Best Fishing Line For Spinning Reels In 2021 [Updated]

You might be planning for a fishing trip to take some time off the hectic office schedule but only to discover you have got little or no experience as an angler. This is where spinning reels come in to rescue you as they are extremely user-friendly & you can quickly become a proficient at using them.

Catching fish is your ultimate goal, right? To get desired result, it is crucial to have the best fishing line for spinning reels.

In a Hurry? Here are our 3 Elite Picks:

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Powerpro Spectra


Berkley Trilene Big Game


KastKing Superpower Braid


Spiderwire Stealth


Kastking World Premium


Berkley Trilene XL


Kastking Fluorokote


Piscifun Onyx


Stren High Impact Mono


Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon


Top Rated Fishing Line For Spinning Reels Reviewed

Our Rating:  Best all round fishing line


1. Strong three end braided construction

2. Minimal line memory

3. Extremely sensitive

4. Thin diameter

5. Suitable for spinning & casting

6. USA made


1. Color tends to fade over time

2. A bit expensive but completely worth it

In this fishing industry, we can’t remember a brand name as reliable as Powerpro. Their dedication is to come up with high quality products and excellent customer service is certainly praiseworthy.

This Power Pro Spectra Braided fishing line has increased brand’s reputation to a new level with it’s fantastic features & numerous advantages. This is the best braided fishing line for spinning reels.

Here in this Power Pro braid review, you will have a good in depth look regarding the fishing line.

It is extremely strong, durable 7 can take on large fish. You don’t need to worry over line breakage. Because braided spectra fiber is used to enhance fishing line’s roundness & smoothness.

It should be noted that line diameter comes in a range from 0.005 inch- .035 inch and yard lengths from 150-3000.

Due to small diameter, you will be able to cast easily on spinning reel. Plus, power pro braided line gives you the advantage to spool a huge amount of line onto the reel .

You can use it for several months without having the need of spooling shortly. You can spool right form the box. Thanks to the packaging, you can protect the remaining line & easily store it.

Thin line also means invisibility so the fish won’t run away. PowerPro actually created this microline fiber braided line for clearer water bodies. Thin diameter gives lure more action in the water.

This is Powerpro’s most sensitive fishing line thanks to the three end braided construction & zero stretch. You can easily cast long distances & feel the bites. It can quickly cut through water of varying depths as well.

Plenty of color options are available with this Power Pro Fishing Line. You can choose depending on the fishing conditions. Try to pick one that blends nicely with the water. Only complain we’ve received so far is the color fades over time.

Otherwise, users liked the knot strength & versatility which also helps in reducing line tangles.

They praised about it’s rigorous strength & casting performance. They loved how well it communicates & let them know what’s happening on the end of the line. This is the best braided line for harshest environments against biggest and wicked fish.

Who will buy this: anglers can fish walleye, trout, pan fish, pompano and many more. Highly recommended for fresh & saltwater.

Our Rating: Best monofilament fishing line for spinning reels


1. Lots of line at a cheap cost

2. Thin, smooth & sturdy construction

3. Different colors & test strengths

4. Incredible shock resistance

5. Controlled stretching

6. Durable


memory retention

Berkley is another long time trusted brand known for deliverying high quality products without breaking your bank. And Berkley trilene big game monofilament is the perfect example of remarkable craftsmanship by Berkley.

It has got all the great qualities to be considered as the best monofilament line on the market. There are so many things to talk about. Without further delay, let’s start this Berkley trilene big game review.

The big game mono line is ultra-smooth so you can easily cast long distances. The roundness of the fibers prevents your line from twists & tangles.

Hailed for it’s incredible strength & reliability, this big game fishing line is indeed for the catch of big game fish. It can put up a fight with large fish. The amazing strength offers control & boosts your confidence as well.

The monofilament is shock resistant & has stretching ability. This is actually quite useful if you’re landing a big fish.

If suddenly the fish makes a quick run, you’ll be able to avoid the shock. Moreover, you’ll have a huge amount of line without spending too much money.

However, they aren’t as sensitive as lines with less or zero stretch ability.

If you regularly fish in cover or near abrasive structures then you can do so with this monofilament line. As it has got exceptional abrasion resistance & durability, it will prove super tough against rough or sharp objects.

Don’t forget the knot strength is quite fantastic and it holds up well.

Thin & smooth mono line comes in a wide range of sizes and weights. It also presents different color options and you can pick that suits your fishing conditions most.

High line memory is the only issue with this mono line. If you leave it for an extended period of time in your spinning reel, it will adapt the coiled shape. So, there will be a big impact on your casting performance.

This is a heavy duty fishing line. When comparing with Trilene XL, users have found this mono line a bit thicker but stronger.

If you are looking for a main line, this trilene big game is the unprecedented winner. Besides, it resists abrasion better than any other mono line.

Who will buy this: anglers can land bluefish, salmon, bass, steelhead. Berkley big game line is great for freshwater & saltwater.

Our Rating: Best trout fishing line for spinning reels


1.Low memory, zero stretch

2. Smooth & long casting

3. Strong abrasion resistance

4. Great tensile strength

5. Durable construction for solid knot strength


Color can peel off

Now you don’t have to spend a lot of cash for high quality braided fishing lines anymore.

This kastking Superpower braid is a durable fishing line like no other. You can cast miles without bothering about fraying or break offs. This is the best casting braided line for spinning reel.

Keep reading our KastKing braid review to get more details.

This braided line is constructed of an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. To make things clear, the same fiber material is used to make bullet proof vests.

You get plenty of color options to choose from. And they don’t fade away over time.

The KastKing braided fishing line comes in a variety of test strength ranging from 10-150lb test. Anglers can rely on the excellent tensile strength of this kastking braid line.

Although they are made with 4 strong strands, the higher tensile strength ranging from 65lb-150lb gives you more strength with 8 powerful strands.

These dynamically incorporated strands are wrapped up quite securely so you can easily tie & give a more solid knot.

The low memory of superpower braided lines reduces chances of wind knots and helps you to achieve a better, longer cast.

The superior abrasion resistance shall help you to land trophy fish. It can resist wear and tear.

The zero stretch & high sensitivity means it provides a superior hook setting, you can feel small bites & in turn your catch ratio is improved.

Thin diameter allows to spool more fishing line on to your spinning reel and guess what you’re getting all these features at a rather cheap price without compromising on quality.

As the features remain the same, buyers are happy to purchase a braided line at such a low cost. The line is very much strong, smooth and easy to attach with ladders. It is capable of handling obstructions & abrasive structures.

Who will buy this: This fishing line can catch fishes in saltwater & freshwater, from shark to trout. Anglers would love to have this KastKing braided line. Plus, various colors are useful to blend with different fishing conditions.

Our Rating: Best braided line for bass fishing


1.Super thin

2. Anti-color fading technology

3. You can feel everything

4. Excellent casting properties

5. Good strength


poor abrasion resistance

This time we’ve come up with a product from SpiderWire, a reputable brand when it comes to manufacturing braided lines.

Amazing strength & smoothness of this SpiderWire braided stealth superline shall enable you to accurately cast long distances.

Unlike other fishing lines where line twists hurt casting performance, here you won’t have to deal with this.

Tight weave construction gives SpiderWire stealth superline braid fishing line it’s remarkable strength. High quality Dyneema PE microfibers make it strong, smooth & round.

It is ideal for fishing in tight spaces & dense cover where you’ll be required to rip lures. Besides, it also has the capability to fight with stronger, larger fish.

Although this is a cheap braided line, you can spool plenty of line onto your reel thanks to the ultra-small diameter.

Microfibers are treated with fluoropolymer to shoot through the guides like a bullet and it gives a smooth, backlash free casting performance.

SpiderWire’s PE fibers do not stretch and so the braided line is quite sensitive. You can instantly detect bites and even tell about structures with which the line comes into contact.

You will be glad to hear, a color-lock coating technology is used on this SpiderWire braided line. It eliminates color fading, makes it slicker, reduces friction and in turn improves casting performance.

Just like other products on this list, SpiderWire braided fishing line also gives you plenty of option in terms of line capacity, pound test & colors. Pick one that will work best for your targeted fish & fishing condition.

Let’s move into the last segment of our SpiderWire Stealth Braid Review, user experience.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction in getting longer casts & less line twists. On the other hand, it does not have the strongest abrasion resistance and tends to fray when dragging around rock bottoms.

Who will buy this: the colors make this fishing line more suitable to blue water lakes and saltwater condition.

