Best Ping Pong Table Of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

You simply can’t be the next Ma Long or Timo Boll by playing in sub-standard ping pong tables. To become the BEST, you must have the perfect sporting equipment at your disposal. It is needless to say you’ve just arrived on this page to find out the best ping pong table for yourself. And Sportszpro never disappoints!

In A Hurry? Here are Our 2 Elite Picks:

STIGA Advantage:
  • Competition-ready indoor table
  • 10-minute Quick-play design comes 95% pre-assembled
  • 5/8”-thick table top
JOOLA Inside:
  • Tournament quality at home
  • Reliable level of play
  • Safe & mobile storage

Playing ping pong can be great fun. You can spend quality time with your family members. Bonds with colleague can become stronger. Besides, you can lose a bit of weight in the process of leading a healthy life.

But choosing a suitable ping pong table isn’t an easy task by anymore. Given the fact that there are plenty of choices available in the market; so many brands, their quality is different, price, color, style, size, materials everything vary.

Someone who is yet to buy his/her first ping pong table can easily get distracted. But it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you definitely want to get the best table. You don’t want your money to get wasted.

Do you want an indoor or outdoor table? For yourself or for your children or in your office? What’s your budget? Do you want a permanent set up or a portable table tennis set? In for a low price or high price ping pong table?

Which one will suit you best? Regardless of what type of question you’ve in the back of your mind, let us know at the comment section. Because, we are here help you. We will let you know everything that needs to be considered before making a purchase.

In the end, if you’re able to make the right choice for yourself that’s when all our efforts will be fructuous.

Our experts have researched all the good table tennis tables currently going on the market. Finally, they’ve decided to present some of the best ping pong table reviews before you. Best ping pong tables are filled with plenty of positive response by the buyers. So, you know there won’t be any shortage of quality

Let’s get things started and you’re in for a R-I-D-E!


Table Name


Surface Thickness


STIGA Advantage


15 mm

JOOLA Inside


15/18/25 mm



15/18/25 mm

STIGA InstaPlay


19 mm

STIGA Triumph 


15 mm



6 mm

Stiga XTR


  6 mm


Indoor/ Outdoor

15/18/25 mm

JOOLA Midsize


16 mm

STIGA Space Saver


15 mm

Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews

1. STIGA Advantage Indoor - Our Top Pick

When you’re looking for the best table tennis table, you usually refer to a regulation size table with decent surface thickness and simple set up process.

STIGA Advantage table tennis table fills up all the three criteria and on Amazon, you’ll find it as one of the best selling indoor ping pong tables.

As 3 different surface thickness are available, it would be better if you can get at least the pro version that is ¾ inch (19 mm). STIGA Advantage is the least expensive option out there with a 5/8 inch (16 mm) table thickness.

Constructed of thick MDF materials, multiple roller coat painting ensures consistent bounce and quality playability. Not to mention at 9X5 ft, it’s a regulation ping pong table with fast assembly in under 10 minutes.

There is an independent chassis design offering two completely separate table halves. Therefore just like other quality indoor tables, it is easy to fold for storage and you can even switch into the playback mode for more personal practice time.

Safety latch system locks the folded table into position to avoid opening the table accidentally. It rolls effortlessly with casters making the transportation extremely easy.

And wheels can be locked into place for safety. This STIGA ping pong table includes a premium, tournament grade 72” net and post set which is easy to assemble and remove with a simple squeeze of the clamp.

All in all, STIGA Advantage is a reasonably priced, long lasting ping pong table that you can take for your home or office without any hesitation.

Good Sides
  • STIGA Advantage indoor table comes as 95% pre-assembled for fast and simple assembly
  • 3 inch casters making it easy to carry around
  • Silkscreen striping makes the tabletop smooth and durable
  • Spring loaded safety latch system holds the tabletop into upright position
  • Net system can be adjusted for height and tension
Bad Sides
  • Weight is heavy
  • Ball bounce is on the lower side (Although for casual/recreational players, it would be more than enough)

2. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table - Best Value Ping Pong Table

JOOLA Inside is another very popular table tennis table. For casual players or families who are in search of an indoor ping pong table to have some refreshment, this is a great choice indeed.

JOOLA Inside table tennis table dimensions measure 9ft X 5ft. It features a 5/8 inch (15 mm) wood composite tabletop (although you’ve the option to go for a 18 mm or 25 mm thick table as well).

JOOLA Inside table tennis table dimensions measure 9ft X 5ft. It features a 5/8 inch (15 mm) wood composite tabletop (although you’ve the option to go for a 18 mm or 25 mm thick table as well).

JOOLA Inside 15 table tennis table is truly well supported by 1.5 inch diameter sturdy steel legs. Rubber leg levelers assist you to play on a totally flat playing surface.

The JOOLA indoor table tennis table features a unique two halves design so you can completely separate each half. So, it makes the job easier to move around. Besides, you can easily fold one half, get into the playback mode and practice all by yourself.

And when you are not using the table, you can keep it in storage position and free up the space. While ensuring smooth transportation by 3” caster wheels, manufacturers have not forgotten about safety either.

Wheel locking device and safety latch system shall take care of stability and safety. This is a cheap table yet made of high quality materials to withstand rough and long term use.

Good Sides
  • USATT approved competition grade regulation size table
  • Quick set up with 95% pre-assembled and obviously, all accessories are provided
  • Tournament grade 72” net has a convenient clamp style system to work with
  • If it’s a clear, sunny day then you can play outdoor
  • Aprons ensure the tabletop remains flat and consistent for years to come
Bad Sides
  • Assembly will require some help because of bulkiness of table
  • Can have some minor scratches, although it’s hardly visible

3. JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table - Best Buy for Serious Players

JOOLA Tour 1500 is another highly recommended table tennis table. As JOOLA has already established itself as one of the leading ping pong table manufacturers worldwide.

And this is no surprise why many of our reviewed tables are from the brand, JOOLA. Quality, durability and performance wise it’s a good enough option to take into consideration when you are out to buy a brand new table.

This is a regulation size table with a surface thickness of 5/8 inch (15 mm). If you need a thicker table, there are JOOLA Tour 1800 (3/4”) and JOOLA Tour 2500 (1”) to choose as well. Obviously, thicker tabletop provides better ball bounce but if your purpose is to have recreational fun at home/office, then it’s more than enough.

