JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table Reviews

For someone who is looking for a fun filled game of table tennis at an affordable price, JOOLA Inside 15 table tennis table with net set will be a perfect pick. As this awesomely built table tennis table comes as 95% pre-assembled, you can start hitting the ball in just 10 minutes. It features a 5/8 inch (15 mm) playing surface top which is built with wood composite to create a consistent ball bounce. Furthermore, the 1.5 inch apron and 1.5 inch diameter sturdy steel legs are better known for durability.

JOOLA Inside 15 Table Tennis Table

Adjustable height levelers ensure you are always playing on an even surface. Table halves are completely separable and they can nest into one another.

Therefore, this table is perfect for compact storage. Dual safety anti-tilting locking devices manage safety when your table is in both playing and storage positions.

3” lockable wheels and casters mean you can easily shift the table from one place to another.

Due to the playback feature, you can fold one half of the table up against the other half and practice by yourself. Clam style net comes with adjustable tension mechanism and you can quickly attach or remove it from the table.

Do you know JOOLA Inside table tennis table and net set, both are USA Table Tennis (USATT) approved. Don’t ask me, just look at it’s specifications:

Highlighted Features:
  • Size dimensions: 9 ft X 5 ft
  • Weight: 130.1 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 5/8 inch (15 mm)
  • Caster with locks: 3 inch
  • Leg levelers: Yes
  • Steel tube aprons: 1.5 inch
  • Assembly time: 10-20 minutes
  • Net: Tournament grade 72" clamp style net
  • Features: Dark Blue Tabletop, Independent Table Halves, Playback Mode, Safety Latch System

JOOLA Inside table tennis table with net set offers a lot of fun and enjoyment. This is a high quality table tennis table that comes at a really cheap price.

After being first introduced in 2009, it has gone on to become one of the most popular indoor ping pong tables in the world. Durable materials, awesome features and superb engineering from the manufacturer, have all helped it to come thus far.

From the overview section above, you might have gotten some idea about what this JOOLA Inside ping pong table holds for you. Ultimately features decide what you are going to get out of it. For thorough understanding, let’s take you to the in depth details of all the features:

Tabletop thickness

JOOLA Inside 15 comes with a 5/8 inch (15 mm) table top thickness. As quality MDF materials are used to construct the table top, you get a sturdy and stable surface to play at.

Similar to the STIGA tables, dark blue table top features silkscreen striping. This silkscreen white colored striping is printed directly on the tabletop (although this silkscreen stripping of STIGA tables is much smoother to touch). Besides, ultra-violet light treatment is given so that you can get a smooth, durable and consistent playing surface on your hand. There are also rubber protectors in each corner as well.

Have done a quite a bit of research on how to spot a quality table? Then you must have known by now that thicker table surface offers better ball bounce. Although the 15 mm thickness is pretty good for ping pong tables at $400 price point

There are players who would love to get a bigger bounce than this. Therefore by taking them into consideration, JOOLA Inside gives you two more options with a thicker surface.

  • JOOLA Inside 18 – ¾ inch thickness
  • JOOLA Inside 25 – 1 inch thickness

Additional support with aprons:

The 1.5 inch steel tube aprons make sure you get an even bounce across the entire surface of the table. It helps to keep the table top absolutely flat and consistent so that you can get several years of enjoyment on the way. There will be JOOLA logo as well. Don’t forget aprons do have powder coated finishing which further increases the durability

So, who is stopping you to show off that JOOLA flair?

Independent table halves

The table can be separated into two equal halves. It gives you the advantage to use the table for other purposes when you are not playing ping pong

Sturdy undercarriage

Each separate half of the JOOLA Inside table has a very strong undercarriage. Therefore, it is very much possible to use it as a single table or even two separate tables.

Undercarriage includes 1.5 inch solid, steel legs and 3 inch locking caster wheels. The powder coated steel legs come with rubber leg levelers. 

So, height adjustment can be done if you want to play on a totally level playing surface. Plus, the rubber ends keep your floors scratch free

Portability and storing

In total the table has 8 wheels, each half consisting four. Therefore, three inch caster wheels come into play when you’re trying to move the table. It gives you the facility to move the table as a whole or separately. This just makes the transportation a lot easier. Table tennis table is pretty difficult to move around if it is heavy. But now you will be able to carry and place the table quite easily. Even you can take the game outside for a short period if weather permits.

Also the storage has become incredibly a simple task if you fold the table. Don’t worry over safety as well. Because all the caster wheels include a locking system to provide both stability and safety. You just need to lock the casters to prevent further shifting.

