STIGA Instaplay Table Tennis Table Reviews

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name “STIGA InstaPlay table tennis table”? The portion “Insta” is giving everyone the hints that you will be able to play table tennis almost instantly. No complicated assembly or whatsoever.

Just take it out of the box, attach the net and it’s ready to use. This is actually great for someone who needs to move his table tennis table in and out of storage quite regularly.

The InstaPlay ping pong table is a mid-entry table. You get a ¾” thick black tabletop with strong folding legs and movable wheels. The best part about the wheels is they’ve got a locking system.

When the game grows intense and highly competitive, you may smash the ball hard and without locking feature, the table is more likely to vibrate or shake. Therefore, STIGA table manufacturers deserve every bit of appreciation for that.

2 inch steel aprons provide the best support to the tabletop for nice, even bounce across the entire surface. Corner protectors prevent scratching and snags to provide extra safety. 2 inch square legs are quite sturdy with heavy gauge steel.

Unique chassis design means each table half has got an independent caster beams and they can be completely separated to act as a multipurpose table. This is quite handy for ultra compact storage as well.

Add to this a 66 inch net and post set which is also tension adjustable. This table designed for indoor use. Therefore, we will recommend you not to use this table when it’s bad weather condition or too much humidity out there. You can’t leave it outside.

InstaPlay table top is sanded, UV filled and lined with silkscreen striping to provide a perfectly smooth finish. As the table comes in 100% pre-assembled condition, time to challenge your friends with a tournament ready table. Let’s take a look at the specification first!

Highlighted Features At A Glance:

  • Size dimensions: W: 60 inch D: 108 inch H: 30 inch
  • Weight: 230 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 3/4 inch thick black top with silkscreen striping
  • Net: 66 inch net & post set
  • Legs: 2 inch
  • Caster with locks: 3 inch
  • Steel tube aprons: 2 inch
  • Assembly time: No assembly required with Instaplay technology
  • Features: Stylish Black Tabletop, Independent Table Halves, Playback Mode, Safety Latch System

Quality and reasonable price make this STIGA InstaPlay table popular among ping pong lovers. With a renowned brand such as STIGA, you can expect durability and craftsmanship at it’s best.

No wonder why it is one of the highest selling tables on the market and the impressive InstaPlay feature has played a big role behind it.

With plenty of good features on it’s sleeve, STIGA InstaPlay ping pong table is a perfect buy for ping pong players. Let’s break down all those features one by one so that you can understand it better whether this table is a right match for you.

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¾” Thick Black Table Top

The tabletop has a thickness of ¾ inches (19 mm) and is built with silkscreen striping. It is directly printed on the tabletop for a perfectly smooth finish. The tabletop is sanded and UV filled to make the playing surface level.

Everybody loves the performance and quality of the table, it’s really solid. The thickness of the table provides perfect bounce for all players. Overall, you will get supreme playability. Not to mention, black top makes it easier for you to see the ball.

2 inch Steel Apron

Steel aprons of this table are of 2 inch thick. They provide ample support for the surface top and make sure the bounce is quite consistent across the entire surface.

2 inch Steel Legs

Sturdy legs of the STIGA InstaPlay table are constructed of heavy gauge steel. They are 2 inch square legs in specification and a solid foundation has been laid.

Besides, there are plastic caps at the bottom of the legs which protect your floors from scratches. It’s a good protection being provided for your floors, isn’t it?

3 inch mag wheels with locks

3 inch mag ball bearing wheels shall allow your table to smoothly roll over surfaces for simple transportation. Do you know wheels are lockable? This eliminates any unnecessary movement while playing.

Therefore, you have a more enjoyable gaming experience on your hand. This unique design of the wheels means the table is quite stable while in use and you can properly play all your shots.

Independent table halves

Each table half has an independent caster beams thanks to the unique chassis design of InstaPlay. Therefore, you can completely separate the two halves and use the tables for other purposes as well. And obviously, they are free standing.

Besides, you can nest the table halves into one another for ultra compact storage. By this way, you can save some space as well. Or you may use the free space for other activities.