Our Rating: Best mono for bass fishing


1. Unique paralleled roll track technology

2. Less memory and easy to handle

3. Strong abrasion resistance

4. Low absorption

5. Great for fresh & sea water


Stiffness can prove challenging for beginners

KastKing uses flawless manufacturing technology to make monofilament lines even more durable. Their monofilament line is available in different colors such as clear, green, yellow, red & blue.

They have introduced an innovative keeper package that protects the mono line and offers quick availability. At the same time, it maximizes your fishing efficiency.

The mono line has a thin diameter and it is strong & abrasion resistant. You can even use it as a leader line.

It does not matter if you’re fishing in a tournament or fun purpose, in saltwater or freshwater, the kind of superior performance you are going to have with this mono line is simply incomparable.

The uniqueness of this KastKing premium mono fishing line is it’s paralleled roll track technology. It reduces backlashes and wind knots by eliminating line memory. It allows for easy spooling and cast control to make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

The nylon fiber used is known for providing superior abrasion resistance & powerful tensile strength so you can take on a bass fish.

The fish can’t see as the clear line is as invisible as ever. Although, you can use other colored mono lines for many fishing tactics.

Low absorption of line makes it less limping that enables quick retrieval. You will hardly see line breakage at the knots as well.

Not only KastKing ensures quality but also they like to keep their fishing gears affordable. Users have praised about the knots saying they hold up quite strongly and the line has a good diameter.

They like the line being designed as super hydrophilic. Because when they use light lure for long distance casting, it needs to cut into water faster. The line also lands with no Kinks or curls at all.

Who will buy this: although you can use it for any condition but it actually performs better on moving baits, top water & trolling.

Our Rating: Best saltwater fishing line for spinning reel


1.Super sensitive line cast like a dream

2.Strong & abrasion resistant

3. Low memory resists twists & kinks

4. Versatile usage


1. Color fades

2. Line tangles

This time Berkley has come up with a stellar monofilament line for fishing enthusiasts. What’s your first impression when you hear berkley trilene XL smooth casting?

It indicates you are going to have smooth & effortless casting experience. It is strong, durable & exhibits high sensitivity & reduced memory. Now you’ll be able to cast easily and manage everything better.

Going through this Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting Review shall help you to discover different prospects of using this fishing line.

The smoothness allows for casting a long distance. It provides superior casting to the users compared to it’s alternatives.

The incredible strength gives you the confidence and control to catch big even in unknown territory. It can resists wear and tear extremely well.

It is capable of handling tough fights as it has some stretch and won’t break easily. It ties knots without difficulty and they are strong enough to hold up.

The Berkley trilene fishing line has very little to no line memory to resists twists & kinks. It will barely form a coiled shape further proving our opinion, it is much easier to cast with.

With a higher degree of sensitivity, you can feel structures & strikes with this mono line. You can literally tell what’s happening with your lure in underwater. You can sense what the fish is trying to do with your bait. So, there won’t be any missed opportunities.

Most of the anglers are quite happy with this purchase. They are using this Berkley Trilene XL monofilament fishing line for several years.

The knots are superb, it stretches enough in unfavorable fishing situations. It has stood with test of time. There is a bit of line memory but manageable. The line goes smoothly through eyelets of the rod.

In terms of negative aspects of this fishing line, color tends to fade away after some use. The line also gets tangled occasionally.

Who will buy this: As Trilene XL smooth casting comes in wide range of color, line capacity & strength, you can use it for many fishing techniques & baits. Works well in both freshwater & saltwater.

Our Rating: Best fluorocarbon fishing line for crappie


1. Improved castability & low memory with copolymer

2. Strong knots & abrasion resistance

3. low visibility but high sensitivity

4. Not so expensive

5. Can be used for any fish species


Slightly less memory would have better

KastKing FluoroKote fishing line is an upgrade from mono line and a great low cost alternative to the expensive fluorocarbon lines.

It has numerous good features such as superior abrasion resistance, higher density, minimal stretch & reduced visibility.

It’s uniqueness lies in the construction. Copolymer made fishing line is given a fluorocarbon coating on it’s top. Copolymer makes the fishing line thinner than mono and then it is combined with fluorocoating to keep the line invisible.

What happens next is you can take the full advantage of fluorocarbon’s invisibility & copolymer’s greater castability and less memory. Sounds like having similar qualities & performance of fluorocarbon? Yes, it is indeed but at a cheaper price.

Compared to other mono lines, it has a rather smaller diameter yet stronger. So you can fit a huge amount of line on your reel. It sinks readily but has lower absorption rate.

This KastKing fishing line is extremely durable, knot strength is quite good and you can feel bites.

According to the users, this fluorokote fishing line has a strong abrasion resistance and does not take long to disappear.

Anglers who don’t like fluorocarbon for it’s stiffness, this fluorokote can be the ideal replacement. It has very little line stretch, hits water fast and hook setting is quite easy.

Line memory is less than mono & conventional fluorocarbon lines are giving you the ease of casting. Knots are easy to tie & you are getting a large amount of line for a good price really.

This is undoubtedly the best copolymer fishing line you’ll ever come across.

Who will buy this: Invisibility makes the line ideal for clear water. Fast sinking rate gives a nod for deep water fishing. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say, it is suitable for almost every fishing techniques and fishing conditions.

Our Rating: Best fishing line for surf fishing


1. Strong & durable

2. Abrasion resistant

3. Minimal line memory with high sensitivity

4. Precision braiding & fiber

5. New epoxy coating technology


We didn’t find any defects to mention. Let me know in the comments section if you’ve found any

Piscifun Onyx braided line uses nano resin coating to increase the abrasion resistance rate by 10% compared to other fishing lines. Hence it is supremely abrasion resistant, durable and stays far away from being damaged.

Moreover, the color doesn’t fade away easily even after longtime saltwater immersion.

Minimal stretch gives you increased hook setting speed & power. At the same time, it makes the fishing line extremely sensitive and you will feel the bites better.

Although small diameter but fiber material is of unmatched strength and it helps you to tie a solid knot. By doing that you can certainly avoid fish coming off.

Minimal line memory offers unparalleled smoothness and you can cast better by avoiding line twists. Besides, Piscifun braided lines are examined by several techniques and they never fall short of providing a tournament level fishing line.

We are not done with our Piscifun Onyx Braid Review. Let’s take a look at the user experience and it might help you to come into a decision.

Users are very much satisfied with the breaking strength. They seem to like the color too. Some even stated that they are brighter than PowerPro. The bait actually goes really fast to your targeted water layer to catch fish.

If you want true value for your bucks and time spent on the water then this braided fishing line will deliver and actually outperform anything that you’ve tried thus far.

We recommend this piscifun fishing line to someone who is looking for a quality product that matches higher end material without spending a lot of cash.

Who will buy this: the braided line comes in a wide range of tensile strength from 6 lb to 150 lb. So the anglers shall find it ideal for various fishing situations such as freshwater, saltwater, surf fishing, ice fishing, trout fishing or bass fishing.

Our Rating: Best monofilament fishing line for salt water


1. Extremely shock resistant for hard hitting species

2. Good memory

3. Superb transparency for ultra-low visibility

4.No twists & tangles


line breakage

Stren has made a name for itself in fishing line. This Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line does not give you the limp feel as Stren Original. This is cheap and works extremely well in all fishing conditions.

With a name as big as Stren in fishing industry, it definitely can’t go wrong. For your fishing enthusiastic friend, this can be a really good gift.

So here are some key takeaways from this Stren High Impact review.

It comes in a wide range of sizes and there are plenty of color options to choose from.

A perfect combination of strength, durability & impact resistance make this fishing line well suited to every salt water pursuit from bay & coastal fishing to blue water.

The shock resistance is ideal for catching big game fish. This stren monofilament fishing line won’t break even if you get caught around abrasive structures such as submerged logs & rocks.

Users are quite impressed with high clarity and excellent transparency shown by stren fishing line in low visibility situations.

Infact, they never experienced tangle lines thanks to the high visibility. It comes off the spool without any coiling at all. Moreover, the line is quite strong for it’s size and weight rating.

In terms of negative aspects of this fishing line, few customers have mentioned about line breaking in saltwater. To be honest, these are very few and far between. Overall, this is a quality line at low cost & you’ll have an enjoyable fishing trip.

Who will buy this: serious coastal & offshore anglers will like the overall performance of this fishing line.

