STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table Reviews

Are you one of those ping pong lovers who have limited recreational space in their apartments? Therefore, you need to travel quite a long distance to go to a club and play ping pong. We understand your feelings because sometimes, you get stuck in traffic jam that is too much time killing.

Besides, you’re thinking that purchasing a full size table won’t solve your problem either as you don’t have the luxury to leave a room completely empty for table tennis. Then comes STIGA space saver table tennis table and as it’s name implies, this takes very little space to play. Plus, you can fold and keep it for a compact storage.

STIGA Space Saver table comes in scaled down size of 71”L X 40.5” W with a regulation height of 30”. The table weighs 73 pounds and comes in 100% pre-assembled condition.

You get a 5/8” thick MDF tabletop that is painted with silkscreen striping to provide a smooth, durable finish. 1.25” welded steel apron functions well to offer consistent bounce across the entire surface. 

Powder coated steel frame resists wear and tear. Sturdy 1.25” square steel legs with levellers ensure you get to play in a perfectly flat surface. It does not really concern you even when the floors are uneven.

The table also includes a 38.5” heavy duty net and post set which is tension adjustable. Independent assembly allows the two halves to be completely separated and therefore you can use them as multi-purpose tables.

With a STIGA logo, the table is presented a very stylish look and the bounce quality and playability is very much the same as other STIGA tables.

Make no mistake, STIGA Space Saver is meant for indoor use and absolutely perfect for apartments, small office areas or any tight space. With non-stop table tennis action, it provides ultimate flexibility.

You can even fold and store the table in a closet or under the bed quite effortlessly. Let’s take a look at specifications first and you will understand my words better:

Highlighted Features At A Glance:

  • Size dimensions: L 71" x W 40.5" x H 30"
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 5/8 inch (15 mm) thick MDF tabletop
  • Net: 8.5" heavy duty net & post set
  • Leg: 1.25 inch
  • Caster with locks: 3 inch
  • Steel tube aprons: 1.25 inch
  • Assembly time: Less than 1 minute (100% pre-assembled)
  • Leg levelers: Yes
  • Features: Independent table halves, Durable white powder-coated steel frame & Multi purpose table

This table is of good quality and beautiful design. Metal legs look and feel strong. And the size is really a space saver. You get a decent bounce on the table top.

There is not much assembly required either. Just unfold the legs and it’s ready to use. It’s a great table to have at home especially for families who are looking for a recreational gaming equipment. Did I tell you the price is quite affordable as well?

People who want to have their own ping pong table but constantly thinking about the limited space they have in their room, this table is the answer to your prayers.

It’s full with lots of great features of high end full size tables. Let’s give you a brief description about each of the features of this mini table tennis table:

5/8” MDF Tabletop with Silkscreen Striping

It features a 5/8” thick tabletop. The tabletop is constructed of a MDF surface (medium density fiberboard). The tabletop is finished with a repeat roller coat process and it creates a smooth, level playing surface. This will make sure you get an even bounce on the entire table.

In addition to that, white silkscreen stripes are printed directly onto the table to provide a perfect finish. Considering the price, the bounce quality is quite decent and you can rely on it for a great game.

Do you know this STIGA mini ping pong table has got the same surface thickness as STIGA Advantage (our top pick). Therefore, you’ll have same level of quality gameplay what you’d get on a full size indoor table.

Besides, the manufacturer has tried their best to keep many of the features of STIGA Advantage on it.

1.25” welded tubular steel apron provides support to the top for consistent bounce. Aprons have got a white powder coated finishing which make them long lasting. Plus, silkscreened STIGA logo on each side gives it a pleasing appearance.

1.25” Steel Legs with Leg Levelers

Sturdy 1.25 steel legs strongly support the table. Painted with a powder coating for a durable finish, a solid foundation has been created. There are height adjusters at the bottom of each leg which ensure you get a completely flat playing surface.

When you are trying to move the table, there won’t be any scratches on the floor thanks to the rubber covers on legs.

