JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table Reviews

If you’re looking for a high quality ping pong quality at an affordable price, JOOLA Rally TL 300 is the way to go. The table features a 15 mm thick charcoal painted MDF surface to create a consistent ball bounce across the surface.

There are 1.5 inch apron and 1.5 inch diameter sturdy steel legs that offer durability. The table legs feature adjustable height levelers to ensure a level playing surface. For compact storage, you can fold the table as well.

You can mount the each table half on a 30 mm X 30 mm thick powder coated undercarriage. Four locking caster wheels add stability and dual safety anti-tilting locking device ensures safety.

You can also play solo by positioning the table in the playback setting. Each of the four corners has ball holders and they can hold up to three 40 mm JOOLA table tennis balls.

Plus, two magnetic abacus scorekeepers are attached to the table. This certainly makes it easier to know in which direction the game is heading. The net and post set features a simple, removable clamp design and it is tension adjustable.

The table comes in 95% pre-assembled condition and it will be ready to use in just 15-20 minutes.

Did I forget to inform you this JOOLA Rally TL table tennis table and net set are USATT approved?

The JOOLA Rally TL professional grade table tennis table has got all the credentials to become a centerpiece in your office or home with it’s black charcoal top, corner ball holders and magnetic abacus scorers. Someone who wants to play ping pong with a bit of style and flair, it’s a perfect choice.

Recreational players can have fun with their friends and family alongside with the opportunity of working on their own game. Let’s take a look at the table’s specifications first:

Table Specification:

  • Size dimensions: 9 ft X 5 ft
  • Weight: 155 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 5/8 inch (15 mm) black charcoal top
  • Net & post set: 72" clamp style tension adjustable net
  • Legs: 1.5 inch
  • Caster with locks: 3 inch
  • Steel tube aprons: 1.5 inch
  • Assembly time: 15-20 minutes (95% pre-assembled)
  • Steel tube aprons: 1.5 inch
  • Leg levelers: Yes
  • Features: Corner ball holders, Abacus scorers & Lockable caster wheels

After being first introduced in 2013, JOOLA Rally table has become one of the most popular indoor table tennis tables in US and abroad.

You are destined to have some great time in playing ping pong. And tell me who would hate to get such a quality product at an affordable price?

Undoubtedly, the table provides a decent enough ball bounce and it has got a strong build up with quality materials. It is durable and full of useful accessories.

With a charcoal colored surface top, the table looks much more professional than any other. The table is perfect and extremely well made for players of all skill level.

For now, we will look into the unique features of this TL 300. This will make you understand it better why this is different than the rest. So, here’s what you are going to get with JOOLA Rally outdoor table:

5/8 inch Thick Charcoal Table Top

You get a 15 mm (5/8 inch) thick tabletop that is made of high quality MDF (medium density fiberboard). Charcoal material is used in the making of the tabletop.

Silkscreened white striping is printed directly on the tabletop to create a consistent and durable playing surface. Besides, there won’t be any ball markings and scratches.

If you’ve gone through our buying guide on Best Ping Pong Table then you should clearly know the ball bounce depends on the table’s thickness. 

Got a thicker table surface? Then the ball bounce better. Whereas professional players mostly play on 25 mm thick surfaces, for casual play and recreational fun 15 mm surface is more than enough.

To be honest with a 5/8 inch thickness on this JOOLA Rally TL, the bounce is quite consistent and encouraging. For players who want to purchase a table with better bounce and have some extra cash on hands, JOOLA Rally TL comes in two other option as well.

  1.  18 mm thick JOOLA Rally TL
    2. 25 mm thick JOOLA Rally TL

Someone who is serious about ping pong and want to work on his skills, having a table as thick as 18 mm is a pre-requisite. All these models are almost the same except the thickness of tabletop.

And the increased weight of the tabletop gets support from thicker frame. Ultimately, it comes down to your playing demand and preferences.

1.2 inch welded steel tube style aprons play a key role in keeping the surface top flat and consistent over time. It is essential for getting even bounce across the entire table surface.

Additionally STIGA silkscreen logos and durable black powder coating are also included here.


Construction of the undercarriage is one of the most important factor to look at when are about to purchase a new ping pong table. And this table has got a solid and sturdy undercarriage under it’s belt.

Legs are constructed of 1.5” steel tube and powder coated finish help in resisting corrosion. 1.5 inch steel aprons provide support to the edges of the table and bring additional stability. They make sure you get an even bounce across the whole table.

The undercarriage is a robust 30 mm X 30 mm steel frame. Height adjusters at the bottom of the legs give you a playing surface as flat as possible. In addition to that, rubber ends keep your floors scratch free.

With the other models that we’ve mentioned already, a slightly thicker frame is used to support the extra weight of the tabletop:

  1. JOOLA Rally TL 18: 40 mm X 40 mm thick frame
  2. JOOLA Rally TL 25: 50 mm X 50 mm thick frame

Easy to Fold and Store

This is a regulation size indoor table tennis table and quite heavy as well. So, do you need a lot of space to store it? And the transportation won’t be easy as well. Is this what moving in your head? If this is what you’re thinking about then we are glad to inform you’re so wrong!

The table comes in two independent table halves. Folding up each half of the table is rather easy and it doesn’t eat too much space. The table can be nested into one another for compact storage. Each half of the table has got four wheels.

So, you can move the table as a whole or separately, it certainly depends on you. Three inch caster wheels can be glided easily.