Our Rating: Best fluorocarbon line for spinning reels


1. Extremely shock resistant for hard hitting species

2. Good memory

3. Superb transparency for ultra-low visibility

4.No twists & tangles


line breakage

Stren has made a name for itself in fishing line. This Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line does not give you the limp feel as Stren Original. This is cheap and works extremely well in all fishing conditions.

With a name as big as Stren in fishing industry, it definitely can’t go wrong. For your fishing enthusiastic friend, this can be a really good gift.

So here are some key takeaways from this Stren High Impact review.

It comes in a wide range of sizes and there are plenty of color options to choose from.

A perfect combination of strength, durability & impact resistance make this fishing line well suited to every salt water pursuit from bay & coastal fishing to blue water.

The shock resistance is ideal for catching big game fish. This stren monofilament fishing line won’t break even if you get caught around abrasive structures such as submerged logs & rocks.

Users are quite impressed with high clarity and excellent transparency shown by stren fishing line in low visibility situations.

Infact, they never experienced tangle lines thanks to the high visibility. It comes off the spool without any coiling at all. Moreover, the line is quite strong for it’s size and weight rating.

In terms of negative aspects of this fishing line, few customers have mentioned about line breaking in saltwater. To be honest, these are very few and far between. Overall, this is a quality line at low cost & you’ll have an enjoyable fishing trip.

Who will buy this: serious coastal & offshore anglers will like the overall performance of this fishing line.

Our Rating: Best monofilament for trout


1. You can easily see both in low light & direct sunlight

2. Tough, thin & nearly invisible to fish

3. UV protection & small memory


In few instances users have complained about line memory

If you’re fishing for quite some time then it won’t be too difficult to recognize Stren Original by just looking at the distinctive purple box.

Sheer strength, strong abrasion resistance, simple knot tying and reduced memory help to set this Stren Original mono line apart from the rest.

It is widely acclaimed as standard of durability. No wonder why this stren original fishing line is one of the best monofilament fishing lines for spinning reels.

Let’s dig deeper into this Stren Original Fishing Line Review.

Strong & superior knots make it well equipped to catch large fish. It comes in a wide range of sizes & weights. Beginners will love the low memory as it makes fairly easy to use & cast.

It has the perfect balance of strength, toughness & handling. This means while it offers a high level of abrasion resistance, it also has the required suppleness to tie a knot easily.

Although, it is not as supple as Trilene XL or Spiderwire ultimate mono.

You’ll be relieved to know unlike other mono lines, this Stren mono fishing line is not prone to damage by UV rays thanks to UV guard feature. This unique anti color fading coating makes this mono line last longer than others.

In term of visibility, the color is brilliant, it won’t bother the fish at all. Plus, you’ll be able to see each bite. Aged anglers will like this high vision .

You can land bass, catfish & everything in between. You can use from soft plastics to deep running crankbaits, literally a wide range of lures. And you won’t even miss the slightest of taps on the line.

Not to mention, this is a cheap fishing line.

Who will buy this: great for fresh & salt water anglers.

Our Rating: Best fishing line for bass spinning reel


1. Good visibility even in light conditions

2. Nano coating makes it durable & abrasion resistant

3. High sensitivity & minimal memory

4. Available in different colors, lengths & test weights


Since there is NO give to this line, it is difficult to fight fish with soft mouth. But putting a longer leader material on the line will solve the problem

Piscifun Lunker Braided line is the best fishing line for tensile strength. Thinner diameter means you get a lot of time on your spool. But the precise braid crafts and stronger pound test ensure you don’t have to compromise on strength.

It has very little to no spool memory for smooth & easy casting which is most anglers prefer for their spinning reels.

Credit must be given to zero stretch nature of this braided line, it will transmit information from your lure better than any other type of fishing line. The sensitivity is truly amazing. You can feel the rocky bottoms and lighter bites when fishing deep.

One of the most highly appreciated feature of this Piscifun braided line is it’s nano coating treatment. By reducing the friction, it makes the line smoother. It further improves wear resistance in the process of extending the lifespan.

The color won’t fade as quickly as most other braids. However, there are few complaints about the color coming off on hand when spooling line. But they seem to get rid of this issue by contacting with Piscifun customer care.

Lunker fishing line slices like knife under water. It actually cuts through vegetation and gives you a significant edge when hauling big bass & trophy fishes from heavy cover. The line is easy to tie and does not fray or break too easily.

Now that we are at the closing stage of Piscifun lunker braid review, did I forget to tell you this Piscifun lunker braid is half the price of PowerPro?

Who will buy this: Since it sinks readily, it is ideal for anglers who prefer deep water fishing.

Our Rating: Best fluorocarbon line for bass


1. 100% fluorocarbon leader

2. Superior tensile & knot strength

3. Fast sinking rate ideal for deep water fishing techniques


In few cases, people have had some trouble getting a good knot. Our suggestion would be to try a John Collins knot. This will secure the leader line quite well

Seaguar may not be as big of a name as some other well known brands out here but their products are increasingly getting popular all over the world. Take this Blue Label fluorocarbon line for example.

Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Lines are highly resistant to abrasion, making it extremely durable. Compared to similar sized mono lines, anglers will found more strength using these fluorocarbon lines. Higher breaking strength is what this fishing line is known for.

You will be able to feel the way your rig swims upon casting & reeling. Whether your lure is dragging at the bottom or gets hit by a fish, you will be able to detect everything.

Have you ever thought of why nothing is biting on your lure even when it’s a calm, perfect day for fishing?

Try out this Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader & experience different results. According to our experts, Seaguar makes the best leader material.

If your targeted fish species have a good eye-sight just like mangrove snapper or you’re fishing in clear water, throw a fluorocarbon leader to make your efforts count. Yes, this is pricey compared to other brands but well worth it.

Before closing out this Seaguar blue label review, we must tell you something.

If you’re in search of a fluorocarbon line with best abrasion resistance & top quality tensile strength alongside simple knot tying, you should not look further than this Seaguar fluorocarbon leader.

Who will buy this: anglers all over the world would love to fish with this fluorocarbon line as a leader material.

Our Rating: Best color braided fishing line for bass


1. It has color holding properties

2. Good solid strength & abrasion resistance

3. Durable construction

4. No line memory

5. Nice sensitivity


1. It has “textures”

2. Line tends to float up in the air for some period. If there is wind, it may push your lure a bit

Suffix 832 Advanced Superline Braid is a champion when it comes to the best braided fishing lines for spinning reels. It is lauded for it’s anti color fading properties, superior strength, greater abrasion resistance & improved castability.

There is no need to look for other options if a fishing line of such high quality comes at a low cost.

On this Sufix 832 Advanced Superline review, we’ve tried to explain how things generally pan out here.

The line comes in a variety of colors. The pound strengths are available from 6lb to 50lb with line diameter ranging from 0.14 mm to 0.34 mm.

This Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is one of the most durable & strongest fishing lines thanks to the sturdy construction. It uses 8 fibers in total (1 GORE performance fiber & 7 Dyneema fibers).

The GORE fiber improves abrasion resistance, castability & reduces line vibration. On the other hand, the HMPE dyneema fibers offer sensitivity & required strength for line protection. On top of all, there are 32 weaves per inch.

This R8 precision braiding & fiber technology gives the line it’s roundness & consistency required to shoot through the guides with ease.

All these little things combine to offer excellent abrasion resistance and you can fish around sharp objects without worrying about anything. You will be able to catch large fish in heavy cover.

You won’t have to think about replacing it before 3-4 years.

You can accurately cast long distances. Unlike other fishing line where wind knots, twists & tangles are quite frequent, here you won’t have to deal with these problems. And a small diameter means you can fit plenty of it on your reel.

Users haven’t had any backlashes when casting & not a single break off when fighting with big fishes. It holds it’s color well. It is smoother compared to Powerpro. This line is easy to tie knots and extremely sensitive.

This is a strong, quality braided line yet at a mid-range price.

Who will buy this: Anglers who are looking for a tough line to tackle hard hitting fishes, can pick up Sufix braid fishing line with no hesitation.

Our Rating: Best for smooth easy casting


1. UV resistant line color won’t fade away too easily

2. Ease in knot tying

3. Great for spinning reels

4. Zero memory eliminates line twists

5. Superb castability

6. Thin diameter for ultra low visibility


1. Few reported that color fades out

2. It yanks hard when fish takes the lure

We are back with another stellar product from Berkley that has certainly live up to it’s hype. Smooth casting & handling of this Berkley Superline fishing line make it perfect for spinning reels. After all, this is what spinning reel anglers demand from their line.

This super fishing line is also known for showing strong abrasion resistance & solid knot strength.