There is folding option to store the table when not in use. Plus, you can set up into playback position and get more practice time before your next match. You can lock the caster wheels in place so that it does not move unexpectedly.

Use the leg levelers on uneven floor and get a level playing surface. Anti-tilting locking device completes the safety features. Not to mention, it comes at an affordable price.

All in all, this USATT approved JOOLA Tour Table tennis table and net set should be a serious contestant for a recreational indoor table.

Good Sides
  • Just attach eight bolts using a wrench to finish the assembly in 10 minutes
  • Pro grade MDF surface creates consistent ball bounce
  • You can easily attach and remove the clamp style net
  • You can play on your own
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee by JOOLA ping pong manufacturer
Bad Sides
  • Assembly requires some additional help from adults

4. STIGA InstaPlay - Best for Instant Gamer

STIGA Insta Play table tennis table with a patented instaPlay technology will be ready to use upon delivery.

Now attach the net into table and invite your friends to compete. Hence, the tag “InstaPlay” is truly justified here.

This is a competition ready table with a ¾ inch tabletop thickness. The surface is smooth and absolutely level to provide a decent game.

It is supported by 2 inch steel aprons to ensure an even bounce across the surface. With wheels, it is easy to shift from one place to another. The wheels also has locking system in place for safety purpose.

Just like all best quality tables usually offer, you can split the table in two halves, nest one into another for compact storage or use as free standing multi-use tables.

To make sure your table does not open accidentally and cause any injury, there is a safety latch system.

Good Sides
  • Protectors on each corner of the table prevent injury
  • Leg caps ensure there won’t be any scratch on your floors
  • You can play ping pong even when you’re alone
  • There is no assembly required at all on this foldable table tennis table
  • The quality of the net is highly praised for keeping two halves of the table altogether
Bad Sides
  • STIGA InstaPlay is a heavier table as this arrives as a completely assembled ping pong table
  • The price is a bit on the higher side compared to the similarly designed models but considering the quality, attractive features and brand reputation, this is worth to make a purchase

5. STIGA Triumph - Worthy Deal

STIGA Triumph is a perfect example of high quality yet affordable ping pong table. This Triumph model from STIGA is another table which is getting increasingly popular for exceptional playability and attractive features.

This STIGA ping pong table dimensions measure 108”L X 60”W X 30”H. A tabletop of 5/8 inch thickness is quite handy for beginner or amateur players. 

You will get even bounce across the entire tabletop through the support of 2 inch steel aprons. Modern STIGA logo adds a bit of flair and style on this quality construction.

Sturdy legs feature plastic cover so that they don’t make scratch on your floor. You can smoothly roll the STIGA Triumph table over any surface with ball bearing wheels.

Locking feature on the wheels keep the table in place for safety and stability. With self opening legs, there is no insecurity when you’re opening or closing the table

Without corner protection, if you’ve children in your house, they can easily get hurt while carelessly running around the table. But STIGA never falls short of ensuring safety. They include protectors on each corner and prevent any sort of scratches and snags.

The table also enables you to get into the playback position and get more practice time before next match. Did I tell you about the 6” net that comes with Velcro tension adjustment?

And along with all these useful features, if you are able to purchase a table that makes the assembly fairly quick and easy then it’s certainly a TRIUMPH for you. This is the best ping pong table for the price.

Good Sides
  • From unboxing the package to the first serve of the game, it shall take only 20-30 minutes approx
  • Surface top has a smooth finish with silkscreen striping
  • Undercarriage is quite sturdy to deliver performance like a professional table
  • Transportation is safe and convenient in this STIGA table tennis table
  • Net and post system perfectly fits into the table
Bad Sides
  • Only for indoor use

6. JOOLA NOVA Outdoor - Reliable Outdoor Option

JOOLA NOVA DX is a durable weatherproof outdoor ping pong table. It features a 6 mm aluminum plastic composite surface that is resistant to warping and chipping.

This one is surely to last long term outdoor use and will continue to provide a consistent bounce all over.

The JOOLA outdoor ping pong table can be split into two halves and they are foldable. So you can use it in playback position for solo practice or as multi-functional tables. Besides, folding halves make the NOVA DX table compact and easy to store.

Each table half is placed on a rust resistant 30 mm X 30 mm steel undercarriage. It also eases the burden of weight of a whole table as now you can move the table effortlessly. 3 inch caster wheels glide easily in any terrain making the transportation a lot easier.

Plus, wheels have got locking system to make the shifting absolutely harmless.

There will be dual anti-tilting locking device so the table does not unfold suddenly and cause an injury. For an outdoor table, having leg leveler is a necessity and JOOLA NOVA doesn’t disappoint in this aspect either. Now you can turn any uneven surface into a flat one.

Good Sides
  • You will get a 72” quality net set for all weather condition
  • Thick aluminum composite surface is water resistant
  • Comes as 95% pre-assembled and it will be ready to use within 10-15 minutes
  • Easy to store away
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Built to withstand outdoor use all year round
Bad Sides
  • In few instances, users reported that wheels have broken down but there is always easy replacement on offer and they are inexpensive as well

7. STIGA XTR Outdoor - Best Outdoor Table

STIGA XTR is a durable outdoor table tennis table designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh elements. 6 mm thick tabletop is powder coated with an aluminum exterior.

Plus, there will be galvanized steel legs making these STIGA outdoor ping pong tables absolutely waterproof and rust-resistant. It is built to resist both extreme humidity and rain.

Due to having moisture resistant nature, unlike indoor tables, they don’t warp and lose their shape. So, this is a table for all year use. 1.5 inch tubular steel aprons provide a decent and consistent bounce across the whole table.

This weatherproof ping pong table is extremely easy to fold thanks to the self opening feature where legs can be automatically employed to open or close the table. By adjusting the leg levers, you can get a quality game even in an imbalanced surface.

Besides, 3” locking caster wheels aid in simple and safe transportation. When you’re alone, you can place the table into playback position and practice on your own.

As the STIGA XTR ping pong table comes in 95% pre-assembled, there is not much left to do for you. And with a 72” all weather net and post set, you can also adjust the net tension.

Good Sides
  • Has the capability to survive in all weather condition
  • Aluminum composite top offers great playability with longevity
  • Storing the table is easy with self opening legs
  • Table halves can be completely separated and used for other activities
  • Regulation size STIGA outdoor ping pong table with 1 year limited warranty
Bad Sides
  • Not for professional ping pong players

8. JOOLA Rally TL- Competition Ready Table

JOOLA Rally TL is another hugely popular table amongst the ping pong users worldwide.

