JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor Tennis Table Reviews

In search of a durable outdoor table tennis table that is not overly expensive? Then JOOLA NOVA DX is a high quality table tennis table that is designed to withstand your outdoor use all year round. If your purpose is to use the table for outdoor family recreation, you get good value for your bucks here.

So, what makes this table capable of handling extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat or wind?

It features a 6 mm aluminum plastic composite surface. Unlike wood, this composite surface is highly resistant to warping and chipping.

Given the fact that ball bounce and performance is quite consistent even after several years of playing, it will be a great family investment for sure. The table sits well on a rustproof, powder coated steel undercarriage.

Through adjustable leg levelers, you can balance the table on uneven ground too and this feature is quite essential for an outdoor table.

The table can be split into two halves and you can easily store it. Plus, dual anti-tilting devices and 6 inch locking casters make portability safe and easy. Even when there is none around, you can still train by switching into the playback position. The table mostly comes as pre-assembled (95%) and you will be ready to play within 10 minutes. Besides, classic screw clamp design net is easy to attach.

JOOLA has been a proud sponsor of some of the world’s biggest tournaments such as Olympics, World Championships and US Open. They design equipments for players of all skill levels and ages. Besides, USA table tennis is also sponsored by JOOLA.

Therefore, judging by the specifications given below, may be you are the person who is going to tell your partner first, this JOOLA weatherproof table tennis table can be a great addition to the backyard!

Highlighted Features At A Glance: 

  • Size dimensions: 9 ft X 5 ft(regulation size table)
  • Weight: 144 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 6 mm aluminum plastic composite surface
  • Net: Tournament grade 72" screw clamp style net
  • Undercarriage: 30 mm X 30 mm
  • Caster with locks: 3 inch
  • Steel tube aprons: 2 inch
  • Assembly time: 10 minutes (95% pre-assembled)
  • Leg levelers: Yes
  • Features: Independent Table Halves, Playback Mode, Safety Latch System & Exterior Grade Powder Coating

The JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor table was first introduced in 2013. You will find endless positive feedback. The users have expressed their satisfaction over foldability, maneuverability and assembly process.

For an outdoor ping pong table, weather resistance, longevity and surface leveling are three most significant features to look at. And this JOOLA NOVA model excels in all three departments.

It is an affordable, well-built outdoor table that provides some decent features. Knowing the features with which a ping pong table comes, certainly makes it easier for anyone to make a wise decision.

Let’s look at all the features that have helped JOOLA NOVA to become popular:

6 mm Thick Aluminum Plastic Composite Surface

Indoor tables tend to have a thicker surface compared to outdoor tables. More importantly, they are constructed of different materials. For outdoor tables, weather resistance is the primary demand.

They don’t really need to be as thick as indoor ones. That is why outdoor tables have a surface thickness of about 5-7 mm whereas indoor tables come between 15 mm and 25 mm thick table tops.

The NOVA DX outdoor table features a 6 mm surface that is quite good enough to provide a decent amount of bounce and speedy play to the beginners or recreational players. To be honest, the bounce is quite consistent across the entire surface of the table.

The JOOLA outdoor table is built with an aluminum plastic composite surface that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. It will hold up quite well in outdoors.

You don’t need to worry about the durability. It is not going to warp or chip when exposed to outdoor elements. The option of purchasing an outdoor ping pong table cover is also open. So you can leave this outside!

Pro tips: For extra safety, try to purchase a table cover. And storing your table in a covered place shall enable you to use it for several years

Solid rust resistant undercarriage

Outdoor tables must have a sturdy, rust resistant undercarriage. Because you don’t want your brand new table to get rusted just after a few months of using. Fortunately, each half of the NOVA is mounted on a 30 mm X 30 mm rustproof, powder coated steel undercarriage.

Adjustable leg levelers

You need a levelled surface to properly enjoy table tennis. Playing in uneven surface/terrain can completely ruin the fun. Here each leg features adjustable height levelers. They are easy to use. Just increase or decrease the height and make the surface completely level.

Foldable design

This Aluminum ping pong table can be divided into two halves. Yes, it’s a 2 piece design and foldable. Both folding and unfolding the table is not a difficult job to do. The foldabaility feature enables you to practice in playback position when there is nobody to accompany you. Just fold the one half of the table and start playing solo.

Besides, it gives a significant advantage in storing. As the table halves can be completely nested into each other, it does not take a lot of space.