It eliminates the frustrating issues such as line twists, wind knots, fraying or break offs that you’ve probably faced when using braided lines.

The unique construction is made from micro-fused Dyneema PE fibers. They are found 3 to 4 times stronger than mono. Thermally fused braid is made smoother than ever.

Therefore, we don’t hesitate to say, it is the strongest & most abrasion resistant superline in it’s class. Moreover, this sturdy & durable construction certainly helps to resist big, hard hitting fish.

Berkley Fireline fishing line is extremely sensitive and you can instantly feel strikes. You will be able to track your line movement easily.

You can spool a lot of the fishing line thanks to it’s small diameter. The thin diameter helps in skating through water fast and it provides an unbelievable lure action.

This is the first translucent superline means you get ultra-low visibility underwater. The fish can’t see it and they won’t run away. So, no chances to miss fishes anymore.

Berkley Fireline uses an improved formula to easily tie better knots and provide a smooth & round finishing. It flawlessly moves through the guides and you can accurately cast long distances.

Compared to regular braided lines, this fused braid is not that prone to twists and tangles. It is much stiffer. And obviously having no memory at all always helps in smooth casting.

The color won’t deteriorate even after longtime use.

User are impressed about the knot integrity and strength of this fishing line. They appreciated the lack of stretch because it allows for sensitivity.

Who will buy this: Ideal for top water, clear water, salt water & line shy fish species.

Ultimate Guide To Buy Best Fishing Lines For Spinning Reels

Every angler knows spending money on a spinning reel is a great investment. For being beginner friendly and versatile nature, they are one of the most popular type of fishing reels.

But certainly having a quality fishing line is essential to get the best out of your spinning reel and best spinning reel line can drastically improve the performance of the tool on water.

The type of fishing line you choose has a big role to play when you engage with a fish. There are various kinds of fishing line. Every kind of fishing line won’t suit your style of fishing.

In fact, they work better in separate conditions. Assessment of the pros & cons of various kinds of fishing line is quite perplexing.

To have an improved performance in casting & retrieval, choosing the best type of fishing line is as important as it can get. Besides, you also need to take into consideration the reel size, fish species & fishing water condition.

So, the selection becomes easier when you know about the factors that may have the biggest impact on the fishing line which in turn will affect the performance of your spinning reel.

Where to buy fishing line? Where can you buy fishing line?

We know you’ve been hovering around the web for quite some time. But you are not quite impressed with what you’ve encountered. But now you’ve come into the right station.

This buying guide has covered everything that you need to consider before choosing the best fishing line for spinning reel.

Fishing Line Types

Fishing line needs to match the capacity of your reel. Strong & smooth line shall offer exactly the kind of sensitivity & visibility required to suit fishing condition & type of fish living there.

Only accomplishing effective casting & reeling can make sure you have a great experience on the water.

Incorrect lines won’t just cause fish to get away but also you may waste your precious time on the boat dealing with problems for example twists & skeins.

Let’s talk about fishing line types.

There are three types of lines used in fishing. At first, we are going to have a quick look at each of the three different fishing lines and find out some advantages & disadvantages.

Later, we shall extensively discuss about the considerations before purchasing a spinning reel line.

Because, ultimately this is going to determine when and how you should look to use them. And their performance on spinning reel depends a lot on it.

Braid Vs Mono Vs Fluoro

1. Braided Fishing Line:

What is braided fishing line? How is braided fishing line made? Just as it’s name implies, multiple single strands of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene are tightly woven together to compose a braided line.

Braided fishing lines are constructed of synthetic fibers such as Dacron, Spectra, Gore & Mirco-dyneema. Previously they were made of natural fibers like cotton & linen. People also call them micro filament line.

Here is a hybrid fishing line: Yo-Zuri Hybrid 600-yard

When it comes to the most ancient types of fishing lines, braided line is one of them. Due to having a solid construction, these braid lines are of incredible strength. In terms of longevity, braided lines are considered best of the three fishing line types.

Top braided fishing lines can stand up to abrasion, rot & UV damage. Their breaking strength shall go beyond pound test rating.

Let’s talk about some pros & cons of braided fishing line:

Compared to mono or fluorocarbon lines, braided line on spinning reel is smaller in diameter. So you can fit a much longer braid line on the spool.

This gives a significant advantage in deep-sea fishing because you don’t require to purchase a big size reel to accommodate longer lines.

They mostly have little to no memory so chances of getting line tangles at the reel are much lesser. Because of zero stretch nature of braided lines, they are quite sensitive.

Everybody may not like this quality if the fish is quite big and strong. Because in few cases the fish can tear the hook and get away.

One other notable disadvantage of fishing with braided line is, the braid will start to fray if you constantly use it around rugged & sharp structures. The line may lose it’s strength thereafter. Let me tell you it increases possibility of line breaks.

So our advice would be when you notice line fraying, just take out the frayed section or you can also re-spool

What is braided line used for?

Yup, braided line is highly visible in water. So, you should not look to use it in clear water at all. Because the fishes won’t bite if they see the line.

Instead look to use in deep water fishing. You may want to add leaders at the front to make it more invisible. They are also found difficult to knot.

Due to being slick, tying braided line improperly may lead to having a really bad day in water. Adding an anchor could prove beneficial to prevent this slippage.

You should look to fill the spool up as much as you can. Because by doing that the friction between the line & edge of the spool becomes far less and it makes your casting simple.

In the end, we don’t hesitate to say braid is the best fishing line.

If you’re looking to reach at the peak of your casting performance and rule out spinning reel line twist problems, they are the way to go. With lighter lures, you are bound to be a winner in finesse fishing.

And a good stuff like this won’t be that cheap for sure. But considering all these attractive features & numerous advantages of using braided line on spinning reels, it’s well worth the money.

2. Monofilament Fishing Line:

Monofilament lines are constructed of single strand material, generally from nylon. Therefore, people often refer it as “mono” lines

Of all the three types of fishing line that we are talking about, monofilament line is the cheapest. Therefore, it is of no surprise why monofilament line is the most widely used fishing line on the market.

And if you’re running on a tight budget, a mono fishing line shall be the best bet.

With that being said, low cost alone is not the reason why they are most popular. This is an excellent option for all types of fishing.

Unlike braided lines, you get lot more stretch & far less tension on mono lines. So, you are not going to lose the fish as it won’t be able to rip the hook out of it’s mouth.

In other side of the coin, less tension on the mono line creates insensitivity. In fact, they are less sensitive compared to fluorocarbon or braided lines. You may not feel a small pull/bite from the fish.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, best braided line can keep their original shape within their reels for quite a long time but the case is not the same with mono lines.

They are more prone to line twists. Because they have got a striking spool memory.

So, if they are kept wrapping around a spool for quite some time, it will hold that conformation and halt your casting & retrieval performance.

Mono lines are quite thick & they tend to break less. Solid strength of the knot and simple tying nature make it harder to line break.

 Be aware of the UV light as it can damage your fishing line easily and you will need to spend some extra cash then to replace the line.

Best monofilament lines are highly resistant to abrasion and can put up a fight with big fish. As monofilament does not draw the bait down instead floats, this is actually great for top water fishing.

Did I forget to tell you they are available in variety of colors to match easily with both fresh & salt water?

Overall, the ease of use, stretch ability, easy knotting and other fantastic features make mono a good fishing line. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner in fishing, this would be great choice for both.

An Interesting Fact

Do you know how many years it takes for a discarded monofilament fishing line to decompose?

- Almost 600 years so imagine the kind of environmental impact it has. Some biodegradable fishing lines have been developed to lessen the the impact. Here is an example: KastKing Extremus Braided Fishing Line

3. Fluorocarbon Fishing Line:

Similar to the monofilament, fluorocarbon lines are too composed of a single strand material.

The difference between monofilament & fluorocarbon is in the material used to form the line and they use PolyVinylidene DiFluoride (PVDF), a high molecular weight fluorocarbon.

These fluorocarbon molecules are tightly bound to make the line denser, heavier and more abrasion resistant than mono lines.

When purchasing line you need to clearly understand whether it is 100% fluorocarbon or not.

Because sometimes manufacturer uses a fluoro coating in mono lines. Then your so called fluorocarbon line will mostly show it’s monofilament characteristics.

Genuine fluorocarbon lines have superior properties than mono and they are more expensive but not as costly as braided lines.

One of the biggest assets of having a fluorocarbon line is it’s low visibility.

In fact, this is completely invisible under water largely due to the fact that it has the identical refractive index as water. They are globally lauded for this property and it is of no wonder why fluorocarbon lines are often used as a leader on the spool.