From a quality brand like JOOLA, you would expect them to come up with products that suits players of all skill levels and they certainly deliver in this regard, don’t they?

They offer you 3 tabletop option in terms of thickness (as 5/8, ¾, 1 inch surface all are available). ¾ inch model is quite affordable and the closest one to give a pro level play as 1 inch thick table.

And JOOLA RALLY TL 300 (5/8 inch thick top) is the cheapest option yet decent enough for casual play. Constructed of MDF surface and multiple layers of paint provide a smooth, consistent bounce across the table.

Locking wheels are good enough for ease and safety in transportation. By using leg levelers, you will be able to keep the surface completely flat. Separable table halves are great for simple storage. The JOOLA ping pong table is foldable and you can practice even when there is no one to play with.

With corner ball holders, you can keep your extra ping pong balls in touching distance. Besides, you can keep tracking of the scoreline through the magnetic abacus scorer. On top of all, the net set is easily attachable and tension adjustable.

Good Sides
  • You can also use it as an outdoor table if weather permits
  • A regulation size, USATT approved table tennis table
  • This JOOLA table tennis table is quite easy to put together (95% pre-assembled)
  • Sturdy construction with handy ball storage and abacus scorer
  • Overall, good value for your money
Bad Sides
  • Assembly will require some additional help as the table is a bit heavier one

9. JOOLA Midsize - Popular Compact Table

JOOLA Midsize is a table meant for smaller space. Although it is 2/3rd of a regulation ping pong table size, the table height is still the same.

And it’ll feel like you are playing in a regulation size table!

The assembly is a rather easy one. You will be ready to play in seconds. Just open the legs and attach the net. 

As the JOOLA midsize table halves are free standing, it is quite possible to use this table for so many different uses. Plus, the separate halves make this ping pong table set easier to transport and store.

This extremely lightweight table shall fit in most compact areas like apartment, basements or dorm rooms. Legs are easily foldable and can be locked in place. On top of that you can easily attach the clamp style net and post set

Good Sides
  • Ideal for city dwellers who have limited space in home
  • It is a multi-purpose table
  • JOOLA midsize indoor table tennis table comes as 100% pre-assembled (not 95%)
  • Gives quality performance like a regulation size table
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Bad Sides
  • Best suited to kids play and recreational purposes. Although, pros can test their ball control skill and show off precise stroke making ability

10. STIGA Space Saver - Beneficent for Small Spaces

When we talk about top class mini table tennis tables, STIGA Space Saver is one such table that comes first on my mind.

If you don’t have access to a lot of space in your apartment, Space saver is the most ideal option to go for them.

The best part is, it’s a compact size table that you can easily fold and store away in minimal space. Any objection why it is given the name “Space Saver”?

The 5/8 inch thick MDF tabletop gives you the feel of playing on a full size STIGA table with it’s all round performance. 1.2” tubular steel aprons provide support to the top and ensure an even, consistent bounce all over. Not to mention, STIGA logo presents an attractive look.

No matter what surface you choose to play on, you can always ensure a level playing surface through leg levelers. And another good thing about this STIGA space saving ping pong table is, it comes as 100% pre-assembled.

So, you don’t need to worry about installation at all. It includes a 38.5” heavy duty net and post set as well.

Good Sides
  • You can store the table halves together or separately for more compact storage
  • Molded leg levelers protect your floors from any kind of scratching
  • It’s a multi-purpose table
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Rustproof powder coated finish shall give you plenty of fun moment in the years to come
Bad Sides
  • No playback feature
  • More advanced players may not like the size of the table

Ultimate Guide To Buy Ping Pong Table In 2020

Sportszpro Review team members have spent more than 40 hours on researching & reviewing the top ping pong tables available in the market. We are pretty much sure you’ve visited couple of other websites as well in order to get a smart buy.

We understand it’s a bit confusing that which one you should go with if you’ve so many options in hand. But they don’t satisfy you. But here we don’t offer options, rather we pick on behalf of you according to your needs.

Furthermore, we are going to talk about all the important features of a ping pong table and considerations that may play a big role in your game. Some of them are must have and some are not. You may need a specific feature on the table. All these come to your circumstantial needs and preferences.

No matter what you’re running after we’ve gathered all the necessary information so that you can take a wise purchasing decision. We’ve covered all the best ping pong table brands and their expenses. Besides, you get some useful tips with this in-depth buying guide.

What is ping pong?

Table tennis or ping pong is a sport where players use small rackets and try to hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table. Usually, two and maximum four number of players are allowed to play the game at the same time.

A net divides the ping pong table in two halves. When the ball is played towards a player, he must allow it to bounce just once on his side of the table. Then the player must return it in a fashion so that the ball bounces on the serving side of the table at least once.

Whenever someone fails to return the ball, the opponent gets the point. Whoever scores 11 points at first, he/she wins the game.

A brief history of ping pong

It was in Victoria, England where upper class people started playing the game as an after dinner parlour game. In 1860s or 1870s, British Military officers in India developed a makeshift version of the game.

Couple of books are placed in a row at the center of the table resembling the net. Books were used as rackets and they would hit a golf ball.

Ping pong was the trademarked name for table tennis. British manufacturer J. Jaques & Son LTD used that name. But later they sold the rights to Parker Brothers.

Therefore, an alternative name, table tennis was chosen. Jame W. Gibb discovered novelty celluloid balls and E.C Goode invented the advanced version of the racket.

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was founded in 1926. In that same year, World Championship was hosted in London. And it is in the Olympics since 1988.

Different types of ping pong table

There are various types of ping pong table on sale available to meet your demand. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is essential to know which type of table will be more suitable for you.

So, whenever you’re out to buy ping pong table knowing exactly what you really need, chances are high to get your decision absolutely right.

Basically, there are two types of ping pong table:


But we’ve decided to include a few more on this list to further clarify about the topic.

1. Indoor tables: As the name suggests, this is a kinda table manufactured for using at inside of any house or building.

Generally, they are less expensive than outside ping pong tables. With that being said, price largely depends on the quality build and value of the manufacturing brand.

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table: Stiga Advantage

2. Outdoor tables: Outdoor ping pong tables are designed for playing in open air environments. You can play in your backyard or by the poolside, literally everywhere.