Don’t believe me? Look at the dimensions in each position:

  • Play position: 66”L X 60”W X 66”H
  • Playback position: 60”L X 25”W X 66”H
  • Storage position: 60”L X 30”W X 68”H


The folding design does not just aid in storing, it also helps incredibly in transportation. Because of splitting into two pieces, the burden of weight of a whole table eases a lot. Each of the table halves has four 3 inch heavy duty caster wheels. They can be glided easily in almost every terrain you choose. You will be able to move the table as a whole or separately.

There are also locking systems available in wheels to prevent them from moving accidentally. You can lock them to ensure stability while playing and also safety when you are storing it in place.

Weatherproof net and post set

The JOOLA NOVA DX indoor/outdoor table comes with a matching 72 inch weather resistant net and post set. They are extremely easy to set up. The net is what holds this 2 piece table set altogether. You can easily assemble the net and start using it in seconds.

You will find two clamps on each side of the net. The clamps can be screwed and you need to attach it to the table and that’s all you are required to do. A cord supports the JOOLA net and tying it down at each side of the table shall make it further secure at it’s place.

Did I tell you, there is a tension adjusting system on the net as well?

Anti-tilt locking devices

Double anti-tilting lock devices on each half of the table provide safe storage and transport. And the unlocking mechanism is also very much easy to apply. You simply need to press the lever and the table will start to unfold automatically.

Safety features

Yes, no doubt you are playing ping pong for fun but safety features are also quite important when choosing a new ping pong table. You may transport the table from one place to another, store it or switch in the playback mode. You need to have a bit of protection and this JOOLA NOVA composite outdoor table will give you plenty.

There is a little bit of padding on each corner that protects everyone from injury. Solid and stable undercarriage makes the movement quite secure. Rustproof materials make sure you can use the table for quite a long time.

Plus, anti-tilt locking devices and wheel locking systems shall take care of your kids. Without proper locking systems, it will be easier for your kids to move the table carelessly and in that process the table can tilt over and kids can get hurt. But now with these exclusive safety features, you can take the backseat and watch your kids having some ping pong fun.

10 minute assembly

It is pretty easy to put together. Within 10-15 minutes max, you can finish the assembly. We suggest you to have two adults in the installation process. You only need to attach the casters and legs with 8 bolts in total. Therefore, it can’t get easier than this.

Is it worth the purchase?

This seems to be a great table. With large wheels it is easy to set up and move around. The net can be adjusted easily. Leveling the surface is a simple task with leg levelers.

Aluminum surface is great for game play. You can effortlessly fold the two sides up and place them together for storage. It is made to withstand outdoor elements. Quality is very good overall, no dead spots and the price is quite cheap as well. Your investment won’t get wasted for sure. It is one of the most popular outdoor tables going around the world right now.

Brand Value

This JOOLA tennis table shall give you good value for your bucks. And it is manufactured by one of the bets table tennis equipment supplier, JOOLA. It was in Germany in the year of 1952, when they had first started manufacturing tables. Moreover, it is an Olympic table tennis brand trusted for 60 years. They produce quality, professional tables at an affordable price.

Users who own this table are very satisfied about how things have gone so far with JOOLA NOVA. They are having some ping pong party with friends and family members.


  • Regulation size table offers consistent even bounce with 6 mm thick aluminum and plastic composite surface
  • Powder coated metal frame prevents rusting
  • Simple assembly infact it is rather painless
  • Weather resistant net and post set can withstand the harsh elements
  • Adjustable levelers pave the way for an even playing surface
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee from JOOLA


  • In some instances, we see customers complaining about the wheels being broken down. But there is replacement you can order and they are not too much expensive either

Who would play?

JOOLA NOVA outdoor table tennis table is a cheap yet very well made outdoor table. Therefore, it will be best suited to the beginners or recreational users who are looking for a fun equipment.

Final Verdict

The table is high quality, sturdy, yet lightweight. Packaging is excellent. You only need to attach the legs. It is extremely easy to assemble. Folding is quite simple. Wheels are of standard size and they work pretty well. There is no need to go for the bigger wheels really.

The surface is completely level. The parts underneath are of high quality metals and they are rust resistant. This is an affordable ping pong table. JOOLA NOVA DX shall last for years. We are pretty much sure you will be burning a lot of calories and enjoying time with your dear ones.

Still if you want a table with bigger sized wheels, JOOLA gives you an option in JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus. They have 6” caster wheels compared to DX’s 3” casters. So, NOVA Pro plus wheels are double the size of standard casters and they can make peace with roughest of the surface. Except this difference, everything else of these two models of NOVA series are quite the same.

If you feel interested, STIGA XTR and JOOLA Rally are other two outdoor table tennis reviews from our experts that you can read.

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