Easy to Store and Fold

The table can be split into two independent halves. It permits you to use the table as a multi-purpose one. It is perfectly foldable too. Folding the legs of each half and storing is quite easy. You don’t need a big space to accommodate this table.

Besides, when you separate the tables into two halves, it makes it easier for you to carry them one by one. The table weighs only 73 pounds and this is easy to move around. If your quest is for the best space saving ping pong table then look no further than this STIGA table.

Ideal for Limited Space

The table measures 71”L X 40.5”W X 30”H. compared to full size tables, it is quite smaller and more compact. By no means, it’s a regulation size table but the height is as you would get in a full size table. Besides, tabletop quality and features are as good as any.

This table is more suited to those who have limited indoor recreation space. They are designed for simplest of transportation. As you’ve already known that table is separable, therefore you can put the two halves of the table in the back of your car and travel.

The size of the table allows you to play the game literally in any place and take them in parties, events or any gatherings even if you have the smallest of space.

Play position: L: 7” W: 40.5” H: 30”

Individual table half dimension: L: 35.5” W: 40.5” H: 30”
Storage position (combined folded table dimension): L: 35.5” W: 40.5” H: 3.6”.

Net and Post Set

The table features a 38.5” heavy duty net and post set. The quality of the net and bracket is not the best but this should last quite a few years. Besides, you will also be able to adjust the tension.

No Assembly Required

The table comes 100% pre-assembled. You don’t need to do any assembling at all. Just do as we say: open the box, take tables out, line tables up, clamp them together and put net on clamps.

How is that for assembly job? Is it a tough ask? We would love to hear a word or two from you about the installation. Comment section is given below!

Is it Worth The Purchase?

This is a sturdy and heavy duty table. In the description of this table on Amazon, it is referred as “small but mighty”. This means the table may take little space but quality is not compromised. It is made of high quality materials and does not wobble.

It is an effortless job to set the table up and take it down. It comes in 2 separate tables that you need to clamp together. This makes the storing a lot easier.

The price is affordable to most customers. If you are opting for a smaller size room, then it’s a perfect size table. We highly recommend STIGA Space Saver then.

Brand Value

When we talk about world’s largest and most popular table tennis manufacturing brands, STIGA is certainly one of them. They have quite a number of highest selling ping pong tables.

Their dedication and commitment on this sport is never in question. The kind of quality products and customer service they have, is highly appreciated worldwide.

It’s a brand with which almost all ping pong players are very much familiar. And this compact ping pong table from STIGA is not an exception either. Currently, this is the best ping pong table under $300.

What We Liked

  • Good option for limited space recreational fun
  • Reasonably thick surface for a compact ping pong table
  • Decent enough bounce for players of all skills
  • Lightweight and comes with 38” net and post set
  • Height adjusters ensure a flat playing surface
  • Legs are strong and sturdy
  • Very affordable and got some great reviews on Amazon

What We Didn't Like

  • You can’t switch into a playback mode
  • For players who are accustomed to play on full size tables, it may take some time to get used to

Who Would Play?

This table is for those who love to play table tennis but don’t have the extra space for a regulation size table. They might be limited by space. Nevertheless, they can also have the fun of playing ping pong in their own table now.

And if you are here by reading all those features we’ve mentioned above, you should notice it consists some of the features of high end tables as well.

This is a ping pong table for kids. Kids can also hone their ping pong skills to make themselves prepare before jumping into regulation size tables. Furthermore, the price is pretty cheap as well.

Final Verdict

Anyone who don’t have their room for a full sized table but wants a playable, high quality table then STIGA Space Saver is the one. It’s a good quality table for space limited room.

Infact, it has got all the attributes of a high quality full size table. you can say it’s a compact size with proper ratio of length to width of a regulation size table.

The surface is quite thick and it provides “crisp” rebound of the ball. Add to this top notch finishing. The net and post set are very much OK. Legs are quite sturdy and table surface is nicely balanced.

STIGA Space Saver table tennis table is a breeze to assemble. It’s a cheap one but whatever you are going to spend, it’s well worth the money.

For casual players and kids, there is no shame to learn some basics by playing on this mid size table tennis table before investing on a full size one.

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