Because, manufacturer have made this table with durability in mind so that it can withstand the constant exposure to sunlight.

To further increase it’s rust resistance against other elements of weather, the surface of the outdoor ping pong table has given anti-rust coating.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table: STIGA XTR

3. Conversion tops: If you don’t have enough space for a full size ping pong table at home, it is worth considering ping pong conversion table. These type of ping pong tables do not have any legs.

They only have a top surface section that can be placed in any surface. You’ve couple of advantages with this kinda set up; anyone can instantly start playing and when not in use, it can be easily stored.

Therefore, ping pong table conversion top will be an ideal choice for casual table tennis players. Besides, it is not as expensive as a regulation size ping pong table either.

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top:
1. JOOLA table tennis conversion top
2. Martin Kilpatrick ping pong table
3. Viper portable table tennis top

4. Mini table tennis table: This is great for young kids who have developed a bit of interest towards the game. Because, the table tennis table top is slightly slanted inwards, kids shall find it easier to have a rally.

The height of ping pong table is also very much accessible to children as they are not required to reach up to meet the ball. Thanks to the small and compact design, it can also be easily stored.

5. Height adjustable table tennis table:
These tables consist of adjustable legs to raise or lower the height of the table. Players can adjust the table at different heights by utilizing telescopic legs. This type of feature is not too bad for young kids.

6. Novety mini table tennis tables: Now, we’ve jumped into an even small ping pong table. Playing on this table which is quite small in size is definitely a bit tricky.

Nevertheless, the amount of fun moments you’ll have is nothing compared to this

7. Swimming pool ping pong tables: Now, pool party will become a source of great fun. You’ll get a floating table with hard surface top providing superb action. A ping pong pool table includes oversized floating paddles, net and balls.

For optional use, you can place the game base on a stiff surface and can have some out-of-the-water fun.

Here is a floating ping pong table for you: Poolmaster Floating Table tennis Game Toy

Equipment for ping pong

At a glance, let’s take a look at the ping pong table accessories:

1. Table: you must have a practice table in your living house or you can have it in your backyard. It certainly depends on the space availability in your house and where you want to mount the table.

We are not going to lengthen this point by talking about space availability as there is a detailed section given over it below. So, we move into the next segment paddles and balls.

2. Paddles and balls: if you’re entering into a game with worn out ping pong paddle, 9 out of 10 times you are going to finish on the losing side.

Therefore, choosing the right paddles that suit your style of play is important (having the correct equipment at your disposal is a pre-requirement to win in a sport).

Different paddles have different features and having more than one paddles can turn out to be your advantage.

As we’ve already mentioned, features are different so two different sides of your stroke making will be on display. It can be really intimidating for opponents.

3 Best Ping pong paddles:
1. Stiga Pro Carbon
2. Killerspin JET200
3. Killerspin JET 800

Lastly, the balls and you have to make sure you have plenty of them. Because, this is not bad to have as many as possible. Nobody likes interruption during a heated game let alone just to look for a single ball. Are they expensive? Big NO is the answer

3 Best Ping pong Balls:
1. Butterfly A40+ 3 star
2. Nittaku Premium 40+
3. JOOLA 2 Star training

Benefits of playing ping pong

Ping pong gives you the opportunity to play the game anytime, anywhere. You can play the game both indoor and outdoor. 

Besides, there are few other benefits that come with playing ping pong.

1. As ping pong is a highly engaging game that requires a lot of concentration, your brain will get sharper. You need to plan out multiple strategies and study your opponents, all during playing a game.

As a result, different areas of your brain are in the action. This result is also visible in your.

2. Thanks to the fast paced and short distance playing nature of the game, your hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes will be improved.

3. Unique sport to shed a few pounds and lead a healthy life.

4. After all, everyone can play this game including kids. So, this makes it easier to form a close bonding with the person on the other side of the table.

And you can’t deny the importance of social interaction in this highly competitive world.

5. Playing table tennis requires both speed and agility. As you need to quickly change your direction to return the ball, you need to do so by staying balanced. The practice shall improve your body balance.

6. As with ping pong, no heavy equipment are in use and no real chance of collisions and falling, this is an ideal sport for people who are recovering from other sports injuries.

7. It can help in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.

We must say this to you, according to Daniel Gregory Amen, a renowned American psychiatrist and Brain disorder specialist, table tennis is the world’s best brain sport. So, you see there are plenty of advantages if you play ping pong

Do you know in Poland this sport was recommended for using as a tool in increasing the physical activities due to the undeniable benefits of table tennis?

So, when is your turn? Grab a paddle and I’ll let you serve the ball first!

Because we believe our readers do not only play ping pong, there can be a Basketball freak or Foosball lover hiding in your family.

Therefore, we've decided to review some of best products in those categories as well. Don't forget there is an in depth buying guide we've added.

Important Features of a Ping Pong Table


All the ping pong tables don’t have the same dimensions. What size is a regulation ping pong table? Infact, they come in a variety of sizes.

The standard ping pong table dimensions measure 9’L X 5’W X 2.5’H. In other words, it is 2.74 meter in length, 1.525 meters in width and 76cm or 30 inches in height.

The thickness can be from 19 mm to official 25 mm. Net is 1.83 (6 feet) in length and 15.25 cm (6 inches) in height.

We’ve decided to include this section on this guide so that you get a clue and can determine the best location to fit the right type of ping pong table.

Surface Thickness

Many table tennis experts strongly believe surface thickness of the table tennis top has the greatest impact on the quality of play. Thicker table surface means the ball will bounce better and players can create wide range of spinning shots as well.

Want to be the best table tennis player? Then you must gather knowledge about the kind of impact a structure of ping pong table top can have in the overall gaming experience.

There is quite a bit of difference in the table top thickness of indoor and outdoor tables. It is given below.

Thickness of indoor ping pong table tops: ½” (10-13 mm): flimsy, get damaged quite easily and horrible bounce. Avoid these tables!
5/8”-3/4” (15-19 mm): beginners & intermediate players & for recreational use.

1” (25 mm): pro level game play, ITTF tournament standard.

Thickness of outdoor ping pong table tops: 5-6.5 mm: Ideal for at home and recreational fun. 7 mm and up: Incredible bounce and playability. Good for school, college and club use.

At first, we are going to discuss about the surface thickness of indoor ping pong table.

