping rods with wooden handles assure a fast paced game with perfect gameplay. The steel rods spin very much with ease.

High quality wooden handles shall help you to hold a firm grip to make those accurate shots and effective passes. When it comes to comfort level and controllability, this Carlyle foosball table is praised highly.

Ball return feature is something you can’t ignore when purchasing foosball table. Is there anyone who will be happy to take this pain if they are needed to stop in every few minutes?

We know the answer. This table has a side ball return feature to quickly retrieve the ball and it’s so simple. Now, there is none to take the game momentum away from you.

Doing the assembly all alone won’t be easy. You actually shall need help from two people. Because there are some heavier parts. But once assembled, you can be damn sure about the fact that lots of fun is waiting for you in the coming years.

This is a three-man goalie table which comes with four balls. Adjustable leg levelers are there to ensure every time you’re playing in an even surface.

The table also includes a manual slide scorer to keep track of game direction and cup holders incase you don’t mind to have a drinks break.

Good Sides
  • Supreme design and elegant look
  • Counter-weighted men
  • Nice smooth gameplay
  • Simple ball retrieval with scorekeeper
  • Assembly isn’t easy

Which One Should You Buy:

Intermediate and experienced players who are looking to enjoy some real tough and competitive games, this table will be absolutely fitting to them. This is also an ideal one for beginners who are looking to learn the game.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that American Heritage foosball tables will be a great pick. You shall get excellent value for the money. This is overall an elegant and durable table. It’s suitable for recreational players due to it’s sturdiness and great playability.

Furthermore, it comes with a good number of mind-blowing features that will give you an unforgettable experience. For someone who appreciates class and quality, We totally recommend Carlyle foosball table because this is a table worthy to put your invest in.

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