STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Reviews

STIGA Advantage indoor table tennis table is a mid-entry level ping pong table that comes with plenty of attractive features. You get a playing surface with a thickness of 5/8 inch (16 mm). Besides, there are multiple roller coat finishing and silk screen striping which provide smooth playing surface and in turn excellent playability.

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table

Playback feature means if you want to practice by yourself, you can simply do that by putting one half of the table up and then start hitting against it.

To avoid any unwanted interruption during play, safety features can be applied to lock the table in place.

You’ll have a rather quick and easy set up, approximately 10 minutes will be required. 

Clamp style net offers easy attachment and removing of the net in seconds. Independent table halves can be nested into one another for ultra-compact storage as well.

STIGA Advantage table has got competition-ready specifications. Don’t believe me?

Size dimensions

108 X 60 X 30 inches 

Surface Thickness

5/8 inch (15 mm)


181 pounds


Tournament grade 72" clamp style net

Self opening legs

1.2 inch

Caster with locks

3 inch

Steel tube aprons

1.2 inch

Assembly time

10 minutes (95% pre-assembled)

Leg levelers



Independent Table Halves, Playback Mode, Safety Latch System

For most ping pong enthusiast, STIGA Advantage table tennis table will be a great choice indeed. Quality, features, longevity and affordable price are the key factors why it is one of our top suggested ping pong tables.

Best Features of STIGA Advantage Indoor Table

Not just for some recreational games, it has included exactly the right type of features with which you can also afford to play some real competitive games. Let’s break down all the features for your better understanding:

Tabletop thickness

The 5/8 inch (15 mm) thickness of tabletop not only offers exceptional playability but also durability for players of all skill levels. It is made of quality MDF materials (Medium Density Fiberboard)

To comply with the International Table Tennis Federation Standards, the table surface has been painted with stark blue color. Besides, the table surface is UV cured & it has been treated with repeat roller coating. 

It creates a smooth, durable and consistent playing surface. Silkscreen striping is printed directly on the tabletop to further increase the smoothness.

There are protective caps on the edges of the table. So, chances of getting injured by coming in contact with the sharp corners of the table are greatly minimized. Also tables won’t get damaged in this way.

In our table tennis table buying guide, we’ve thoroughly discussed about the importance of thickness of the table’s surface.

Thicker surface provide better playing experience and 16 mm thickness is not the thickest table on the market. The ball tends to bounce a bit lower compared to thicker tables. 

A minimum of 19 mm thick table can provide you with decent bounce. But as long as you are not thinking of playing in tournament level games, this is very much OK.

Support for tabletop surface

1.2 inch welded steel tube style aprons play a key role in keeping the surface top flat and consistent over time. It is essential for getting even bounce across the entire table surface. Additionally STIGA silkscreen logos and durable black powder coating are also included here.


If the undercarriage of a ping pong table is strongly built and very much well made then it’s a good enough sign this will be a quality purchase. It comes with a 1.2 inch square steel legs which are pretty much sturdy and have premium matte black powder coating finish.

Thus, a solid foundation has been laid. With rubber leg levelers, you can increase or decrease the height of the table to keep the playing surface level. They don’t make scratches on your floor either.

Portability and storing

Do you know this competition ready table is portable and can be halved? Yes, this STIGA table has a unique chassis design. Independent caster beams on each table half allow the two halves to be completely separated. You can use them as free standing multi-use tables. For simple storage purpose, it works great as you can nest the table halves into one another.

There are eight 3 inch ball bearing wheels through which you can effortlessly roll the table to your preferable place. All of the wheels consist of a locking feature so the safety and stability of the table is never in doubt while playing or when you are putting it away for storage.


And we are yet to tell you the best feature, playback. It does not matter if you are alone, you can still work on your techniques and get the correct measurement of your stroke play. Just put the one half vertically up against the other one and that’s all you have to do.

Safety latch system

On the underside of the table, you will see there is a spring loaded safety latch system. This ultimately keeps the table top into the upright position and your table won’t open accidentally. This is actually great for families with little children.