Generally, professional ping pong players play only on 22-25 mm thick surface. And these pro quality tables come at a rather expensive price.

These ping pong tabletops have thickness about 15 mm up to 19 mm that is quite ideal for beginners and intermediate players. And there is no shame in trying out the lesser because you can always upgrade for something better.

Gather some experience, work on some skills and when you feel you’re ready to step into the bigger shoes then go for it. With outdoor table things are little bit different. They are designed to withstand even the harshest weather elements.

So, the manufacturer use different materials. They have weatherproof coating on top. Some use aluminum metal, particle board and so on. For an outdoor table top, weatherproof capabilities are the most critical factor.

It should resist in the rain without being damaged. Because of the structural design, these outdoor game tables might not be as thick as the indoor ones, yet you can get decent amount of bounce from it.

Damage resistance is also another important feature of a plastic coated table top. Because, it can certainly affect the ball bounce. If not properly manufactured, there will be cracks on the surface and it might get worse.

Build quality and smoothness of table surface can create amazing spin drives that is mesmerising for everyone to watch.

Frame thickness

The frame thickness of a ping pong table plays a big hand in delivering long time service. If you want to use your ping pong table for several years, you must make sure of getting one with a quality frame.

Best quality frames are generally designed with stainless steel. Compared to aluminum, it will show far more durability and longevity. Poorly constructed frame can bend over time and they are of no use.

Having a thicker table means, it’s a bit heavy so you might find it a touch difficult to move it around. At the same time, the table will also feel the heat if you’re intending to play regularly on it! Strength of the frame shall ensure optimum support for you.

Note: Compared to thin tables, thicker tables possess more connecting points and tables with more connecting points than others show greater robustness.

Under Carriage

The pingpong table top is mounted on a section and it is called under carriage. The legs of the table and a folding mechanism are also engaged in undercarriage. Thick table legs provide increased sturdiness to the undercarriage.

In return if you’ve got kids or players who at times lean against the table tennis table, a good undercarriage will offer much needed strength to soak up the pressure.

Even if you are planning to use the table regularly, buying table with strong undercarriage is essential. Putting too much pressure on poorly made undercarriage may result in bending and the surface will become uneven.

Basically undercarriages are of three types:

  1. Two part rollaway
    2. Two part centerfold rollaway
    3. Permanent, non-foldable

We generally see non-foldable permanent tables in tournament level games whereas for recreational play rollaway tables are suitable & easy to setup. This is also ideal for advanced level of play.


If you want to enjoy the game at the fullest level, then it is essential to place the table in an even flooring surface. If it is not, then you can be damn sure about one thing, the ball shall frequently keep going on one side of the table.

But you won’t get a perfectly even playing surface all the time. Tables with height adjusting leveler provide you the best solution. This feature ensures your table is pretty much level everytime you start the game.

Besides, sturdy legs are one of the quality attributes of a good ping pong table. A ping pong table weighs quite a lot and legs will keep table in place. Therefore, buying a table that comes with soft legs won’t be a good idea at all.


Is the ping pong net important? Yes, absolutely. Generally, synthetic plastic, nylon mesh or cotton cloth is used as material. It divides the table in two equal parts. If your ping pong table net is hanging down loosely, how much fun will you get from this? Forget about fun, this will give you a terrible gaming experience. Good quality nets have more chance to offer competitive play. Net post is equally important as nets. 

Basically there are four kinds of net post available:

1. Stationary net posts: Brackets that always keep the net in place are called stationary net posts. You don’t need to worry about the position of the net as it is never out of place.

Plus, there won’t be any hassle to put the net on each time you decide to play. This is one kind of indication of a well manufactured table. This is great for everyone.

2. Clip type: In this type of net post, a spring loaded clip is used. The clip doesn’t just help in mounting the net but also grasps two halves of the table together.

Generally, they are mid priced tables. For intermediate players, it is considered as the best. Beginners can also play without any worry for recreational purpose.

3. Retractable type: This is cheap, simple to set up and you can take it down quite easily as well. This is ideal for casual players.

4. Screw type: Here screw clamp is used which provides better grip alongside height and tension adjustability. There are ring chains available on this kind of net posts which help to adjust the tension of the net. Pro level players love it and this is a costlier option though.


1. Digging the clamp screws into the table can prove detrimental.

2. Dragging the clamps alongside the table surface while removing net, can cause harm to the surface.

3. Clamps that come with padding system greatly minimize the possibility of wear and tear in the table surface.

3 Best Ping Pong Nets:
1. JOOLA Premium Avanti table tennis net & post set
2. Stiga premium clipper 72” regulation
3. Ipong carbon fiber table tennis ball catch net for ping pong robot

Corner protection

A ping pong set without any corner protection will be a bit tough to handle. Surprised? Why am I telling you this? Here is the reason behind. Ping pong table corner guards are essential to have.

If you don’t have any corner protection, the corner of the table may get chipped when you’re looking to move it from one place to another. Because if it comes in heavy contact with something, hard to tell what will happen then.

So, why take this risk?

Corner guards prevent your table from this kind of damage. Besides, sharp corner of table can make your ping pong players more prone to unwanted injuries. Another valid reason why you should purchase a table with corner protection?

Spare parts

Well-known ping pong brand tables always provide necessary spare parts when you purchase a table from them. It does not matter how much you’ve paid or how well they’ve manufactured it, the inclusion of these spare parts is indeed a part of their packaging process.

In case something breaks accidentally in the middle of the game, you can fix the table straightway. There is easy replacement on offer. Knowing the fact that, you don’t need to order or go to nearby shop and purchase several parts separately, it gives you so much pleasure, doesn’t it?

Surface Leveling

Everybody wishes to purchase a perfectly leveled table. If a table top ping pong table comes with some hole markings on it or have warping, that is not the most pleasing thing to play at.

After all, you should get true value for your bucks. And leveling of the surface is such a crucial factor that you can’t ignore.

You need to know whether your table is leveled or not, right?

Then we suggest you to match your eye level to the table surface by squinting a bit. If you just take a look at the table top ping pong set from the standing position, you might not be able to find out the real difference.

As a result, in future this might get you in trouble. Don’t ignore this point and if you do who knows you might rue your decision

User Comfort

renowned ping pong table manufacturers add quite a number of amazing features in a table just to make the game equipment more useful to customers. For example if a table comes with adjustable legs and fold ability option alongside wheels for simple trans-portability, any buyer can sense the ease with which he can use the table. Comfortableness is certainly something with which you can’t really compromise. Or will you?