Plus, each caster wheel features locking devices. They ensure no unnecessary movement or shaking when it is in use. It also adds to the safety while storing. You simple need to lock the wheels so it stops moving around during play and storage.

So, no one is going to get hurt while moving the table and the chance of damaging the table is greatly reduced too.

Ravishing Color Design

The table looks great with a unique charcoal black tabletop. It’s contrasting color with the ball makes it a great stylish addition to any home.

With this superb outlook, the table also includes some user friendly feature as well, thus making it nothing short of a professional game equipment.

Playback Feature

As the table can be split into two halves and they are foldable, it means you can train/practice solo even when there is none to accompany you. Just fold the one half of the table and use it as a wall to hit the ball against.

You can switch into the playback mode at anytime. This is effortless and for someone who wants to work on his ping pong skills, it’s a pretty good feature to have.

Safety Features:

Top notch table tennis tables comes with some safety features as well. There are quite a few here on this JOOLA Rally table. Safety latch system on the underside of the table prevents your table from opening unexpectedly.

It keeps the table into upright position. Dual anti-tilting locking devices ensure safety when the table is in both playing and storage position. 

Height adjustable leg levers don’t allow the table to slip off accidentally, instead firmly locks it into position. Table corners have got padding protection to lessen the impact.

Ball Holders and Magnetic Scorers

As there are four corners in a ping pong table and JOOLA has included ball holders on each of them. In total, they can hold up to 12 JOOLA patented table tennis ball (3 ball per corner).

Now, you don’t need to go after the ball straightaway when the ball is out of play. You can keep extra balls in the holders and why this table is highly rated as user friendly makes sense, right?

On the sides of the table, there are magnetic abacus scorers to keep track of the scoreboard. Now, even if someone doesn’t remember the score or there is any argument, magnetic scoreboard will be there to settle the issue.

Finding it very handy?

Tournament Grade Regulation Size 72” Net and Post Set

Do you know JOOLA Rally TL table tennis table comes with a net and post set that are USATT approved for competition grade play.

So, the kinda quality you are going to get is a good one. It has got a convenient clamp design for quickly attaching and removing the net.

Infact, you can attach the net within couple of minutes. Don’t forget, the net is tension adjustable as well. The net is really cool as it pinches and levels both halves of the table.

Assembly Not a Difficult Job

The table comes 95% pre-assembled. Therefore, it won’t take you long to finish the assembly. You will need a couple of crescent wrenches and a screwdriver. You can set the table up within 30 minutes max.

You open the legs and put two caster legs on each half with 2 bolts, washers and nut each. Total, 8 bolts. Then slide it together and put the net onto it. Wrench will be required to tighten the bolts. You can simply attach the ball holders into each corner with screwdrivers.

Due to the heavy weight of the ping pong table, it is recommended to have two adults in the installation process. This doesn’t just make your task an easier one.

Besides, it is likely to take less time in the process. After playing on it for sometime even you will acknowledge to the fact that the table is of excellent quality, very sturdy and it plays nicely.

Is it Worth The Price?

The playing surface has got a polyurethane coating that is quite great. Bounce quality is very good. Skirted edges are quite useful in providing strength and protection. Corner ball holders and score counters function great. Assembly is a breeze. Net is attached with clamps. You can easily fold the table for compact storage.

Everything seems to be right in place from the aesthetics to the cost. Supreme playability is another reason why you can purchase the table without thinking about anything.

Overall, this JOOLA tennis table is a well built, high quality table at a good price. If someone is looking for a moderately priced regulation size ping pong table, this table is a serious contender then. You should get excellent value for your bucks.

Brand Value

JOOLA is a German ping pong table manufacturer. They are producing quality table tennis products for decades. They have been the official sponsor of some of the world’s biggest sporting events such as Olympic, World Championships and US Open.

Users around the world are very much satisfied so far. And if you buy a table from a reputed brand like JOOLA, there are quite a bit of advantages as well. They give you 1 year manufacturing warranty with this table.

Plus their product delivery process and packaging is top notch. They take care of everything that is need to deliver the table at your doorstep in good condition. You can get spare parts at anytime. And JOOLA customer support is always there to help you get out of trouble.

What We Liked

  • Undercarriage is strong, durable and powder coated
  • Charcoal color finishing at the tabletop looks great
  • Easy to put together
  • Ball holders and magnetic scoreboard are two great additions to this table
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Tournament grade net with some safety features
  • Not an expensive table by any means

What We Liked

  • Not the thickest of the tables you will encounter (although for casual fun, this is more than fine)
  • Quite heavy

Who would play

If you’re looking for a good quality table tennis table without really breaking your bank then it is a pretty good option. Casual players can have some quality time with their friends, family and kids.

Considering the price, it’s a great pick. You can also hone your ping pong skills and improve as a player. This table from JOOLA shall let you do all you want.

Final Verdict

As we are just about to finish the TL review, We highly recommend this table for someone who is looking for a casual fun table without really compromising the quality.

For the price, it’s a great table. Customers are extremely pleased with this JOOLA table. It has got a solid foundation. Transitioning from upright to playing mode is by no means a hassle. Assembly is a breeze.

Having the playback feature and practicing by yourself is quite handy. Black top gives it a stunning look. The net is of high quality and simple to install.

For craftsmanship, we give this table a rating of 5 out of 5. JOOLA Rally TL 300 has literally everything that a family would want on a ping pong table.

Quality build and robust construction shall make sure, you can have a great time for several years.

If you are not running on a tight budget, get the JOOLA Rally TL 18 mm version for better playability.

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