Switch to playback

As the JOOLA Inside indoor table tennis table comes with a foldable feature, if you want then you can even play ping pong solo. Just fold the one half of the table to create a playback position. Now you can practice on your own. Don’t have any partner? Not necessary to have really!

Safety latch system

You’ll find a spring loaded safety latch system on the underside of the table. It locks the tabletop into the upright position. It does not allow your table to unfold unexpectedly. This is indeed a great safety feature included by the brand manufacturer.

72 inch tournament grade clamp style net

The 72 inch tournament grade regulation size net is a solid unit. The convenient clamp system enables you to attach and remove the net from the table in no time.

Clamp style net not only mounts the post but also keep the two independent table halves together. Although, adjusting the height of the net is not possible but you can adjust net tension.

Incredibly quick assembly

The JOOLA Inside 15mm table tennis table comes 95% pre-assembled. There is very little assembly required. Only the legs with the wheels that are needed to attach. You need 2 adjustable wrenches to assemble the legs and that’s it.

You can set up the game in about 15 minutes max. Just one more advice from our experts is to have 2 adults working for the installation as table is bulky, it will be difficult for one person to assemble alone.

Is it worth the purchase

Look at the quality in construction, think about careful packing and shipping they have and the reasonable price, this is the table you may be just looking for.

It plays fantastic, the overall appearance is good. It’s a 15 minute or less duration set up. Transportation and storaging is exceptional. The foldability gives you the option of enjoyment even if there is no one available to give accompany.

Steady table, does not move when wheels are properly locked. If someone is looking for a well built, quality table for home this JOOLA inside 15 table is a serious contender then. You won’t need to break your bank to buy it as well.

Brand Value

After being launched in 1950s, JOOLA has been the proud sponsor of some of the world’s biggest sporting tournaments such as Olympics, World Championship, US Open. If you are talking about table tennis, the name “JOOLA” will be mentioned sooner or later.

Because they have been manufacturing quality ping pong tables and paddles for so many years. They know what it takes to come up with a great ping pong table.

And this JOOLA inside 15 is a regulation size indoor ping pong table that meets USATT standards. It’s another exhibition of quality products from JOOLA really.

And as well manufacturers do, JOOLA also listens and learns from their customer’s feedback to create better quality equipment. They give you 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Comes as 95% pre-assembled and it will take 15 minutes max to put it all together
  • Strong undercarriage provides increased support & stability
  • Table can be split into two halves
  • Corner protectors keep everyone safe from sharper edges of the table
  • Dual safety locking mechanism
  • Leg levelers ensure level playing surface
  • Easy to move around and store
  • One of the best selling table tennis table in Amazon
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Surface thickness of only 5/8 inch is quite fine for recreational use but not so ideal for serious competitive players
  • 2 adults needed for assembly job
  • Minor scratches (though barely noticeable)

Who would play?

Any beginner or recreational users who are looking to own a personal ping pong table should read this JOOLA Inside table tennis table review.

To have fun with your family and friends or a little bit of training here and there, this will be an excellent choice. Quality construction at a rather inexpensive price makes it an ideal equipment for starters.

Final Verdict

If you are budget conscious and therefore looking for a cheap, affordable table for home use then this JOOLA ping pong table will be a great pick. It is a heavy duty table. Easy to store with locking casters.

Net system is quite excellent especially in the way net tension works. Clear finishing gives it a professional look. It comes mostly assembled. You won’t have to face too much trouble doing that.

We also understand the fact that serious/pro players would like to have a thicker table surface but considering the price with which it comes and we have to confess, this JOOLA Inside 15 table tennis table with net set is probably one of the best choices that are presented before you.

Here is a comparison between STIGA Advantage & JOOLA Inside:


STIGA Advantage

JOOLA Inside

Surface Thickness

16 mm

15 mm

Silkscreen Stripping

Very Smooth


Build Quality



Leg Thickness



Apron Thickness




90 days

36 days

Customer Service




181 lbs

130.1 lbs


Our experts have mainly created this section to make you completely the difference between the two. The price is almost the same but as a general rule of the thumb, thicker table surface means better playing experience.

And JOOLA Inside falls behind by 1mm thickness to STIGA Advantage. Our suggestion will be to choose JOOLA Inside only if STIGA Advantage becomes unavailable in your locality, otherwise not.

To know further details about the STIGA table, you can check out our STIGA Advantage review here

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