Professional ping pong table comes with wheels to move the table easily. Mostly you get wheels with outdoor tables. It won’t be easy to move the table without wheels. If you don’t have too much space in your room then you would want to go with a table that has fold-ability feature.

Nobody hates to use any stuff that takes minimal space for storage. Using foldable ping pong table has a great advantage. You can practice alone even if there is none to accompany you. By just folding one part of the table, you can easily play by yourself.

And obviously the adjustability option is a blessing for people with different heights. As you can customize the ping pong table height, tall guys can play with younger kids now


It’s not just a ping pong table whatever product you choose to buy, safety is a major aspect to look at. This becomes even more significant when small children and young kids are involved in the game.

If you keep playing on the table top surface for quite a while then you’ll get an idea about the sturdiness of the table. According to that you can put some pressure on it.

Besides, when you are trying to fold the table for storage purposes, your fingers might get trapped if you don’t have suitable locking system.

Safety lock features such as levers give you simple folding mechanism so chances of injuring yourself is greatly minimized. Padded corners also help in this case.

With wheel lock system, the portable ping pong table won’t roll or move during play and when transporting the game table you simply need to unlock the wheel to move the table forward.

And you need these safety features for a better playing experience. Your investment will pay dividends for quite a long time.


Cleaning is very much important if you want to make sure the long lastingness of your ping pong table. If you don’t take actions to keep your ping pong table free from microbes, not only it can cause diseases but also your table surface will start rotting sooner than later.

If you’ve an outside ping pong table, chances are great to make it dirty compared to the indoor ones. If you let the dirt to accumulate, bacteria will grow in large numbers and who knows there might not be too much time left on the clock. We will inform you in details about how to clean ping pong table.

Cleaning with vinegar: it is one of the easiest way to clean a ping pong table. Vinegar is a great example of effective product cleaner.

You need these following things to clean the ping pong table safely:

1. Vinegar
2. Water
3. Bowl
4. Soft rug

Cleaning with commercial cleaner: With so many commercial cleaners available in the market, it certainly depends on your personal choice and budget. As these commercial cleaners are more stringent compared to vinegar, your table will get a sparkling look in no time.

You need to spray the cleaner bottle and all the dust and sweat will be gone. When spraying is done, a soft rug should be used to erase impurity. If anything left, do it multiple times. Then use another soft rug at the end. It will allow the table to dry.

Things you need here:

1. Commercial cleaner
2. Water
3. Soft rug- 2 piece


1. When rubbing with soft rug, avoid rough movement
2. Remove the net and net post before cleaning
3. A protective cover can be used to keep the surface clean

Quick Assembly

How long a ping pong table takes to assemble is an important feature to look at. Passionate ping pong players want to start the ping pong fun instantly. They don’t like time consuming assembly. Luckily, on these days most ping pong tables come in pre-assembled or maximum you’ll need 15-30 minutes to put it all together.

Note: Choose a table that arrives pre-assembled and with a complete instruction manual where all the steps you need to take are clearly described

Some tables might be hefty. Therefore, it is always better if you have extra set of hands to assist in the process. And don’t forget you can always call professionals if you’ve any doubt on mind.

Before starting the installation, you must remember these two point:

1. When the table is delivered, at first check the packaging and see if there is any damage or not.

2. Check all the accessories that are included with the product and see if there is any parts missing or not.

And it is never bad to have some tools in our garage:

1. Wrench
2. Screw driver
3. Spanner
4. Measuring tape

Although a good quality ping pong table doesn’t require any additional tools. Rather they include all the required parts in the package and almost anyone can finish the assembly with very little hassle. Avoid buying ping pong tables that come with poor instructions as they can take hours or even longer to put together.

Storage for accessories

To keep accessories like paddles and balls right in place, some tables include additional storage space. For example if you’ve got kids who can’t remember where they have kept paddles after playing on the previous day, it’s a good fit for them.

It might not be a must have feature but definitely it helps. Besides, the playing area will look pretty much well garnished and somehow your ping pong kids shall feel the urge to have a go at it.


if a table comes with warranty then you can sleep at night peacefully knowing the fact that manufacturing brand gives it a guarantee to last long. This is as simple as it can get.

Even if you need to spend a few more bucks try to purchase one that comes with warranty. Because if something bad happens, you know you can get a replacement from the seller. And the seller never displeases customers.

Therefore, the warranty has a far more significance than you might just think.


Playing space

How much room do you need for a ping pong table? Playing space is a big thing to think about when you’re attempting to purchase a new table. Because, the table you’re going to choose needs to suit the size of the room. If you’re considering it for playing outside then no need to take stress at all.

But for an indoor table, you need to make sure it fits in your room quite comfortably. You must know the space needed for ping pong table. Big question is will your space be able to accommodate a standard size ping pong table?

The standard size of a ping pong table measures 9ft long by 5ft wide and 2.5ft high. You’ll also need plenty of space to comfortably move around and play. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the game. This is why our suggestion will be to keep at least five feet space behind each end and three feet in each side for optimal playing experience.

Why not help you a bit more?

How much space do you need for a ping pong table?
For an international table tennis court, the regulation table tennis size is 30ft by 16ft. According to that your room size for ping pong table should be-

1.Home/casual play: 17ft X 10ft
2.Competitive play: 21ft X 13ft

But you probably are not that fortunate to have a big enough space in your living house. Nothing to worry as there are smaller options available for players who have shortage on space. Try for a midsize or ¾ size ping pong table that plays very much similar to the regulation size ping pong tables. These mid size ping pong tables shall suit them best.

Here are our recommendations for smaller specifications.

Best mini ping pong tables:
1. GOPLUS 60" Portable Table
2. JOOLA Midsize Table
3. Stiga Space Saver

Indoor vs outdoor

Indoor tables:

Indoor tables provide consistent, uniform ball bounce and spin. As the price of an indoor and outdoor table doesn’t differ that much, indoor tables generate a better playing experience.

This is due to the fact that weatherproof materials are used to construct the outdoor pingpong table which directly have an impact in the quality of play.

With that being said, indoor tables aren’t made to last in humid or rainy conditions. Therefore if you have enough space in your room to set it up, stay in your comfort zone and play the game.

If the weather permits, you can still make a game or two outside, can’t you?