This type of invisible fishing line is quite ideal for fishing in clear water because there fish remains careful about the line. Here the stretch is lesser than monofilament. Therefore, fluorocarbon lines are more sensitive than mono lines.

Although there will be twists & tangles on your reel still fishing line memory here is less than monofilament. Having a thick line means casting distance depends on how much line you can set on the reel.

In terms of durability, they sit perfectly in between braided and mono lines. Because of low knot strength, you would want to wet the knot first and then tighten it to help preventing the break offs.

As we’ve mentioned earlier it is quite heavy and sinks readily. Faster sinking rate is not appropriate for fish living near the surface.

But if you’re fishing in deep water where your lure needs to sink quickly, this is actually great. Besides, the heaviness of the line gives it more strength to handle stronger, bigger fish.

Line Difference






















Extremely Visible



Abrasion Resistance












Stretch ability:

The stretch ability or elasticity of a fishing line is one of the primary aspects to think about when choosing a fishing line. Line’s sensitivity depends on it. It dictates the comfort level of detecting a bite.

If your fishing line has a higher elasticity that means you will get more stretch but less sensitivity out of it.

When the targeted fish is quite large, you would love to have some stretch to absorb the shock and create a tough hook set. Because a line with lot of tension may just take the hook out of fish’s mouth.

A shock resistant fishing line is quite beneficial when trolling a big fish but the stress you put them under makes it weaken.

No surprise they often require replacements and this is why having strong fishing lines are so much important.

On the other hand, lower elasticity level indicates less stretch but more sensitivity on the line. You will be able to detect every fish bite. These lines feature high level of tension and enable energy transfer so you can easily understand the state of your lure under water.

Now you can set your hook faster and catch fish properly.

However with a line of higher degree of sensitivity, there is a possibility that you may just set the hook too early. Remember at first you need to allow fish to take your lure completely.

Braided: Due to zero stretch ability, they are extremely sensitive for fish bites. This is really crucial for deep sea fishing and fishes with lightest of bites.

They are quite flexible & you can easily cast long distances. In fact, braided lines are well known for long distance casting.

Minimal stretch has it’s both, pros and cons. High tension & incredible strength of braided lines are ideal to catch large fishes from a tight cover.

However with hard hitting fish, it is easier to rip the lure out of fish’s mouth due to lack of stretch. The line can also break. So, you should set the drag on reels at the lowest point.

Mono: Monofilament lines have the highest level of stretch ability out of the three. It stretches under pressure and recoils when you remove the stress.

It absorbs the shock quite well when fighting with a large fish. With very little tension, the hook is not going to come out of the mouth of the fish anymore.

It is understood that mono lines actually can stretch more than 20 percent. So in close quarters, the fish is going to come unbuttoned surely.

When it comes to the drawbacks, mono lines have poor sensitivity. So when a fish bites gently, it can be pretty tough to feel. Because of high stretching ability, you may need to adjust the drag quite often to impede line breakage.

Fluorocarbon: They have a medium stretch ability and falls right in between the other two lines.

Winner: I think you’ve understood now stretching does have it’s advantages and disadvantages. Your preferable type of fishing should determine which one to go with.

A non stretch line would be best if you want to feel the slightest pull. And to catch a fight with large fish, you would love to have some stretch. Thinking about the fishing location and targeted fish species may also give you a solution.

Fishing Line Memory:

Many fishing lines tend to lose their straightness because they are rolled up whenever you are using or storing them.

Generally, a fishing line obtains a coiled shape when spooled. So, the tendency of a fishing line to retain the loops and stay in the coiled form is called it’s memory.

A high memory fishing line is not a good thing to have. In fact, a line with a lot of memory is more prone to cause tangles & backlash.

It can become worse if you are not using the reel regularly. Keeping it in storage for while can actually build up plenty of line twists & tangles.

Your casting distance & accuracy shall be greatly affected by that. Ask any angler, they will tell you line twist is one of the most frustrating things they quite frequently encounter.

Line Twisting problems

With zero memory fishing lines there are no such problems. Even if you keep it spooled for quite some time, this will retain it’s straightness and ultimately it makes casting and reeling easier.

The absence of friction between the line and guide has made it possible. Therefore, it’s great if you already have a no memory fishing line.

The type of line you choose will have it’s impact here.

Braided: This is a low memory fishing line. They have very little to almost zero memory. Thanks to the coating on the top, braided lines hardly develop line twists.

Unlike mono and fluorocarbon lines, it remains straight instead of forming a coiled shape even if you leave it spooled for long time. Now that no longer you’ve to deal with line twists, you can smoothly cast long distance.

Monofilament: If I were told to mention the one bad aspect of using mono line for spinning reels, high memory comes first on my mind. They tend to remember a lot.

If you leave a mono line spooled or a lengthy period, it will adapt it’s earlier coiled shape. The line twists won’t allow you to shoot smoothly. The casting and retrieval performance is halted.

Fluorocarbon: similar to the mono lines, they also form a spool shape in no time. Casting is not easy if there are twists and tangles.

Actually the molecular structure of both mono and fluorocarbon lines has also contributed to more line twists than braid.

Our suggestion would be to stay on top, search for twists and strengthen the line properly. Using a line conditioner can also keep it smooth.

Winner: Braided lines

Line Diameter:

What is the length of fishing line you will need on the fishing reel? It depends on the diameter of your fishing line.

If you don’t know, compared to baticasting reels, spinning reels have lesser line capacity. Choosing a smaller diameter line means you can get more fishing line on the spinning reel.

Thin fishing lines have minimal friction, sink readily and can take lures deep into the water.

The diameter of the fishing line also has it’s say on water resistance. Wary fishes don’t like disturbance in the water and fishing with thicker lines may just keep it away from taking your bait.

To be honest, type of fishing lure is also a great consideration that you can’t ignore.

A. For a bottom water bait, thin diameter line would be best given it’s handy sinking rate

B. For top water bait, choose a thicker fishing line that has good floating ability

how to cast fishing line

A thick fishing line takes more space on the spool. Here you won’t be able to fit the amount of fishing line as you would have liked. It increases the friction on spool and casting distance is greatly reduced by that. Besides, a thick line can also create backlashes.

Despite that a fishing line with big diameter also gives you an advantage. It has the added strength to fight with larger fishes. So the best for any angler would be to choose a smaller diameter line without compromising on the strength.

Mono: Although thick and strong, it takes plenty of space and limits casting distance. Thicker mono line can come off the spool and you can find yourself in a big mess.

Fluorocarbon: fluorocarbon lines are not as thick as mono lines. So you can cast further compared to mono.

Braided: It is understood that, at a given test strength braided lines have 1/3 to 1/4 the diameter of mono or fluorocarbon lines. Braided line is constructed in such a way, it has a super thin diameter alongside incredible strength.

It takes minimal space so that you can fit plenty of it’s line to cast long distance accurately.

Braided line is the smallest in diameter if we compare it with similar pound test of other two fishing lines

Thinnest braided line: KastKing KastPro

Winner: Braid

Pro tips:

Line’s weight & yards must fill your spinning reel capacity


Fish is (14-16)% of total animal protein consumed worldwide. It is the primary source of animal protein for over one billion people.

Your personal demand & fishing conditions will determine the kind of visibility you do need in a fishing line.

Many anglers prefer invisible fishing line. Because if the line is not visible to the fish they will think that the bait is absolutely harmless as it is not linked to anything. So 10 out of 10 times, they are going to take your bait.

This is actually beneficial if you’re planning to catch fish in clear water or trick line shy fish. You should also take note, because the line is quite invisible, locating the line isn’t the easiest thing to do.

fishing in sea

A fishing line with high visibility is preferable if you want to locate where the line is and you will be able to see whether the bait is taken or not.

Braided: They are the highest visible line of the three. Yes you will be able to monitor what’s exactly happening with your bait. Don’t forget the fish can also see it too.

However, if you are thinking of using braided line as main line then we suggest you to use fluorocarbon line as leader. They are considered most invisible under water.

By doing this, not only you get the benefit of combining two types of line but also your leader line is kept invisible to the fish.

Here is an invisible braid fishing line: SpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-Braid

Leader: at the bottom of main fishing line, a small line is attached and it’s called leader. It acts as a shield for main line and keeps it in undamaged condition. At the same time, casting distance is greatly enhanced by that.

People mostly use leader with braided lines to make them literally invisible.

Monofilament: they are invisible and fish can rarely notice them. They can also be used as a leader line.