For people who want a table which is easy to store and takes less space for storage, this STIGA InstaPlay won’t be a bad pick at all.

Table positions:

  • Playing position: W: 60 inch D: 108 inch H: 30 inch
  • Playback position: W: 60 inch D: 66 inch H: 64 inch
  • Storage position: W: 60 inch D: 28 inch H: 64 inch

Safety features

Safety feature is an important factor to consider when you are purchasing a ping pong table especially if you have kids at home. Corner protectors on the edges of the table add extra safety and prevent any scratches and snags.

Besides, there is a safety latch system at the base of the legs. It very much ensures your table won’t open accidentally and none will get hurt.

66 inch Net and Post Set

This sturdy folding table features a 66 inch net and post set with Velcro tension adjustment. It is very easy to set up and use. On each corner there are “L”shaped brackets which hold the two halves of the table altogether. Net is joined to these brackets and this design is quite effective to keep the table halves perfectly locked in their place.

No Assembly Required

Now we are to tell you the best feature of this STIGA ping pong table, no assembly work is required. Only thing you need to do about this STIGA ping pong table assembly is to decide the place where you need to put it. Then remove packaging, extend the legs, join two halves of the table together and attach the net.

Within 5-10 minutes, you will be up and ready to play your favorite game. You don’t really need to waste anytime to put the table together. It’s already assembled (100%) with patented InstaPlay technology.

Is it Worth the Purchase?

Whereas many ping pong tables require hours of assembly and quite frustrating, this quick play ping pong table is a time saver. It is so easy to assemble and therefore paying a little extra is absolutely worth it. Tabletop feels very solid and offers good bounce.

Net is easily installed. It takes minimal space when folded. Overall, good quality table and you shall get plenty of use from kids to adults.

Brand Value

STIGA was originated in Sweden and they are one of the leading manufacturing brands in table tennis world. They have been delivering quality, affordable products for over 75 years. Therefore, they know everything about what it takes to manufacture quality table tennis game equipment.

And this ping pong table is another demonstration of how relentlessly they are working to improve the quality of their table tennis products. If your ping pong table has the backing of a famous brand such as STIGA, you should know very well that they never let their customers down and you’re in safe hands. So, when are you going to purchase?

What We Liked

  • No assembly required with InstaPlay technology. It comes completely assembled. You only need to attach net and post
  • Ball bearing wheel casters come with locking feature providing simple moveability and safety
  • ¾ inch (19 mm thickness) top is terrific for gaming experience
  • For compact storage, you can fold it quite easily
  • 66 inch net and post set with Velcro tension adjustment
  • Safety feature includes corner protections, plastic leg caps and a latch system
  • Table can be used for multi-purposes
  • Price is quite reasonable

What We didn't Like

  • Undoubtedly InstaPlay feature makes this table so much appealing, most users don’t want to go through the lengthy assembly process. With that being said, due to arriving as a completely set ping pong table, it weighs more than 200 lbs. And the packaging weight is 263 lbs rather. Therefore, you need some helping hands for sure
  • Not for outdoor use as it can warp if exposed to high levels of humidity

Who Would Play?

If you want a long lasting, full size ping pong table which is easy to set up and store away then we highly recommend this table to you. This is so easy to put together, almost no assembly is required and you can instantly start playing the game after unboxing.

This is quite great for communities, schools or home usage as well. Now, you can also have the opportunity to play ping pong at anytime, anyplace you want without really spending too much.

Final Verdict

According to the customers, they seem to be very impressed with the overall quality of table. it’s just great. This is very easy to set up. The table has a quality bounce, very much sturdy with good uniformity. Net is also easily adjustable. It plays well.

When it comes to the thickness of the table surface, price of the table is quite similar to it’s competitors. More importantly, it’s a regulation size table. Therefore, you can enjoy playing ping pong here like a pro. Besides, you won’t need to break your bank for playing on this table.

Congrats! You’ve made the right decision by choosing STIGA InstaPlay table tennis table.

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