Recommended for: indoor, rec room, gaming room

Not recommended for: rainy, windy and humid climate conditions

Outdoor tables:

Why not take full advantage of an outdoor table tennis table if you’re shortage of space. They are designed with weatherproof wooden materials to withstand harsh elements. They can survive hot, humid condition or temperature variation. They won’t show any sign of warping and rotting under such conditions.

Waterproof surface with large casters and easy set up process make it absolutely sturdy. When it is raining or somehow table gets wet, the waterproof materials shall make sure of retaining it’s original shape.

Plus, add scratch and corrosion resistant UV painting on the support systems and legs for longevity of the table. Therefore, outdoor tables are more expensive than their counterparts, indoor ones.

Nevertheless, the bounce quality isn’t as good as indoor tables but still high quality action packed games are on offer and you can play all year round which is a significant advantage.

Recommended for: open air play

Difference: Both the indoor and outdoor tables have same width, length and height. But the key difference between the two are the materials that are used to design ping pong top.

And obviously you get a thicker surface with indoor table games.


Suppose, you’ve an indoor table and the apartment that you’re living on is not so big. Therefore, to play table tennis you need to create an open space. You can do so by moving furniture and other items from the way. Once the game is over, you need to pack up.

In other case, let’s assume you’ve sufficient space to play table tennis. But when the game is finished, you surely would not want to keep the table there.

Because the space can be required for doing something else. Most families can’t afford to leave a full size room absolutely empty for recreational activities.

In both the case, it will be better if you can purchase a table which gives you folding option. Fixed table tennis tables stay open and they are pretty good for someone who is living in a large apartment and will have no problem whatsoever if he/she can allot one full room. On the opposite side, fold up ping pong tables can be easily packed and stored.

Foldability of a table gives you another significant benefit. Fold up ping pong table gives you the opportunity to practice alone even If you don’t have any partner. As the table can be folded up in the middle, you shall be able to play the game all by yourself.

After being hit against the table surface, the ball will come back to your direction. So you can still prepare yourself ahead of a crunch game.

Therefore, it will be better if you choose a 2 piece ping pong table. Luckily for you, all the tables we’ve enlisted here are of 2 piece design.


Because of not having a permanent spot to play table tennis, if you need to move your table frequently from one position to another then it is recommended to choose a table that offers maximum portability.

Buy a portable table tennis table that comes with wheels and wheel locks. With wheels it will be easier for you to carry them incase table is heavy.

Besides, if the weather condition is worsened by strong winds or heavy rain in the middle of the match, you need to quickly move your outdoor tables inside. Best outdoor ping pong tables feature quality wheels to enable quick and safe transportation.

You can also roll the wheels and keep it in a corner so that the playing space is left open for doing other things. Wheel locks also come in handy making the table immobile during game time.


Basically manufacturers use wood in the ping pong table which is pretty much OK for indoor ones. But for outdoor use, you need a weatherproof table surface. And advanced weatherproof ping pong tables are designed with aluminum materials.

There is a synthetic laminate top which gives you two advantages; durability and lightweight.

For example: JOOLA NOVA is an all weather ping pong table.

Antiglare coating

If your ping pong table surface is equipped with an anti-glare finish then it will hardly show any signs of slowing down the game. It doesn’t just make a faster gameplay but also provides you comfort and you’ll be able to enjoy the game.

How much do you want to spend on it

Imagine you’ve purchased a product that doesn’t give you satisfaction. Instead, you are feeling like you shouldn’t have spent that much money on a product of that quality. Did it ever happen to you? And it’s so much frustrating.

Therefore before going out to buy ping pong tables, it is essential to know how much you want to spend on it and what you can get in return. What’s that number you can’t outdo? And if you do then you may feel the heat in the middle of the month.

As ping pong table prices do vary, there are some inexpensive tables and some are unaffordable. Infact, a cheap table tennis table will cost you not more than a few hundred dollars and you might need to spend several thousand dollars for a top quality table.

But remember, low end ping pong tables may not provide you with all the features that are needed for a superior gaming experience. In high end ping pong tables, you get all you need but don’t forget your budget. If you’re tight on budget then it won’t be a wise decision to go for an expensive table tennis table.

Rather take a look at my best rated ping pong tables chart where you will find from quality mid range tables to all the way high quality products. Match the card according to your budget.

Note: Never hesitate to spend a little extra if a product is much more durable and sturdy compared to the other choices.

How much does a ping pong table cost.

Cheap ping pong tables have a very thin surface to play on. Though it will take under $150 but we will suggest you to avoid those. They are so cheap because they often come with poor quality.

A ping pong table thickness of around 15 mm-19 mm is pretty much decent table. This will offer good bounce of the table surface and you’ll enjoy for the several years to come.

Generally, a ping pong table cost will be around $400-$600. And one more thing that will certainly please you, most popular tables come below $500 price range. So, no need to break your bank.

And lastly there are competition quality tables which offer so many great features alongside a thick tabletop surface of around 22-25 mm. These are high pricey tables and shall cost you $800-$1200+ mark.

These expensive tables are expected to survive a good number of years. Strongly built and a quality design. And the price of these high quality tables is very much legitimate/

Lastly, ping pong table price does vary. Nevertheless, we want to show you the average cost of all types of ping pong table:

How much are ping pong tables?

1. Indoor tables- $200-$400
2. Outdoor tables- $400-$700
3. Conversion tops- $200-$300
4. Luxurious high pricey tables- $1000+

How much should you spend on it?

Now that you know how much will a ping pong table cost and the amount you’re happy to spend, make a purchase according to your need.

1. If you’re looking for a table to have recreational fun or any beginner can choose between $300-$400 range.

2. For intermediate players, price and performance of the table, both are equally important. Don’t really need to go beyond $450-$650.

3. For professional table tennis players who play frequently at club and local tournaments, can go over $1000.

Objective of Purpose

1. If you’re purchasing for recreational fun with family and friends then look for a table under $400 that has the surface thickness of about 15-16 mm, comes with a sturdy frame & simple storing facility.

For outdoor tables, the price will be under $500: Entry level table (cheap models are quite good for occasional fun). Then check out Stiga Advantage. Need a cheap ping pong tables option? JOOLA Midsize is here.

2. This section is also for players who are taking this game as one kind of leisure activities. An entry level table won’t provide you that much support when it comes to competitive practice sessions or hardcore play.