Fluorocarbon: they are the least visible fishing line of all. It’s hard to locate them under water and you can use them for fishing in clear water. This is the most popular leader line used in fishing.

Winner: People often choose braided lines with a fluorocarbon leader.

Line Color:

Choosing the color of your fishing line depends on it’s visibility to your targeted fish. And it certainly varies considering the water condition is not the same in everywhere.

You will find fishing lines in a variety of colors. It can be white, green, blue, pink, yellow, red and clear (fluorocarbon). You might be wondering why we are talking about colored lines if invisibility is the primary objective.

Because you are not going to find clear water everywhere. Certain colors blend nicely with certain types of water.

If there is a green tinge in the water because of algae, using a green line would be more suitable.

If water is muddy, we suggest you to use yellow color line for better visibility. If you find water body more blue than green color, choose a blue color fishing line.

You should also know, red lines become black underwater but they are visible. Pink color loses it’s visibility a bit when it goes down beyond a certain depth in water. So the fish finds it more difficult to see but not you.

For fishing in lakes you can choose neutral colors (olives & grays) as they are found to blend nicely with water & natural vegetation.

In clear water, you should better go with an invisible clear line. Actually the high visibility of colors indicate it is you who are most likely to notice it rather than the fish.

In less sensitive line, you may not be able to feel a gentle bite but the motion of the colorful line can work on your favor.

Braided: They are available in so many colors but mostly in dark colors such as grey or green.

Mono: Mono lines come in a variety of colors including blue, green, yellow, vibrant hues. Manufacturers find it easy to tint mono lines.

Fluorocarbon: Due to clear or translucent color, they are nearly invisible.

Winner: A combination of braided line with fluorocarbon leader will be ideal.

Here is an example of multi color fishing line: PowerPro Depth Hunter

Abrasion Resistance:

Does fishing line go bad? Yes, they do. But do you want to keep your fishing line smooth and round shaped for a long long time? Then you need to choose abrasion and rotting resistant fishing line & it saves you money.

To be honest, best fishing line for spinning reels is capable of handling enough rough usage before needing any sort of replacement.

This criterion needs a special attention. Because of spinning technique there can be friction on the fishing line and the applied pressure at the guides doesn’t help either.

Besides, there are plenty of abrasive conditions to which the fishing line is constantly such as sand, dust, salt water, rock, fish body or other underwater substance.

Don’t forget, fishes are frequently pulling to weaken the line and it becomes more vulnerable to line breaks, twists & tangles.

To tackle highly abrasive under water structures, you need to purchase a fishing line that gives you both uncompromising strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

Fishing line types do not respond in the same way when fighting with abrasive substances.

Fluorocarbon: Genuine fluorocarbon lines have strong abrasion resistance. These chemically unreactive line materials do not corrode easily. Unlike mono they are not vulnerable to sunlight.

Infact, if you can properly take care of fluorocarbon lines, you can use them four times longer than mono.

Braided: They might not be highly abrasion resistant just like the fluorocarbon lines but robust molecular structure gives them the power to withstand abrasions. A

lthough there is one blemish point, it tends to fray still they are arguably the most durable fishing line type you will ever see.

Mono: abrasion resistance is very much minimal here. Besides, it is prone to damage by direct sunlight & UV rays. Similar to the braided lines, they can also begin to fray after hard use.

Using a mono line may force you to search for replacement just after a few fishing trips. So basically they have got the least amount of durability.

Winner: fluorocarbon/Braided, any of the two will do your job.


Buoyancy level determines whether your fishing line will float or sink under water. It certainly depends on the type of fish you’re planning to catch.

Fluorocarbon: They are quite dense and sink fast. It is the ideal line for deep water fishing.

Monofilament: These low density lines float on the water surface. This is quite great for top water fishing techniques.

Braided: Does braided line float? Thin diameter braided lines have very little resistance and so sinks readily. Absorbing the water quite fast also helps in this cause. You can certainly deliver lures quite deep into the water with braided lines.

Winner: your preference.


Knot strength is crucial when you’re picking your fishing line for spinning reel. It holds the knot firmly when fighting with big fishes. It is the weakest link of the fishing line.

Fighting with big, strong fishes and hard hook sets can certainly break the fishing line at the knotted point. The best fishing line for spinning reels should be easy to tie knots yet produce strong hold.

Monofilament: These lines feature strong knots and hold well if they are asked to put up a fight with big fish.

Braided: Due to slick & slippery surface of the braided lines, it does not help in tying strong knots. However, manufacturer nowadays are applying special coating on braided lines to give it better knot strength than before.

Palomar, Berkley, San Diego Jam, Trilene & Albright are some of the types of knot that you can work with braided line.

Winner: Mono lines are the winner here although modern braided lines are coming with improved knot strength.

Breaking Strength:

Break weight of the fishing line should match your targeted fish species. It’s quite natural if you’re trying to catch larger fishes then the line should be of a higher break weight.

If you know exactly the type of fish you’re going to lure then it would be wise to go for a fishing line that has the equivalent weight for such fish.

This will actually reduce the chances of snapping your fishing line while lifting a large fish out of water. By doing this, you don’t need to replace them often & it saves you money.

To be on the safe side, we recommend to purchase a line that has got a bit more strength compared to your landing fishes. You will find the information about breaking strength of a fishing line on it’s package.

Winner: Which fishing line is the strongest? Braided line is found to be stronger than it’s counterparts and a broad set of line weights is also available with them.

Hooking Power: 

In need of a solid hook set to take the fish out of water at the end of a long cast? Then this is a primary consideration you can’t ignore.

Winner: Fluorocarbon has more hooking power at long distances.

The price of fishing line types does vary. There are both cheap & expensive models.

Mono lines are the most economical lines that you can buy. On the other hand, both fluorocarbon and braided lines are quite expensive. But considering the longer lifespan, quality features and so many advantages on display, surely you won’t regret your decision.

In the end, it depends on your personal need and budget. It’s your call!

Ease Of Use:

What is the definition of user friendly fishing line? It should be easy to spool on the fishing line. You must be able to cast and set a drag on it without any difficulty. If we say more specifically, first time anglers should find no problem dealing with that.

Winner: Mono lines have a simple knot tying ability, easy to use and fit comfortably in many fishing conditions.

Considerations to buy fishing line
What type of fishing line should you put on your spinning reel?

So what fishing line to use? Choosing a fishing line depends on the type of fish species you are planning to catch and water conditions you will be facing.

And yes the reel capacity shall decide the weight of fishing line you are allowed to use.

Monofilament: Floating tendency makes the mono line suitable for top water fishing techniques. Baits such as walking the dog, hopping a frog, texus-rigged soft plastics, jig, swim baits are quite popular to use with mono line.

Infact, you can literally do anything with mono lines. Let’s give you a bit more clue:

1. Strength of 2-4 lb is suitable for small fishes in fresh water (trout)
2. Strength of 6-10 lb is suitable for inshore & pier fishing (salmon)
3. Strength of 12 lb is a good all round size for most fishing techniques

Heaviest fishing line in mono: Spearit

Fluorocarbon: Sinking tendency & incredible abrasion resistance make these lines ideal for deep water, hard cover & finesse fishing.

Baits such as shaky head, jigs, tubes, buzz baits, jerk baits, swim baits, spinner baits, traps, drop shots & crank baits work well with fluorocarbon lines.

Braided: When to use braided line? Braided line on a spinning reel is something many anglers prefer. Because, these ultra-thin lines with good sinking ability works best with plastic frogs, buzz baits, jigs, flipping jigs.

For big catches such as sharks, marlin & king fish a weight strength of 30-130 lb range is quite ideal.

Reel Capacity: Spinning reels are known to function better with lighter lures and baits. It should always be remembered, thin & lightweight fishing lines are easier to cast on a spinning reel.

So what weight fishing line to use?

fishing trip

You can use mono or fluorocarbon lines of 6-12 lb tensile strength as they have a thicker line compared to braided lines.

Braided lines over 10 lb is generally considered good but you can definitely go beyond 20/30 pound if you are going to fishing large fishes.

We’ve already discussed that line’s pound test should match with the weight of your targeted fish. Also take note of yard length of the fishing line.

In the end, it’s the capacity of your spinning reel what will determine the amount of the strength and yard length of the line it can hold. Exceeding the diameter & size of your reel can be resulted into casting problems.

Spinning reels can be casted with light lures & lines of smaller pound tests. For bigger fishes, you may choose larger models. Line capacity of spool shall help you to decide on the reel as well.

