STIGA Triumph Ping Pong Table Reviews

STIGA Triumph ping pong table is one of the most popular game table equipment from the famous brand, STIGA.

The dimension of the table measures 108”L X 60”W X 30”H and it weighs 187 pounds. It has a 5/8” thick blue tabletop. 2 inch steel aprons provide the perfect bounce for amateurs. 

Sturdy steel legs are square in shape and offer good support to the tabletop. Plastic caps on the leg prevent the floor from scratching.

There are 3 inch mag wheels that come along with locks on it. It allows for simple transportation and that’s a very handy safety feature to have.

If you’ve small children at home then corner protectors onto the sharp edges of the table will make sure they don’t get hurt.

The table is easily foldable. The assembly is a quick one. From unboxing the package to play the first stroke, you won’t need more than 20 minutes.

And all the credit goes to the unique quickplay chassis design. The table also includes a 66 inch net and post set which is tension adjustable too. The price is quite reasonable as well.

With this STIGA Triumph table, now you can challenge your friends for a ping pong war. Because this is a competition ready game table in the playing position.

Additionally, you can also sharpen your skills by practicing more before the next game in the playback mode. For now, let’s look at the specifications first:

Highlighted Features At A Glance:
  • Size dimensions: 108" L X 60" W X 30" H
  • Weight: 187 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 5/8 inch thick blue table top
  • Net: 66" net & post set with tension adjustability
  • Self opening legs: 2 inch
  • Caster with locks: 3 inch
  • Steel tube aprons: 2 inch
  • Assembly time: Within 20 minutes it will ready to use ( thanks to the Quickplay chassis)
  • Features: QuickPlay Chassis, Playback Mode, Corner Protectors

STIGA is a world famous ping pong table manufacturing product. Supplying quality products with excellent feature is something you can say is their tradition.

And this STIGA Triumph is another demonstration of quality craftsmanship from STIGA. Of all the users who’ve played on this table, we find mostly positive response from them.

Quality, durability and amazing features at not a high price possibly have played the role behind such a huge popularity of this table.

The specification given above probably speaks a lot about why this Triumph model from STIGA brand attracts the ping pong players so much.

Even though it’s not the amongst the cheapest table going around, still it has earned it’s reputation due to the solid structure and fantastic features. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to the features that make sure you get a superb gaming experience on your hand.

Let’s break down all the features of this Triumph model and see what it can offer to you:

5/8 inches Blue Tabletop with Silkscreen Striping

The thickness of the tabletop is 5/8 inches. Yes, the bounce quality may not the professional but it’s good enough for casual play and amateur players.

The surface top is sanded and UV filled. It is quite beneficial to create a leveled playing surface. 

Plus, silkscreen striping is printed directly on the tabletop for a perfectly smooth finish.

2 inch Steel Aprons

2 inch steel aprons provide maximum support and stability to the tabletop. And you get quite consistent, quality bounce across the entire tabletop. With a modern STIGA logo on the apron, crisp blue top looks fascinating.


Square shaped 2 inch legs are quite sturdy and they are made of heavy gauge steel for a solid base. Plastic caps at the bottom of legs protect your floor from scratches.

With 3 inch mag wheels, you can effortlessly transport the table from one place to another. Just roll over the surfaces and it’s that simple.

However, you’ll also be able to keep the table into a fixed place. It does not just ensure stability but also adds safety. But how on earth are you going to do that? Because wheels come with a locking feature in itself.

Table position

The STIGA Triumph table tennis table comes with a unique design that allows you to keep the table in 3 different position. Let’s dive into it:

1. Playing position: You can challenge your friends/neighbors to a game of table tennis by simply keeping in a normal position

W: 60 inch D: 108 inch H: 30 inch

2. Playback position: You won’t get someone to accompany everytime you play ping pong. Sometimes, it’s not bad to practice all by yourself. Am I kidding? Surely not.

You can play your favorite sport even when there is none. And by training solo, you can hone your ping pong skills, work on your weaknesses and develop.

It gives you some valuable time to think about your own game and what adjustment needs to be done to progress further. Just fold the one half of the table and you are on the “playback” mode.

W: 60 inch D: 68 inch H: 62 inch

3. Storage position: After finishing the match, you may need that space for other activities. As the table is foldable, therefore you can free up the space by just folding the table, roll it away and keep in one corner of the room. This is how you can make your room more spacious.

W: 60 inch W: 30 inch H: 62 inch

Safety features

If you are thinking of purchasing a table tennis table and have children at home, this is the time to consider about the safety features as well.

And when we talk about safety, this table has ticked all the boxes for sure. On each corner of the table, there are plastic protectors. They prevent scratches and snags.

And when you are opening or closing the table, there are self-opening legs which are automatically deployed. To prevent the table from opening accidentally, there are clips underneath the tabletop. These clips hold the legs firmly in it’s place.

Wheel locking feature makes the table completely safe and stable. Therefore while playing on this STIGA table tennis table, kids and youths will be less prone to injuries.

66 inch Net and Post Set

The Triumph table features a 66 inch net and post set. You can also adjust the net tension thus making it a competition ready table.

Quickplay Chassis Makes Assembly Quick

Yes, it’s not just you can do it quickly but also this assembly is a simple task. You can start enjoying ping pong in no time. The table mostly comes as pre-assembled.

Therefore, it won’t take you more than 20-30 minutes. Due to the heavy duty tabletop, you need a second person to help you in assembly. The quality of the table is very good. It is built to last long.

Is it worth the price?

This is very stable, good quality table. It plays well. The set up is simple, instructions are clear. High quality materials are used. The users seem to be very impressed with the plastic corner guards. The table is safe for everyone in the family. It can be folded up easily and you can roll it into a corner for simple storage as well.

What about this STIGA ping pong table price?

Considering the robustness and such lucrative features, the price is quite reasonable. It is increasingly getting more popular amongst the ping pong fans. Check it out on Amazon and then tell me if I am saying anything wrong.

Brand Value

Since 1944, STIGA has been offering quality table tennis products to players of all levels. This Sweden based manufacturing brand offers products of highest quality. They know everything what you need to develop your skills in ping pong sport.

And playing on these STIGA table tennis tables is nice and fun for the whole family. They deliver table in undamaged condition. Table is well designed making your folding/storing job a simple one.

Transportation is no hassle and instructions are easy to follow as well. With a brand as famous as STIGA, this is not a surprise for sure and you know what, you’re making a quality purchase.

What We Liked
  • Simple assembly with quickplay chassis
  • Tabletop comes with silkscreen striping
  • Self-opening legs
  • Wheels have got locking capability
  • Corner protectors reduce potential chances of any injury
  • 66 inch net and post set
What We Didn't Like
  • Only for indoor use

Who would play?

STIGA Triumph is a great pick for someone who is looking for a well built, full size ping pong table without spending thousands of dollars. We would have liked a thicker tabletop.

Nevertheless, it offers decent ball bounce. This recreational ping pong table is great for some home use, club or at school. 

Families with kids who are looking to practice their game before participating in local tournaments, this can be a very good option.

Final Verdict

Safety features such as plastic corner guards and rounded edges have played their part perfectly behind the extreme popularity of this STIGA Triumph ping pong table. It seems to be of great quality. You get a completely flat surface to play on. Therefore, the bounce is quite consistent.

The table is solidly built and it shall remain sturdy even after years of rough use. Setting up the table and taking it down for compact storage is literally a cakewalk.

Owing to the wheels, it is easy to move around. And lastly, it will serve you with many years of ping pong use.

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