And why should you be in confusion whether the table will fit your natural attacking style of play or not. Go for a mid-entry table. And more importantly, not so much difference in the price.

Look for table that has at least 19 mm thickness and the price is under $650. So, if a beginner is thinking about the game seriously/ you have a rising ping pong star in your family: Mid entry table (it will suit them). Then check out JOOLA Tour.

3. If you are an experienced player and want to participate in local tournaments, you need a table surface of minimum 22 mm thickness. These high quality tables are best suited for professional table tennis players. They tend to offer more consistent ball bounce and spin compared to the mid entry tables. 

Want to be the best ping pong player in the world then go with a table that costs you in $1000+: high end table (you need to prepare yourself in the best possible manner). Then check out Butterfly Centerfold 25.

4. If you are purchasing for a club/community/office then mid entry/high end table, any of the two will do ( remember you need durability over performance here as very few people take care of things that they don’t own).

Best Brands for Ping Pong Table

Killerspin: The USA based manufacturing brand supplies high quality yet affordable ping pong equipment around the globe. They have products to fit players of different skill and playing style.

Killerspin tables are hailed for offering better bounce off the surface due to arch bases and sleek surfaces. They’re easy to carry with movable feet and wheel lock system helps in simple storing process. Assembly is quite easy as well.

Butterfly: Established by Tamasu Hikosuke, this Japanese brand has been doing business for over 69 years. It has turned into a successful table tennis equipment brand. Butterfly ping pong tables are of high quality and can be easily assembled. High density wood makes the surface excellent.

Besides, there will be protection for edges of the table and sleek tops to allow proper bounce. Wheels are flexible making it easy to move. Undoubtedly, Butterfly manufactures the best outdoor tables.

Here is a popular butterfly ping pong table for you: Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table.

Stiga: Stiga, the Swedish brand is equally popular as Killerspin. This is so reliable that world’s most competitive ping pong tables are built by them. Quality and performance are always visible within Stiga ping pong tables.

They use advanced technologies such as WRB, SDT and middle veneer in their paddles. Movement is stress free. These elegant Stiga tables are easy to set up and dismantle as they come almost in assembled condition. Plus you get a pro quality net. Price is quite reasonable too. Stiga makes the best indoor ping pong tables.

JOOLA: The German brand offers products for different level of table tennis competitions. Infact, they supply high quality equipment for players of different levels and price isn’t that high. JOOLA table tennis tables have anti-tilt element so that the tables doesn’t turn over and injure someone in the process.

Such is the uniqueness of JOOLA ping pong tables, you can split the table in two parts for storing and transportation purposes.

Cornilleau: Cornilleau tables are manufactured in France. With Cornilleau tables, you get a high quality product with corrosion resistant materials. Adjustable ping pong table legs make it playable for everyone. Tables corners have got protection through padding system.

No hassle in movement and you can also store it quite easily. But they are not for budget conscious customers as they are quite expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best ping pong table?

Ans: Just take a look at the thickness of the table tennis top. The thicker your table tennis top, the better is the quality. Tables with a thickness of at least 19 mm are considered to be the best.

Basically, thinner tables offer poor gaming experience. Don’t overlook construction materials, user convenience and safety features as well. Sturdy, stable legs are another attribute of a good quality ping pong table.

Q. What about the origination of table tennis? I heard both ping pong and table tennis were adapted from the same sport?

Ans: Yes, both the sports have the same origin. Infact, they were an adaption of lawn tennis. The invention of this sport had a goal. It was to continue sporting activity during winter season.

But with time and different set of rules, they eventually became two different table top sport.

Q. Are ping pong and table tennis the same sport just spelling it differently? Or something else?

Ans: Before 2011, they were the same sport. For amateurs players who occasionally play or take it as a recreational activity, this is called ping pong. Ping pong is a game for garage players. On the other hand, table tennis generally relates to serious players who formally train in the game.

Rules and point system aren’t the same either. Ping pong use only sandpaper bats while table tennis literally has no limit in types of table tennis blade. Sandpaper bats are known for slowing down the game speed but table tennis provides a faster gameplay and more spinning with the ball.

Basically these are the differences between ping pong and table tennis.

Q. Which is more expensive to buy? Table tennis or ping pong equipment?

Ans: Table tennis equipment is costlier compared to ping pong tables.

Q. Which is better a fixed table or a folding one?

Ans: If you’re opting for a permanent table then you’re giving a strong indication you’re taking the game seriously and want to prepare yourself according to that. And if you’ve the space in your house then go for it.

By contrast for someone who is just looking for some recreational fun here and there, a folding ping pong table should be the best bet. You can easily set the game up and pack everything if the need arises.

Q. Can I use indoor tables outside my house?

Ans: On paper, you can definitely do that. Perhaps, the manufacturer has designed the table perfectly with quality materials but ultimately it depends on yourself to maintain the table.

And they say, you can’t leave an indoor table outside for longer periods of time. Because, it can be a humid condition or it’s raining. Either way, your table can be damaged.

Q. Why does a ping pong paddle has two different colors, red and black?

Ans: There is a competitive advantage in ping pong paddle with different colors on each side. Usually, red side of the paddle helps the ping pong ball to travel faster while black side puts a better spin on it.

Now if a player wants, he can play the ball in a varying fashion by just flipping the paddle. Besides, everyone including judges can see which side of the paddle the players are using to hit the ball.

Q. Which is better Penhold or shake hand?

Ans: Penhold grip allows your wrist to move freely more than shake hand grips. You get more power on your serves and there is no point of indecision that opponent can attack. But performing a backhand topspin is a difficult ask there.

On the other hand, although there is always a point of indecision with shake hand grip, it is still the most popular type of grip in the ping pong sport.

So often people think shake hand is the only way that we can hold the paddle. But there are also some other grips such as “V” and “Seemiller”. 

Q. What happens if I touch the table?

Ans: You can’t touch table surface with the hand that is not holding the paddle. If you do so, your opponent shall be given a free point. You should not move the table with something that you’re wearing or carrying with yourself.

Q. How much does a ping pong ball weigh?

Ans: The kind of ping pong balls are used in Olympic game weigh 2.7 grams or 0.095 ounce. According to ITTF, you need a ping pong ball of 4 cm or 40 mm in diameter for competitive play.

In color, they can be white or orange. Ping pong balls are sold based on three star rating. Highest quality balls are given three star.

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