Choosing fishing line based on application

For line-shy fish like trout, go with a non-detectable fishing line such as fluorocarbon. If you’re looking for a more affordable option then use monofilament lines.

Given the fact that mono is thicker and more visible compared to fluoro, it is recommended to check the pound test. Your ultimate goal is to use the least visible line, right?

For fishes like crappie, you would want to get a fluorocarbon line. Again the vision makes these fluoro lines great choice for crappy fishing.

For big bass around tight cover, a braided line will be the best option. For these trophy sized bass, zero stretch ability & high tension of braided line shall work like wonders.

For saltwater fishing, you would want to fit as much line as you possibly can. Therefore, considering the thin diameter and solid strength of the braided lines, it would be a fantastic choice as saltwater fishing line.

However, you need to be careful using a braided line for fishes with soft mouth because the minimal stretch can take the hook out of it.

Best freshwater fishing line: KastKing Fluorokote

How to spool a spinning reel?

Let us introduce to you the best way to spool on open face reel/spinning reel-

how to spool a spinning reel

1. Is you reel turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? This is very much important as our fishing line should be spooling onto the reel in the exact same way. And the line generally peels off the spool at the opposite direction

2. Then flip the bail up to open it

3. String the line flat-out through the small circles of the guides and give an arbor knot. It will help in securing the line into the spool. Use scissors or line cutters to cut any extra line

4. Now close the bail, lay the spool flat onto the floor and make sure the label on the spool is facing you. Now the line will be able to enter into the reel quite easily.

If any line twists arise when the label on the spool is facing up, you simply need to flip it over

5. You should pinch the line and crank the reel slowly to inspect twists. If there are any twists, you can strip some line and realign everything

6. After confirming there are no line twists, you can continue cranking the reel and add line onto it

7. You should stop when you reach 1/8 below the rim. Don’t try to overload or under fill the spool as it can cause tangles and you may face difficulty in casting

8. Now use scissors or line cutters to stop the line supply. To secure it with the lure, you can always leave a small portion of the line behind

9. Use a lure, swivel or clip to keep the free end of the line in place so that there are no slips through the guides

This is actually how you can spool a spinning reel without line twist.

Pro tips: If your bail is closed and line isn’t under the bail then you simply need to take it out of the guides and put it again through the guides.

To make things easier here is a professional tool: Piscifun Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine

How will you test your fishing line’s strength?

Determining fishing line’s strength in pounds is what we call the pound test or line test. The strength indicates the most weight your fishing line can hold before it breaks.

Before determining the test weight of the line, it is good to know the approximate weight of the type of fishing you are going after.

Test Of Fishing Line Strength

1. Take a fishing line you wish to test
2. Cut a 6 to 7 foot length of the fishing line and tie a hook onto the end of it
3. Get an object of similar weight as the listed test strength of the line & hook the end of the line onto it
4. Use your fishing rod & try to lift the object into air
5. Shake the object thinking that you are fighting with a fish. Put the same amount of pressure as you do when an actual fish is in front of you
6. If the line does not break, go with an object of higher weights. Repeat the process until the line finally breaks

Result: The heaviest weight you are able to lift before the line breaks will be your fishing line’s strength.

When it comes to the fishing line strength comparison, Both monofilament & braided lines break higher than manufacturer stated test strength. However, mono lines do not go as high over stated as braided lines.

Things you do need:
1. Objects of various weight
2. Fishing line you wish to test
3. Fishing rod
4. Hook

Is test strength of fishing line accurate?

It is accurate in a sense if you are able to keep the line in undamaged state then it won’t break below the manufacturer stated test strength. This is not as simple as it looks though.

Let’s look at the considerations which can influence fishing line pound test:

1. Knots: knots can reduce the line strength by 1/3. So selecting a proper knot is essential to reduce it’s impact on the line strength

2. Shock resistance: due to trolling or fishing in strong currents, the fishing line suffers a lot. You also need to take this into consideration before selecting the line

3. Fish’s strength & weight: This is crucial, your line test must exceed the weight of the fish. You may need to upsize your line for strong, hard hitting fishes

Best idea to select a proper line test:

It will be better if you select a line test that weighs 50% more over the average weight of targeted fishes.

Fishing for a 30 lb fish? Then choose a 45 lb line for best results. The extra strength shall compensate for the strength you may lose on factors mentioned above.

Hopefully, now you have got an idea what pound fishing line to use.

How can you prolong the lifespan of fishing line?

1. Never ignore the importance of proper storage. Recall where we’ve mentioned fishing line can be seriously damaged if you regularly expose them to sunlight & heat 

It doesn’t matter which type of line you’re using, try to keep it in a cool & dark place

2. You can keep the used braided line on a spool. The lack of memory won’t cause any line twist. But you shouldn’t look to do the same for mono & fluorocarbon lines as they have too much memory

3. You should look to set up the fishing pole properly so that there are not any sort of frictions that can damage the line

4. You can re-spool or combine two different types of line to get the most out of your fishing line

5. You can rinse your reel with fresh water. By doing that, you will also remove salt, sand or debris from your line and keep it in a good shape

6. Using a reel cover protects both your reel & fishing line. It certainly minimizes the affect of UV rays to a great extent

7. Never ever store your fishing line wet as it will degrade faster

How would do I know my fishing line needs replacement?

We can only find out the imperfections on our fishing line if we regularly inspect them. Let’s look at the signs that give indication you need to find a replacement for them. And once again the type of line you’re using will come into play.

1. Search for loops & tangles if you’re using a mono line

2. Fluorocarbon lines often begin to fray and stretch before completely breaking down. So you need to be wary of that

3. Although braided lines are quite resistant to abrasion, they do tend to fray a lot

When you see these signs, it will be better if you can replace them. Otherwise, your already damaged fishing line will make you pay at the crucial juncture.

Can I use the same line for freshwater & sea fishing?

Although from a professional stand point it is not ideal but as long as you are doing it for recreational purpose, this will work very fine.

However I would like to inform you saltwater is very corrosive and regular hooks don’t function well in salt water. So it’s better if you can get a corrosion resistant reel.

But you can put whatever line you want on them. Even you can fish in freshwater with it. Yup, the reel has no brains and it will never know what’s in there.

What are the best fishing line brands?

1. PowerPro: This is quite evident whether it is for freshwater or saltwater purpose, Many anglers prefer to use PowerPro fishing lines.

A material called spectra fiber is generally used to make these braided lines. Enhanced body technology makes their fishing lines structurally superior & smoother.

 In every situation, PowerPro provides specific advantages so you can take your fishing to a new level.

Renowned Products:

PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided
Powerpro Spectra Moss Green

2. Berkley: Founded in Spirit lake, Lowa in 1937 by Berkley Bedell, it is the world’s leading fishing tackle. Their dedication to enhance the performance of anglers is quite praiseworthy. They take fishing seriously.

Renowned Products:

Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono
Berkley Trilene XL
Berkley Fireline Superline
Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon
Berkley Trilene XT

3. Stren: Stren was established in 1958 and from thereon, it has started the remarkable journey of producing high performance fishing line.

Such is the dependability in terms of performance and quality of their fishing lines, it has become a household name.

There are quite a few stren fishing line reviews in this buying guide:

Stren Original
Stren High Impact Mono
Stren Fluorocast Fluorocarbon

4. KastKing: From KastKing’s slogan “keeps fishing fun”, you can be damn sure about the reliability and top performance that KastKing products offer to their customers. They hear feedback from fishing community and pass the message to manufacturing floor.

Therefore, it is of no surprise they know exactly what anglers want and need.

Renowned Products:
KastKing Premium Mono
KastKing Superpower Braid
KastKing Fluorokote
KastKing Durablend Monofilament leader

5. Piscifun: Ben and Peter, two close friends established Piscifun in 2013. Their strategy was to help their customers around the globe with high quality fishing gear that won’t break the bank.

Quality products, finest craftsmanship and affordability have made Piscifun brand quite popular  .

Renowned Products:
Piscifun Lunker Braided
Piscifun Braided Super Strong
Piscifun Onyx
Piscifun Braided Fluorocent

Why you need the best line for spinning reels?

Can we say a fishing line is good just because it is smooth, strong & matches the capacity of your spinning reel?

With these attributes, it is essential to have the right level of visibility, sensitivity, knot strength & obviously durability without problematic issues such as line twists.

The more a fishing line excels in these departments, chances are bigger you will have a successful reeling experience. The list of an angler’s requirements doesn’t end here.