As we know they like to run around and if your table halves are kept in a vertical position, there will be a fear that the table may fall down on top of them. But now, that fear or headache whatever you say is gone!

Safety latch system

Customers hate the net and post set that some cheap tables offer. They are pretty much useless and so often need replacement. But not certainly with this STIGA Advantage model!

This is heavy duty 72 inch net and post set. STIGA uses premium quality cotton-blend net. The clamp style attachment makes it really simple to put on and take off. Furthermore, tension adjust mechanism gives you the facility to tighten or loosen the net rather easily.

Quick assembly

Unlike some other ping pong tables that can take you a few hours to set up, this STIGA Advantage competition ready indoor table tennis table is completely different.

In those lengthy assembly processes, you may require to put every single nut and bolt in place. And if you are new to ping pong table assembly, it can’t get worse than this.

But then comes STIGA Advantage with 95% pre-assembled and the duration from unboxing the table to serve the ball first up won’t take any longer than 10 minutes. So, how to assemble a Stiga advantage ping pong table?

This is incredibly fast set up and you just require to attach eight bolts to the legs. There is no need to call for expert assembly and you can do it all by yourself. You can literally start hitting the ball whenever you want!

Long lastingness

If taken proper care, the table will serve you for several years to come. Table top is reinforced by 1.2 inch steel tube aprons. You have 1.2 inch square solid sturdy legs. Strong clamp holds the cotton blend net quite securely in place. Steel components have got powder coating finish to make the table absolutely rustproof. Therefore, you can expect many years of quality ping pong play.


At a price point under $500, this STIGA ping pong table gives you many of the features of high end table that you may not have hoped for. It certainly holds the edge over other similarly constructed table in this price range.

With that being said, it would be foolish if you expect here same kinda quality play as a $1000 professional table might offer. For the price, it’s a superb grab that anyone would acknowledge and thousands of positive reviews are not a joke.

Brand Value

Since 1944, STIGA is the world leader in table tennis sport. This Swedish brand is a reputable manufacturer in table tennis world. So, the quality and trust are always there.

According to buyers, STIGA is obviously one of their most favorite table tennis brands and people all over the globe appreciate the amount of work that manufacturers have put it in.


  • Fast and easy assembly (approximately 10 minutes)
  • Convenient portability and storage system
  • Solid undercarriage
  • Table leveling and tension adjust mechanism
  • Affordable price
  • Safety latch prevents the table from tipping over
  • Pro quality net
  • Foldable


  • Not the finest of table surfaces in terms of thickness as the bounce is a bit on the lower side (amateur players won’t know the difference though)
  • Quite heavy

Who would play

STIGA Advantage is an excellent choice for beginners. Also casual/recreational users who are looking for a medium to spend some quality time with family and friends can consider this table.

It is decent, durable and offers good value for your bucks. Set up is easy and after finishing the game, you can store it quite effortlessly. Many more hours of fun play is awaiting for you.

However, if you want a pro level table with a slightly better bounce, you can consider Cornilleau 500M Crossover.

Final Verdict

STIGA Advantage table is sturdy and heavy duty which make it a good quality table. The delivery is on time. The packaging is nice and easy as are the instructions. Set up is particularly faster. Folding is simple as well as it takes only 3-4 feet of space when folded.

We would say, cost of the table is what stands out most compared to the other tables in this price range. If I say more specifically, the bounce is much better than others in this range.

Buyers experience, manufacturer reputation, product quality and features should encourage anyone to buy this Stiga advantage indoor table tennis table and your investment won’t get wasted.

Here is a comparison among STIGA Advantage, Advantage Pro & Advantage Lite:

Table Name

STIGA Advantage

Advantage Pro

Advantage Lite

Surface Thickness

5/8" (15 mm)

3/4" (19 mm)


Lockable Casters








Leg Levelers




Tube Style Aprons





181 lbs

220 lbs

147 lbs


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