The water condition & type of fish you will be landing in is also a vital consideration. You see, to have a great day on the water, it is absolutely indispensable to purchase the best fishing line for spinning reels.

catch fishes
What type of fishing line to use?

There are different types of fishing line. They vary in color, size and weight. A particular fishing line works best for particular fishing purpose.

Some are great for fresh water fishing. Others can be good for saltwater fishing. And then you’ll also have some fishing lines which perform equally good in both saltwater & freshwater.

Incorrect choice of fishing line for your spinning reel could prove really costly. It’s not just the money we are talking about. Missed fishes and wastage of precious time won’t make you happy.

So, if you want to make your fishing trip perfect, having a top fishing line for your spinning reel is paramount.

Advantages of using a quality fishing line for spinning reels

1. Less line twists: Continuous rolling & reeling can cause fishing lines losing their original straight shape and form a twisted line.

Not only your casting ability gets a big blow by that, sometimes it can be a time consuming and tedious task to bring back the straight shape.

This is not the case with a good quality fishing line. Although we didn’t mean problems get absolutely banished with good fishing lines but certainly it occurs less frequently.

2. Invisible: a visible line can create disturbance underwater and it may lead to fish run away. Good fishing lines come almost invisible for the fish and give you greater chances of landing a fish.

Also don’t forget the line has to be visible to you to keep track of fish.

3. High tensile strength: What is the strongest fishing line? A strong fishing line has the capability to fight with bigger fishes.

Therefore, having a higher strength fishing line is as important as it gets. Besides, there will be many abrasive substances underwater.

Braided lines are considered strongest to deny line breaks whether it’s a strong pull by a fish or other rough objects. Thick line is known for providing strength but at the same time, it gives extra visibility to fish.

So you need to find the right balance to get the desired results.

Strongest fishing line in the world: Platypus Super-100

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a spinning reel?
- There is plenty to talk about spinning reels. They are excellent for tactful fishing and learning to use them is relatively simple.

On top of it, for long distance & accurate casting they are as good as any other type of reels. Undoubtedly, fishing lines are at the center of things to influence your fishing adventure.

Spinning reels are mounted comfortably below the fishing rod. They have an open faced spool in stationary position and the line guide spins around it.

If you’re a right handed person, you will use your strong right hand to hold the spinning rod & cast. Your left hand will take care of the crank handle placed on the left side of the reel.

However, reversing the position of the handle is doable in most model.

They are also known as fixed spool reels or egg beaters. It was in the 1870s in North America, they were used for the first time.

for more fishing terminologies like this, you can head over here

2. What is the best fishing line?
- Best fishing lines are rated by fishing line material, breaking strength, line thickness & cost. You also need to take into account the targeted fish species. Besides, the tackle you’ll be using should match with fishing line as well.

We’ve introduced you to some of the highly rated fishing lines for spinning reels currently going on the market. Hope you can understand your need, assess the budget and find the best possible gear.

3. Can you use a fluorocarbon fishing line on spinning reels?
-Yes, you can but technically a lightweight, thinner braided line is more suitable for spinning reels. Fluorocarbon is thicker compared to braid.

But you can still use other lines depending on the fish species you are trying to catch and the water conditions.

4. How much line should I put on a spinning reel?
-There are many who feel confused about how much line to put on spinning reel. You should try to fill the spool with 1/8 or 3/16 of an inch right from the edge. Make sure you have maximum yards (150-180) of line on the reel.

Too much line or lack of enough line, both will get into the performance of your reel. Keep an eye on whether your line is filling the spool evenly or not.

Now that you know how many yards of fishing line are required to put on your reel, it’s time to enjoy fishing trip.

5. Does the braid twist on a spinning reel?
-The reason why it is more popular with spinning reels is they have least amount of memory of all the line types. In this aspect, they’ve certainly got the better of other two lines.

6. Why does my spinning reel keep getting tangled?
-Let’s look at some of the common mistakes that can lead to line tangles:

a. While casting a fishing line, if you allow your line to feed out too much
b. If you loosely spool your fishing line on the reel
c. Overfilling reel’s spool
d. Putting fishing line on the spinning reel incorrectly
e. Using the wrong fishing line (line with high memory)
f. Setting the drag incorrectly

7. How often should I change my fishing line?
-You should look to change your fishing line once or twice a year

8. How can I reduce my line memory?
- a. don’t expose your line to extreme hot or cold temperature as it can cause serious line memory problem

b. leaving fishing line on the reels for an extended period of time can create significant line memory problems. So look to change your lines in every 3 to 6 months to decrease line twisting problems

c. invest in quality fishing lines that have low memory

d. stretch between your finger tips or you can tie it on a heavy lure and troll behind a boat

e. leaving your spool in boiling water for a few minutes will actually relax your line and greatly reduces it’s memory

f. there are sprays on the market that can reduce line memory and try to buy one

This is how you can take memory out of fishing line

9. How long does fishing line last if not used?
- The average shelf life of a monofilament line is 2-3 years and for the fluorocarbon lines, it is 7-8 years.

10. What color fishing line is best/invisible to fish?
- Although fishing lines do come in various colors and they are ideal for different fishing situations.

But green is generally considered a good choice for anglers as it can nicely blend into the surroundings like camouflage and keeps the line invisible to fish. Overall, green color fishing line is ideal for many different situations.

11. Can you use fluorocarbon as a main line?
- For trolling applications such as in clear water & downrigger fishing in great lakes, you can use fluorocarbon lines.

Considering it’s medium stretch ability, strong abrasion resistance and near invisibility, it is actually quite good to use as a main line. But their high cost makes them best for using as a leader material.

12. How to cast a fishing line?
a. Use your dominant hand & hold the rod in horizontal position
b. Slowly reel in your line and align line roller
c. By using index finger pull the line off the roller
d. Flip the reel’s bail up
e. Take the rod over your head, keep your arm at 45 degrees & release the line

13. How does fishing line work?
-It simply connects the lure to angler’s rod & reel. Once the fish gets hooked, you can reel it in. Therefore, having a strong, durable, quality fishing line is so much important.

14. How to splice fishing lines using double uni knot?
a. Take both pieces of line on the left hand
b. Form a loop using one type of line, pass it through the circle around both pieces for at least 3 times & tighten this knot
c. Now take 2nd piece of line, create a similar loop & tighten it down. With lighter lines, wrap it 5/6 times and 3 times for heavier lines
d. Slowly start pulling these two knots together
e. Take a scissor & cut extra lines of both the

take both pieces of line on hand
form a loop
pass one line through the circle
tightening knot

15. Does Copolymer fishing line sink or float?
-To be honest, they don’t sink like fluoro but they don’t float like mono either.

16. What pound test should I use for saltwater fishing?
-On average, a fishing line of 12-15 lb strength would be ideal for saltwater fishing techniques.

Last Words

However, finding the best fishing line has never been easy especially when there are so many options to choose from.

Plenty of fishing lines are available for sale. Anybody can be confused wondering which fishing line to use for their spinning reels.

To make things easier for you Sportszpro has taken the responsibility to come up with a list of top rated fishing lines currently going on the market.

Plus this in depth buying guide highlights the things you need to consider before shopping fishing line for spinning reels.

The primary objective of this buying guide is to help you taking an easy decision on fishing line.

If you’re searching for the most reliable fishing line to spool up your spinning reel then we’re glad to present an extensive review of all type of fishing line and considerations that shall literally walk with you till you get the perfect match.

It will not only narrow down your search but also make sure demand more specific, thus increasing the chance of making a right choice.

catch fish

Undoubtedly, braid is the winner of fishing line types thanks to it’s great strength, sensitivity, small diameter, longevity & zero memory.

Other two lines, mono & fluorocarbon are also good for some specific fishing techniques and water situations.

All the fishing line reviews we’ve done here work really well with spinning reels. They have got some nice features and tick all the boxes what it require to be known as top rated fishing lines.

Some of the common attributes you’ll find among them: low memory, good knot strength, great castability & abrasion resistance.

Their overall performance shall please you. Don’t believe me? Try one or two and even you won’t realize how quickly it has become your favorite go to fishing line for the spinning reel.

Irrespective of the type of fishing line you choose, make sure it matches the line capacity for your reel. Plus keep in mind where you are going to fish in and what you will be fishing there.

And you also have to make peace with your budget.

Stop overthinking, stick to these basic guidelines and your decision making job shall be far easier than you are probably thinking.

Because the best fishing line for spinning reels shall help you to catch more fish & make your time on the water truly enjoyable.

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